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Seeing Qin Yinjian, Qin Yue's face suddenly sank and his eyes looked coldly at him.

Seeing that Qin Yue was going to attack again, Jane quickly pulled his sleeve: "if you have something to say, don't move, just show your son's face."

Naturally, Qin Yue didn't want to be embarrassed. After making great efforts, his face was quite gentle: "what are you going to do now?"

Qin Yue didn't make things too clear, but Qin Yinjian didn't. He said, "as long as Lu Xi agrees, I will get married with her first, and then transfer their mother and son's account to our family. As for the wedding, I have to hear from Lucy. "

Qin Yue was very satisfied with his son's thinking of his daughter-in-law when he did anything. "You've made both of them suffer so much. Remember, no matter what happens to them in the future, you should be good to both of them."

Qin Yinjian: "I will."

Qin Yue added, "a woman follows you at a young age, gives birth to a child for you, and raises the child to such an old age alone, even if you give them your next life's life."

Qin Yinjian: "Dad, I know."

Qin Yinjian's answer is short, but the words are sonorous and powerful.

These words need not be explained by his father. He also knows to be kind to Lu Xi and Lu Lu. Now my father wants to talk to him and let him know that his family has been caring about him for a long time, not as indifferent as he thought.

He's in this family. He has his position. Eldest brother is not in Jiangbei all the year round. He only returns once every six months. Naturally, his parents should care more about him. The elder sister also has her own small family and is the only girl in the family. It's normal for her father and mother to hurt her. Only he stayed with his parents, and he took over Shengtian. His father was strict with him.

When he came out of his father's study, Qin Yin saw that Lu Xi was still waiting outside the door: "Why are you still here?"

Lu Xi took the initiative to put his hand in his hand and smiled: "I'm afraid you're beaten by your father. I'm waiting outside. If there's something wrong, I'll rush in and save you at the first time."

Qin Yin couldn't help laughing: "do you dare to hit my father?"

Lu Xi smiled: "of course I dare not beat uncle Qin, but I can help Uncle Qin beat you together. When he saw that I had started to beat you, he would surely be in love with your son. Maybe he would be angry with you at that time. "

Qin Yinjian hugged Lu Xi into his arms: "you say that you are a talented student who graduated from a famous university. In those years, he was admitted to the University by jumping from the next level. He was in the limelight for a while, and he was very smart in his study. How could this brain not work well these years?"

Lu Xi was dissatisfied and said, "what do you mean? Do you think I'm stupid? "

Qin Yin nodded her head: "it's not that I don't think you are stupid, but that you are stupid. I don't know how hard I've been working all these years. Lu Lu asks for money to see a doctor and doesn't know how to find me... "

If she comes to him But her character, in the case of not knowing that the child is his, how can she come to him? In the end, it's his fault.

Speaking of this matter, Lu Xi was full of grievances, not that she was unwilling to find him, but that she had no face to find him. When he found her later, in order to see Lu Lu Lu, she resolutely agreed to his request. Lu Xi didn't answer and took a breath in silence, but Qin Yinjian saw her grievance. He added: "Lu Xi, no matter what happens in the future, no matter when, even if we just had a fight a moment ago. If you encounter anything, you should also tell me at the first time that Lu Lu and I are your closest people. "

Luhinunu said, "you want me to fight with you?"

Qin Yinjian: "I said if."

Lucy: actually, I really want to fight with you

Qin Yinjian, a cold-blooded man, is not a quarrelsome person. They haven't quarreled for three years in love until they break up. If either of them came out to fight with each other, it would not lead to their separation for three years.

Qin Yinjian understood Lu Xi's meaning, and he said, "we will try our best to communicate in the future, and don't hold everything in our hearts."

Lu Xi smiled, "President Qin, I listen to you."

Qin Yinjian: "there is something I want to discuss with you."

Lucy: I promise you

Qin Yinjian: "I haven't said what to discuss with you."

Lucy: I know what you are going to discuss

Qin Yinyu: "you agreed?"

Lu Xi: "Lu Lu Lu just left the hospital. The doctor said that he needs to be observed for some time. When he is better, I will go back to work."

Qin Yin's face is black: "I'm telling you this?"

Lucy: what are you going to tell me

Qin Yin said again, "I'm telling you that we're going to get married."

Lucy: this one

Qin Yin unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva: "do you agree or not?"

Lu Xi bowed his head and didn't say a word. If she wanted to marry him, how could she have a serious proposal? It's like buying cabbage in the vegetable market. Can she say no?

Lu Xi doesn't answer, Qin Yinjian is a little bit anxious: "Lu Xi, you can't repent."

Lu Xi scratched his head and avoided his eyes: "have I promised you anything?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?" Lu Xi opened his mouth to say something, but he didn't say it. A voice came from the side: "Oh, the men of the Qin family are exactly the same. If you want a girl to marry him, you are reluctant to ask for a marriage. If you give me another chance, I won't marry the Qin family. "

The speaker is Jirou. She didn't mean to overhear the conversation between the two of them. She happened to pass by and overheard: "Lu Xi, I'll tell you that this man is sometimes mean and easy to catch up with. I don't know how to cherish him after marriage. I advise you to think about it."

Qin Yinyu: "sister in law!"

Jirou: "I didn't talk to you."

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Jirou said, "let's sleep tonight, Lucy. You take Lu Lu, I take Lele, we several people squeeze a bed to sleep, let me do some ideological work with you Rather than inviting Lu Xi to sleep with her, Ji Rou wants to take two little babies to sleep with her. Before, she took Lele alone. It's not a problem to take Lele to sleep at night, but Lu Lu didn't sleep with her. She was worried that Lu Lu Lu would miss mommy in the middle of the night, so the best way to do it is to call Lu Xi together.

Lu Xi smiled: "I have no problem. I just don't know if big brother agrees?" Jirou made a man to eat look: "if he dare not agree, I have to bite him, let him know that his aunt is not easy to provoke."

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