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Who are you going to bite?" Qin Yinze's voice suddenly came in, and Ji Rou quickly put on a smile. "Honey, I'm going to cultivate my feelings with Lu Lu tonight, so I'll let you sleep alone. I know you're gentle and considerate, and I'm sure you'll agree. " "Husband, you two haven't seen each other for so long. There must be a lot to talk about. We won't disturb you." It's not enough to say. Ji Rou also gets together to give Qin Yinze a big hug. Before Qin Yinze can reply, Ji Rou releases Qin Yinze and drags Lu Xi away. "Lu Xi

, let's go. If their brothers haven't seen each other for a long time, we won't disturb them."

Lu Xi drags her downstairs, but at the first floor of the stairs, she meets aunt Ma, the domestic servant.

"Good evening, aunt ma." Ji Rou said warmly, "you are in such a hurry. Where are you going?"

Aunt Ma said, "Mrs. Cheng and Miss Cheng are here. I'll call for Mrs. Cheng." Because of the relationship between lingfeiyu and Jianran, the Cheng family and the Qin family are very close. Lingfeiyu often comes to the Qin family with her daughter. Even though Jirou doesn't often live in Jiangbei, she still knows who it is when she hears about the Cheng family: "then please tell Aunt ma not to let aunt Feiyu wait too long."

Aunt Ma said, "OK. I'll go now. "

Jirou drags Lucy to the living room: "Lucy, mom's best friend has come to visit us. Let's go to say hello to their mother and daughter first."

Lu Xi has received too much coldness and ridicule these years. He habitually hides some strangers who are not related to him: "sister in law, I haven't seen them before. I think it's better to forget."

Jirou sometimes has a big heart and doesn't notice Lu Xi's face: "Auntie Feiyu and her mother have been in love for decades, just like our auntie. Anyway, as long as you get married to the Qin family, sooner or later you will meet her. It's better to see her earlier today."

"Ji Rou, have you returned to Jiangbei?" There is still a distance across the living room. Jirou hears Lingfei saying hello to him. She immediately walks over with a smile. "Aunt Feiyu, I haven't seen you for a long time. I miss you."

Out of the instinct of avoiding strangers, Lu Xi didn't keep up with Ji Rou and stood alone in the distance listening to them.

"Yes, I haven't seen you for a long time. Your girl is becoming more and more beautiful." Ling Feiyu's character has hardly changed except for her appearance. It was Ling Feiyu, especially her relationship with Jane ran, which has lasted for decades.

"Auntie Feiyu, thank you for your praise. I have the cheek to admit that I am more and more beautiful." Ji Rou then smiled and looked around again. "By the way, I heard that you came with Yu Yang's sister. How could you not see her?"

"As soon as she entered the room, she saw Ranran with two little babies, and then she went to play with Ranran with the little babies." Lingfei looked upstairs and said, "in fact, I have nothing else to do today. I just want to talk to your mother." "Auntie Feiyu, you must have something to do with your mother." Otherwise, she would not come to someone else's home so late. In Ji Rou's cognition, the relationship between the two families is very good, but aunt Feiyu is a very considerate person who never intrudes into someone else's home when it is inconvenient. "It's not something that can't be said." Lingfei said that she was very calm and could not hide something in her heart. What's more, she didn't want to hide it. "I came here to ask about ah Jian's affairs, to see if he was really engaged, as the legend has it. If the legend is false,

I want to fight for an opportunity for our family Yuyang. If it's true, I'll let that girl die

"Yuyang Do you like it? " Hearing this, Jirou was surprised. Even though she knew that Qin Yinjian was very close to Cheng's girl when she was a child, they all treated her as their sister. How could she be moved by ah Yinjian?

In fact, it's not that he can't be moved. The key is that Qin Yinjian doesn't care about her. Qin Yinjian already has Ji Rou in his heart.

Ji Rou looks at Lu Xi from the side of her head and sees that there is no change in Lu Xi's face. Her worry is more serious: "Auntie Feiyu, that..."

"Feiyu, why don't you call me in advance when you want to come? You've been waiting for me for so long." Jian ran, who got the news, greeted her with a smile and interrupted what Ji Rou wanted to say.

Ling Fei said, "Ji Rou, I'm going to talk with your mother, and you young people are going to play with you."

Ji Rou is worried, but she can't say too much in front of her elders, so she has to leave first.

Ling Feiyu sat down with Jane and said the question again. "Feiyu, since you are so direct with me, I also tell you directly that ah Jian's engagement is true. Today, he introduced my future daughter-in-law home to you. You see, that's the beautiful girl over there with Jirou. I really like her and want to marry her home. I think he and Yuyang should be brothers and sisters. " Lingfei's questions are asked directly, and her simple answers are also direct. Feelings are children's business. She doesn't want her elders to be involved in these things. "Feiyu, I always advocate that children should do their own things. I hope you can forgive me."

"I say simply, what do you mean by that?" Ling Feiyu suddenly raised his voice and was very discontented. "You treat me as someone, don't you think you don't agree with ah Jian's association with Yu Yang, and I'm going to sever decades of friendship with you."

Jane ran: "no, it's because I care so much about your friend that I worry."

Lingfei said: "do you think that only you care about my friend, I don't care about your friend?"

Jane ran: "I don't have it."

Lingfei said: "you have it clearly."

"Well, if you say I have it, you can have it. As long as you don't get angry with me, don't cut off with me. You can say anything."

Lingfei said: "if you can't move, you say I want to break up with you. You also say that you don't think that only you care about me, I don't care about you Is it in your simple eyes that I am unreasonable and indifferent? "

Jane ran: "..."

She'd better not talk, otherwise everything is wrong. Ling Fei said: "Jane, you care about my friend, and I also care about your friend. Children's feelings are children's own business, and we can't control what we want to do as elders. The reason why I came to you today is that Yuyang of our family begged me. I know that she likes Aju unilaterally and knows that Aju's heart is filled with other people, but Yuyang's child just doesn't want to admit it. She wants to fight for an opportunity. As the mother of the child, I also hope that my child can find someone who likes to spend his life together, but I understand that this kind of thing can not be forced. I come to talk to you, or I want to let Yu Yang die. "

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