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Thank you very much, doctor! Thank you so much! I don't know what to say... " Lu Xi was so excited that he thanked him, and then he thought of something. "By the way, can I see the bone marrow donor? I want to thank him very much. "

"The donor is a volunteer and asks us to keep his information confidential. He doesn't want to see the patient's family. He hopes we can all respect his meaning," the doctor said

Without seeing the benefactor, Lu Xi was a little lost, and then came up with a way: "doctor, I have some money on my card. Now I don't need to pay for Lu Lu Lu's medical expenses. I want to ask you to transfer the money to the bone marrow donor who did good deeds without leaving his name. Thank you for being so kind. "

"There's no need for that," the doctor said, "because donors are really good at money."

Lu Xi: "Oh..."

She doesn't know how to thank this kind-hearted person who does good deeds and doesn't keep his name. She hopes that everything goes well with this kind-hearted person and his family, which is safe, healthy and healthy.


It's almost dinner time.

Qin Yinjian has to live or die. Lu Xi has no way to deal with him. In his words, this hospital is owned by his family. He can stay as long as he wants. No one can care.

Well, who makes him a rich man.

Lu Xi is busy in the kitchen. Qin Yin pushes to the door and orders, "I want to have the pork chop soup. I've already sent the pork chop soup. You can cook it for me."

Lu Xi bit his lip, and did not return to the tunnel with his head: "no time."

Who, when she's a restaurant or something?

He can eat whatever he wants.

Qin Yinjian said as if he didn't hear her: "I'm going to have pork chop soup tonight, and I'd like to eat beef at noon tomorrow. You make me more protein rich food these days. I've been exercising a lot recently and I'm short of it. " Lu Xi put the spatula in his hand and turned his head to stare at Qin Yingu discontentedly: "Qin Yingu, do you say that you are here to give me trouble or help me? There are so many chefs in your family. What do you want to eat? Why do you just ask for trouble? I take care of a child a day. Do I have to take care of you? "

Qin Yinyi walked over two steps and hugged Lu Xi angrily: "I also want to have what my family is prepared to eat delivered, but I would rather have your own cooking."

He hugged her tightly, his voice was tender and affectionate as never before, and forced out the fire rising in Lucy's chest: "you let go of me, and I want to cook. Otherwise, you will have nothing to eat. "

Qin Yin let go of her: "these days, you are really tired to accompany your child all the time. If you don't mind, I'll have three meals prepared tomorrow. "

Lu Xi immediately shook his head: "no need. I want to cook for my son. " I also want to cook for Qin Yinjian.

The hospital has found a suitable bone marrow for land and land. If there is no accident, the bone marrow transplantation can be carried out on land and land next week. It will not be long before land and land can be discharged after the operation. After Lu Lu leaves the hospital, she plans to take Lu Lu away from Jiangbei.

Therefore, the chance she gave Qin Yinjian to cook was to do it less than once, and she was afraid that she would never have another chance.

Qin Yinjian: "stupid is not stupid."

Lu Xi: "I'm stupid. I'd like to. You can't care."

Qin Yinjian: "what a silly girl!"

After so many years, I still can't change the twists and turns in my bones.


In the ward, it is rare for three people to sit around the small dining table together.

The dining table is really small. Qin Yinjian, such a big man, sits next to the dining table, accounting for almost half of the table, but he doesn't dislike it at all. His lips always rise slightly unconsciously, because it's his woman and his son who are sitting next to the dining table with him.

Qin Yinyi looks at Lu Lu, and little Lu is looking at him, but unlike Qin Yinyi's gentle and kind eyes, little Lu's eyes can be said to be "fierce", as if they were looking at a big gray wolf that would eat their mother and son.

Qin Yinjian is eager to squeeze the face of this little thing and hug him, but these ideas are all given up under the "ferocious" gaze of the little guy He had to slow down, get closer to this little guy, and let him put down his guard. "The soup you ordered." Lu Xi first filled a bowl of soup for their father and son respectively, put the soup heavily in front of Qin Yinjian, then gently blew and blew for Lu Lu Lu's bowl, then scooped up a spoon to test the temperature, felt that he could take a mouthful and then sent it to Lu Lu's mouth, "son, come, drink

a mouthful of soup."

But Lu Lu's attention is not Lu Xi's at all. He stares at Qin Yinjian angrily. "Big villain, Lu Lu Lu tells you that Lu Lu Lu is very strong. Lu Lu can protect mummy and never let you take her away again."

Listening to the young voice of the little guy and the determination to protect his mother from being robbed by others, Qin Yinyu was very satisfied. He couldn't help but reached out and pinched the little guy's pale but still soft face: "little guy, how old are you? Where are you strong?" Lu Lu is not satisfied. In order to show that he is really strong and can protect his mother, he specially pulls up his clothes and clothes. However, because he has been ill for too long, he is very thin and almost has become a skeleton. However, he feels that he can't lose his momentum. He stretches out his little hand and compares two times in front of Qin Yingu: "Lu Lu is very strong." Qin Yinjian is childish and wants to compare with Lu Lu by pulling up his sleeve. But when he has a move, Lu Xi beats him with chopsticks: "Qin Yinjian, are you childish or not? What do you really compare with a child? I'll tell you, if you make my son angry again, I'll blow you out at once.

Qin Yinyu: "..."

He concedes defeat. He can't provoke them. Now they are the biggest.

Seeing Mommy intimidate the villain, Lu Lu clapped his hands and danced: "long live Mommy! Mommy is the best! "

In addition to being happy, the little guy also made a funny face to Qin Yingu. His smart eyes seemed to say to Qin Yingu, "big villain, hum, don't think you're so great. My mommy is much more powerful than you. You don't want to take my mommy. "

Lu Xi rubs Lu Lu Lu's head: "son, drink some soup first, and then you will grow strong."

Lu Lu looks at Qin Yin again and says, "Lu Lu will grow stronger than a bad guy after drinking soup?"

Lucy nodded, "well, it will."

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Hum, this kid is so small that he wants to be stronger than him, but he wants to be beautiful. Let's wait another 20 years. I'll see if this kid can grow up to be so big and strong as his father in 20 years.

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