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Lu Xi, the child of Yuyang is my good friend's daughter. Usually I treat her as a daughter, and ah Jian treat her as a sister. I have no other feelings for her." Jane doesn't know if Cheng Yuyang has said anything to Lu Xi, but she has to show her attitude and stand. She can't let her daughter-in-law be wronged at home.

Lu Xi smiled politely and said, "Auntie, I heard Qin Yinjian mention Yuyang. I know they grew up together and have a very good relationship, just like their brothers and sisters. I also hope to be friends with such a beautiful girl in the future. "

In fact, Qin Yinjian didn't mention process Yuyang, but Lu Xi didn't want her elders to worry about her, so he told such a small lie. At first, she would be upset by Cheng Yuyang's provocative words, but if she thought about them carefully, she would soon understand them.

If Qin Yinjian really has feelings for Cheng Yuyang other than brother and sister, Cheng Yuyang will not be so anxious to ask her mother.

Besides, the attitude of the Qin family is very obvious. They accept her and Lu Lu. As for Cheng Yuyang, no one can stop her from liking Qin Yinjian. In this way, Lu Xi's heart was clear, and he didn't care about this little thing that happened tonight.

"Ji Rou, I heard that you are going to take Lucy and her two children to sleep together. It's not early. Go to have a rest earlier."

Jirou and Lucy nodded, "OK."

Looking at the back of their sister-in-law, she nodded her head with satisfaction. Both sons of the Qin family had good eyes. The daughter-in-law she chose was not only beautiful, but also knowledgeable and filial.

In addition to being happy, Jane thought of Cheng Yuyang's reluctant eyes when he left. She always felt a little insecure in her heart. She hoped that the child could figure it out and don't put her feelings on a man who doesn't belong to her.


After getting on the bus, Cheng Yuyang's smothered fire broke out immediately: "I said Mrs. Cheng, are you my mother or not?"

Ling Fei said seriously, "Cheng Yuyang, say what you just said again."

Cheng Yuyang: "I said I would stay at Qin's house for the night. Why did you take me away?"

In the past, no matter how wayward she was, her parents and elder brothers allowed her to make trouble. Today is the first time my mother showed her face.

Looking at his daughter's unrepentant and blaming her, Ling Fei said, "I told you that elder brother Qin didn't mean anything to you, but you just didn't listen, and you have to work hard to get up. Do you want your mother to lose all her sisters for decades, so you are satisfied?"

Cheng Yuyang bit his lips, and Wei qubaba said, "where am I worse than Lu Xi?" "By saying that, you are worse than others." After being serious, Lingfei said softly again, "Yuyang, I want to tell you that you should listen carefully. Love is not wishful thinking, nor who is better than who, but love is love. If you don't love, you don't love. There's no reason. Just like Qin Yue, so excellent a man, how many women wanted to marry him in those days, but I've never been moved by your mother. "

Cheng Yuyang: "in Uncle Qin's eyes, there is only Auntie Jianran, even if you don't think about it." Ling Feiyu nodded: "you are right. Your uncle Qin only has your aunt Jianran in his eyes. Even though there are many women in the world who are better than your aunt Jianran, he looks down on them. Because he has already installed a person in his heart, full of them, and other excellent women are just one of ten million people in his eyes, which is not attractive Attention. "

Cheng Yuyang: "but I......"

Lingfei interrupted her: "you want to say that you are different from others, because you and your brother Qin grew up together, and the relationship between our two families is so good, you have many advantages, why can't you be with him? Then I'll tell you, because he only treats you as his sister. "

Cheng Yuyang: "I don't want to be his sister, I just want to be his lover." Lingfei said with a stomp: "Cheng Yuyang, if you want to keep the friendly relationship you used to have, you should abandon your thoughts and treat him as your brother. If you don't want to be able to maintain your previous relationship, just do it as if I haven't had a girl like you. "

Cheng Yuyang doesn't want to start. He doesn't want to hear anything. Ling Feiyu said, "I can't do anything hard, but let it go soft again." there are so many good men in the world. It's shameful to know that women who rob other men are shameless. No one can look down on them. Besides, my daughter is also very good. As long as you discard these ideas in your mind, you will meet the right person for you in the future. "

Cheng Yuyang took a deep breath and insisted: "yes, there are many men in the world, but I've lost my heart to the man who shouldn't have. I don't want to, but there's no way. Like you just said love is love, no reason, no reason. "

Cheng Yuyang blocks her with Lingfei's words, and gets angry with Lingfei's words. It takes a long time to say the following words: "then I ask you, do you think you are right to rob someone's man?"

"I don't want to rob anyone's man, I just want a fair chance to compete." Cheng Yuyang takes back his eyes and looks at Ling Feiyu. "Mom, you can't deprive me of my right to pursue happiness because I'm your daughter or because you're aunt Jianran's only girlfriend?"

Lingfei said: "if it wasn't for my relationship, would you know someone else, Qin Er Shao? If there is no such relationship with me, Qin Er will not see you? "

Cheng Yuyang said: "in the end, no one in your heart is more important than your best friend."

Lingfei's tone is like a slap on Cheng Yuyang's face: "you..."

Cheng Yuyang raised his neck and said coldly, "fight, you can kill me. Kill me. I won't have to be so miserable anymore. I won't have to watch my beloved man marry another woman and do nothing."

Lingfei's voice was chest undulating: "you tell me, what do you want to do?" "If I hadn't looked at the relationship between our two families, I would have dealt with that woman long ago. I could have kept her as the second youngest grandmother of the Qin family. She would have been beautiful." Cheng Yuyang said it with gnashing teeth. It turned out to be cute and a little ferocious. Even Ling Feiyu, a mother, didn't see her daughter in this picture. She was shocked. "Cheng Yuyang, if you dare to come here, I won't recognize your daughter."

Cheng Yuyang: "for your best friend, you don't even want your daughter. You are the best friend in the world."

Lingfei's voice was like hitting people again, but when she waved her hand out, she saw Cheng Yuyang's provocative face. She stopped her hand and turned her head to tell the driver, "stop."

The driver pulled over at once. Ling Fei pointed to the door and said, "go down."

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