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In the afternoon, Lu Xi has met most of the Qin family members, and everyone treats her very warmly. The only thing he doesn't see is Qin Yue, Qin Yinjian's father, who is also the former chairman of Shengtian group, the man who has dominated the business world all his life.

In the evening, he came back.

Qin Yingu also introduced them, but Qin Yue's attitude was quite indifferent. He nodded to her and Lu Lu Lu, and there was no other superfluous expression, so that Lu Lu now hid in Mommy's arms and didn't dare to look at the indifferent grandfather.

"Mommy, I'm afraid." There was a cold man sitting on the table, with the words "don't close to strangers" written on his face. Lu Lu was so scared that he rubbed against Lu Xi's arms. His two hands tightly grasped mummy's clothes, for fear that one would be picked up by the villain accidentally.

Lu Xi hugs Lu Lu Lu and comforts him softly: "Lu Lu, Mommy is here, not afraid of HA."

Lu Lu shook his head: "but Mommy, you are afraid."

Lu Xi: "..."

This child, can not be so keen, where is she afraid, she just has some tension.

Fortunately, Jane saw Lu Xi and Lu Lu's uneasiness. She hit Qin Yue with her elbow and whispered in his ear, "Qin Yue, clean up your expression. I warn you, if you frighten my daughter-in-law and grandson, I will never finish with you. "

Qin Yue frowned and whispered to Jian ran, "Qin Yinjian dare to have a baby outside, and he brought the baby back to his home when he was so old, so that the blood of Qin family has been out for so many years. I can't give him a look at his face yet?"

"You have to show him the face. You can wait for my daughter-in-law and my grandson to leave. I will solemnly say to you one last time, tidy up your expression and don't scare my daughter-in-law and grandson. "

Qin Yue didn't want to frighten Lu Xi and little Lu Lu, but he was extremely dissatisfied with Qin Yingu's son. He really had the guts of a bear. He dared not bring his child back to Qin's family to support him. His mother and child suffered so much and suffered so many crimes outside.

That boy man's basic responsibility is not done well, how to get his good face to see.

"Dad, mom, this time I plan to live in Jiangbei for a month. Do you welcome me?" Married to the Qin family for many years, Ji Rou has found out everyone's temperament in the family. She knows Qin Yue very well. No matter how he looks, she can't be frightened.

"Of course," she said with a smile

His daughter-in-law took the initiative to say hello to him. Qin Yue was no longer happy but could not keep his face cold. His expression was a little gentle: "this is your home. You can stay here as long as you want, without asking other people's opinions."

Qin Yinze stepped on Ji Rou's feet under the table and warned her with his eyes: "I didn't agree with you to live in Jiangbei for such a long time. I want to go back to minluo city. You can't stay here alone."

But Ji Rou ignored, picked up the chopsticks and took the dishes to Xiao Lele and Xiao Lulu respectively: "there are lovely Xiao Lele and cute little Lulu here. While they are not officially in school, I want to accompany them more. You mind."

Xiaolele said happily: "aunt, Lele welcomes you! Lele wants to play with you. "

"Well, we have the best music." Ji Rou looks at Lu Lu Lu, who is hiding in Lu Xi's arms. "Lu Lu, what are you doing hiding in Mommy's arms? Come out and eat with Lele and his aunt. After that, we will play hide and seek for a while. " Usually no one plays with Lu Lu. Now someone plays with him. He is very happy, but he is still afraid of Qin Yue's cold face. He quietly looks up from his mother's arms and sees that Grandpa Leng's face is not as terrible as it was at the beginning. Just then he is relieved to lift his whole head up

up: "Lu Lu wants to play with you."

Ji Rou was so happy that she took food for him again: "OK, let's have dinner and have fun after eating." Lu Xi also knows that the president of Shengtian was such a cold and tall person. He seldom spoke at ordinary times. When he was free, he could hardly hear him. He also understood that his cold face was not aimed at her and Lu Lu Lu. But when everyone sat on a table, his aura was so powerful that people could not ignore it.

so she was still worried.

Now Qin Yue's face is better, and Lu Xi is relieved.

It's a rare time for a family to get together. This meal should be enjoyable, but because of the existence of Qin and Yue, people on the table can't let it go.

After dinner, Jane found Lu Xi: "Lu Xi, your uncle Qin wants to see you and Lu Lu alone. Can you go to the study with me?"

Jane is gentle and kind. There is no pressure on Lu Xi in front of her, but Lu Xi still feels uneasy when she wants to see Qin Yue alone. She looks at Qin Yingu quietly, hoping he can give her some advice. Qin Yingu is also looking at her.

He rubbed her head: "take Lu Lu and rest assured. My father won't embarrass you. And when you go in, I'll wait for you outside my study. If anything happens, I'll go in and save you as soon as possible. "

Qin Yin knows his father. His father will only embarrass him, his eldest brother and his brother-in-law. He will never embarrass the women in his family. In the Qin family, women's status is paramount. No one can blame them for targeting them.

With Qin Yinjian's words, Lu Xi was relieved: "Auntie, please lead the way."

Lu Xi holds Lu Lu Lu and follows Jianran to Qin Yue's study on the second floor. Now Lu Xi sees that Qin Yue's face is much better than before. She has the kindness of her elders on her face. It seems that she is not bothering her. She takes the initiative to say, "Hello, uncle Qin!"

Qin Yue is still always cold: "well."

Lu Xi said hello, immediately let Lu Lu call people: "Lu Lu, call grandpa quickly."

Lu Lu not only didn't shout, but also quickly hid behind Lu Xi: "Mommy, he doesn't seem to like Lu Lu Lu. Lu Lu doesn't want to play with him."

Hearing children's words, Jane gave Qin Yue a white eye: "Qin Yue, what do you say I should say about you? I told you not to frighten my grandson with a flat face. I scared him so much that he didn't dare to approach you. Do you have to let Lu Lu repel you like Lele

Qin Yue tried to calm down his face, but his face was much better after his efforts. He took the toy car specially prepared for the little guy in his hand and squatted down: "Lu Lu, your name is Lu Lu right. I hope you like the toys grandpa bought for you "You won't take the land?" Looking at the toys, Lu Lu was very moved, but worried that he was captured by his indifferent grandfather, or stood behind Lu Xi's legs and dared not approach Qin Yue. "Is this toy car really for Lu Lu?"

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