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It's said that only when you are a parent can you know your parents' heart. Lingfeiyu has deep experience.

Obviously, it's not good to ask Jane today, but for the sake of her children, she still came, just want a result, no matter whether she can't, she also calculated the child's mind, and let the child die this unwanted heart.

Jane ran: "Feiyu, I'm really sorry!"

Ling Feiyu stared at her: "don't say sorry to me. I don't accept your sorry."

Jianran pushes lingfeiyu to her side and embraces her with open arms. She is coquettish like a child: "my good Feiyu is not good for me. It's my villain's heart that makes you a gentleman's belly. If you have a large number of adults, don't get to know lingfeiyu as well as me."

Lingfei said: "Jane, I tell you, if it wasn't for you to know the root and know the bottom, today's friend and I don't have to do it with you."

Jane ran: "I know that you are the only one in the world who depends on me like this. If I had been changed, I would have been ignored."

Lingfei said: "do you think I can forgive you if you say something nice?"

Jane ran: "then you can forgive me if you say what you want me to do."

Lingfei said, "give me your husband."

Jane ran: "well, I'll give him to you, but do you dare to either?"

Lingfei said: "what can I dare not to do? Are you worried that he won't eat me? "

"My husband is upstairs. If you dare, you can carry him home."

Ling Fei said, "OK, I'll take him back. Don't cry."

Just then, the hero of their discussion suddenly came down from the upstairs, and looked at him with a contracted neck: "Qin Yue, when did you come?"

Qin Yue looked calm: "just arrived. What's the matter? "

When he just arrived, he should have heard nothing, but she took it easy: "Feiyu is coming. I'll talk to her for a while. Go and do your work."

Qin Yue nodded with Ling Feiyu and said, "OK."

Qin Yue came and left, but Lingfei said: "Jane, just now I was just joking with you. Don't let your man be real."

"Don't worry, he didn't hear anything," said Jane

But Ling Feiyu didn't think that Qin Yue didn't hear anything. Anyway, he slipped away first and said, "Jane, I already know the answer. I'll go first. Let's have tea together some other day."

"It's not early. You and Yuyang will stay here for one night."

Lingfei said: "No. Cheng Xuyang still has family to wait for us. If he doesn't wait for us, he can't sleep alone. "

Jane ran: "I haven't seen Yu Yang yet."

Ling Fei said, "she's still like that. What can I see?"

Jane ran: "then I will accompany you to find her."

Lingfei said, "well, your yard is big. I've come back so many times. If no one leads the way, I might get lost."

Jane ran accompanies Ling Feiyu to find Cheng Yuyang. At this time, Ling Yuyang is meeting Ji Rou and Lu Xi. She says with a smile, "sister in law, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Jirou also responded enthusiastically: "Yuyang, long time no see?"

Cheng Yuyang's eyes quickly moved to Lu Xi's face: "sister in law, this is it?"

Cheng Yuyang met Lu Xi and was impressed. She just didn't want to admit that Qin Yinjian would like to see Lu Xi as a rich woman.

Jirou quickly introduced: "this is Lu Xi, a Jian's fiancee. Lu Xi, this is Cheng Yuyang, the daughter of aunt Feiyu. "

Cheng Yuyang suddenly realized, "Miss Lu Xi, we've seen it, haven't we?" Lu Xi also recognized Cheng Yuyang, remembering that he knew Cheng Yuyang because he sold the jewelry Qin Yinjian gave her. Lu Xi was already upset. Now he knows that this girl is interested in Qin Yinjian. Lu Xi is very uncomfortable, but he still greets him with a smile: "Hello, Miss Cheng!"

If Lu Xi doesn't answer, he just doesn't want to talk about selling jewelry. If he is a little wiser, Cheng Yuyang won't talk about it any more, but Cheng Yuyang doesn't stop: "Miss Lu Xi, do you remember? About a month or two ago, you sold me a lot of second-hand luxury goods."

Lu Xi smiled gracefully and politely: "Miss Cheng, I don't remember much. Your memory is very good." Cheng Yuyang said: "the luxury goods you sold to me are actually worth more than your asking price, but I didn't make any money. Just after you left, my second brother bought back all the original prices of the things you sold. To you, the second brother is really good at heart and lungs. You must not let him down

"You said that all the jewelry I sold you had been bought back by Qin Yinjian?" Lu Xi can't believe it, but he also believes that Qin Yingu can definitely do such things. That is to say, Qin Yingu knows what she has done these days.

Suddenly, Lu Xi was embarrassed to be seen through. He was sad and uncomfortable, but he didn't show it on his face. But he heard Cheng Yuyang say, "Miss Lu Xi, the second brother didn't tell you these things. I'm sorry, but I'm talkative. "

Lu Xi said with a smile, "he is also good for me."

Cheng Yuyang added, "that's what the second brother is like. There are few words in front of outsiders and only many words for familiar people."

Jirou can't hear any more. She wants to help Lu Xi, but Lu Xi still smiles and doesn't have a change of face: "is that right? Because he and I have been talking a lot, I don't know that he talks less to outsiders. "

Seeing the smell of fire medicine mixed in the two people's words, Jirou wants to help, but she doesn't know how to help. Lingfeiyu and Jane come. Jirou quickly beckons to them: "Mom, Feiyu aunt, we are here."

Seeing Jianran, Cheng Yuyang ran like a child: "Auntie, I miss you."

Jane hugged her and said, "Auntie miss you too."

Cheng Yuyang said, "Auntie, why do I see you beautiful once?"

"Because all the children in the family are sensible, don't let me worry about it," she said with a smile

Lingfei said, "OK, Yuyang, stop pestering your aunt. We should go back, or your father will be in a hurry."

"Mom, I want to spend more time with my aunt," said Cheng Yuyang

Lingfei said, "your sister-in-law and your second sister-in-law seldom go home. Your aunt wants to talk to them. Don't make trouble here."

"Cheng Yuyang dissatisfied:" I just want to accompany aunt, where to add chaos

Lingfei said seriously, "your father is in a hurry. You and I will go back now."

Jianran said: "Feiyu, if Yuyang wants to play here, let her live here. Her family has come back. There are many young people and many topics. Let them have a good chat."

The child was born by herself. Ling Feiyu knew her heart's ninth: "Cheng Yuyang, if you don't come back with me today, you're not my daughter."

Cheng Yuyang: "..." She was reluctant, but her mother said so much, so she had to say goodbye to Jane and follow Ling Fei.

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