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It has something to do with his uncle. What does it have to do with Xiao Lele?

This little guy's logic is so strange.

Lu Xi didn't know that these logics were taught by Qin Yinjian to xiaolele. He told the little guy that if his aunt didn't want to be his aunt, she didn't like him. Little guy is so small and not very sensible, so he believes it.

Lele added, "Auntie, I'm going to have a chat with Lu Lu's brother. Go out for a while and don't disturb us."

Lu Lu nods desperately: "Mommy, don't disturb us."

Lu Xi: "..."

Is she being rejected by two little guys?


Jiangbei special forces training base.

Today is the first official assessment competition for recruits after they enter the camp. Of the 30, no matter men or women, only the last 15 winners can stay, that is to say, one-half of them will be eliminated, and they will never be able to enter this elite division again.

At the end of the war, he had many advantages over others, but this time he didn't dare to be slighted.

Although he didn't want to join the special forces, since he has become a member of the special forces, he has to make achievements and walk out in the wind and light. Being eliminated has never been his choice.

He can't afford to lose this face, nor can old man Zhan, nor can his family.

He should use his own strength to prove that he is not a second generation ancestor who has nothing to do with the world. As long as he works hard, he can become a member of this elite army.

Thirty soldiers, after a month of hellish training, everyone and just came in has changed a lot. They have been carefully selected since they were able to enter this army. Now it is not easy to win in a group of people.

"Stand up!" As the captain Liu Jinshan's command rang out, 30 people stood in three rows, standing in the standard upright posture, Liu Jinshan glanced at everyone's standing posture one by one, and then a loud voice sounded, "take a moment!"

The soldiers followed his command and stood in a relaxed position.

Liu Jinshan added: "our assessment today is divided into five items, each item is scored 20 points, and the point system determines the final knockout."

Although everyone is ready, it is not difficult to find that someone has swallowed saliva because of nervousness, and the saliva also includes war. He's nervous because he thinks anyone here can lose, but he can't lose.

Several generations of Zhan family were in charge of Jiangbei military region. His grandfather and his father started from a small soldier and stood out in the army step by step with their own efforts. At last, they took over Jiangbei military region, one of the five major military regions of the country.

The honor of a warrior must not be lost in his hands.

This time, it is not other men who make him the key opponent, but the female soldier who dressed him up last time, Zhuang Momo.

Zhuang Momo comes from a martial arts family. She also studied martial arts with her father since childhood. She has an absolute advantage in fighting. None of the 30 people, male or female, is her opponent.

After being defeated by her last time, she was more energetic than him at the end of the war. Neither of them was pleased with each other. This time, they all wanted to let the other side get out of the special forces.

Liu Jinshan: "the war is over!"

All of a sudden by the captain of the name, from the end of the war immediately back thinking: "to!"

Liu Jinshan said without any face: "the soldiers who come here are all left by their own real abilities. No matter how big the backstage behind you is, it's useless. We only see the performance of everyone here and the final result of your assessment."

At the end of the war: "yes."

The captain is obviously aimed at him, but he wants to stay on his own ability more than anyone else, not because of the relationship with the old man.

Liu Jinshan: "Zhuang Momo."

Zhuang Momo: Here you are

Liu Jinshan: "we have combat in this training. No matter what method we use, we will finally defeat the opponent to win. Do you understand? "

"I understand," they all said

At the end of the war, the voice of Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo was particularly loud, and both sides glanced at each other's position.

Liu Jinshan said again: "we are testing your comprehensive ability and team spirit. I hope you can put down your personal grudges and devote yourself to this assessment."

"Yes," they all said

Liu Jinshan said again, "Li Qingtian, Qiao Meina."

"Yes," they said

Liu Jinshan: "you two in a group."

"Yes," they said

To compete in groups, the test is not only the individual level of two people, but also the team cooperation level of two people. After all, if there is a real battle, it is not one person who can fight, but requires team cooperation. The better the team cooperation, the greater the chance of winning.

Liu Jinshan divided 30 soldiers into groups. At last, he won the battle at the end of the war and Zhuang Momo: "at the end of the war, Zhuang Momo, you two are in a group."

Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo are dissatisfied, but this is the army. Obedience to the superiors is the only choice. They still answer in unison, "yes."

The group work is completed, and then the competition of the first project is carried out.

Liu Jinshan said: "the first event is the cross-country race with a load of 10 kilometers. Only when two members of the same group run the whole course in 30 minutes, can they be regarded as qualified. If they fail, they will be given zero point. Are you ready? "

"Ready," they said together again

With Liu Jinshan's whistle blowing, all the people set out in a hurry according to the planned competition route, and soon ran in the front at the end of the battle, but Zhuang Momo, who was in the same group with him, fell in the middle of the crowd and opened a long distance from the end of the battle.

"Damned woman!" At the end of the war, I stopped running forward. I'm not good at it. Why can't I run now? After waiting for a while, Zhuang Xinshi just caught up with the end of the war. It's just a saying, "if you want to be eliminated, don't involve me to be eliminated with you."

Zhuang Mo looked at Zhan Li coldly, but he didn't even give him a nasal sound. He continued to run at a constant speed.

The last few steps of the war went up: "I'm talking to you, can't hear you?"

Zhuang Xinshi still ignored him. This time, he didn't even give him the rest of his eyes.

Zhan limo's teeth itch with hate. This damned woman has the ability to make him jump.

At the end of the battle: "hurry up."

Zhuangmomo finally spoke: "Zhan childe, this kind of cross-country race is about endurance. Only when you laugh at the end can you win, not just rush to the front."

War from the end: "Stinky girl, can't run to admit, don't fuck with me to find so many excuses." Zhuang Momo stopped talking again. She wasted her energy talking to him. She wanted to keep her strength and run to the last one, so that those who could not afford to see their female soldiers could shut their mouths, including those around him who were disgusting at all - the war family childe.

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