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Lu Lu begged, "Mommy, will you drive away the bad guy?"

Lu Xi touched Lu Lu's head, looked at Qin Yinjian again, and asked him to leave with his eyes.

Knowing that he couldn't change his image in Lu Lu's mind for a while, Qin Yinjian couldn't stay here any longer. He got up and said, "Lu Lu Lu, you listen to Mommy and take good care of yourself, you know?"

Lulu Dudu small mouth, milk sound milk airway: "big villain, I know, needless to say."

Hum hum

This villain always comes to rob his mommy. He wants to bite him twice when he sees him. But he can't get up because he is ill now. Otherwise, he will attack the villain twice to let him know that he's not easy to mess with.

If not, Lu Lu stared at Qin Yinjian, trying to scare the villain away.

"Little guy, I'm not a bad guy. I'm your daddy." Qin Yin reached out to pinch Lu Lu's face, but before he did, he was smartly avoided by the little guy.

Hearing that the villain said it was his father, Lu Lu was almost frightened to cry. He held Lu Xi helplessly: "Mommy, you told me that my father was a good man, and the villain would not be my father, right?"

Although Lu Xi didn't know who Lu Lu Lu's father was and wanted to bring the man back to justice, she never spoke ill of Lu Lu Lu's father in front of Lu Lu Lu in order to let Lu Lu Lu grow up as healthy as many children in these years.

She told Lu Lu Lu that his father was a very kind person. He didn't stay with his wife and son like other fathers, just because he had gone to a far and far place and couldn't come back for the time being. When Lu Lu grew up, he would come back.

So in Lu Lu's heart, daddy is a very good daddy.

Lu Xi comforted Lu Lu: "yes, Lu Lu Lu's father is a very good man. Uncle is here to play with you. Don't believe him. Don't be frightened by his words. "

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

He's such a stubborn little boy. He hasn't even met him several times. Why does he hate him so much?

Lu Xi asks Qin Yinjian with his eyes again: "President Qin Da, please! Will you leave first? Don't affect Lu Lu Lu's mood. The mood of the little guy will affect his condition. In case of a serious coma, it will be very difficult. " "I don't leave the hospital, sometimes I can be found in the doctor's office." Qin Yinyi said that he would never leave their mother and son again. He could not be with them. At least, he should stay where he could take care of their mother and son at any time. In case something happened on Lu Lu Lu, Lu Xi would depend on them more or less.

"I see. Let's go." Lu Xi was a little impatient with Qin Yinjian because he was worried about Lu Lu.

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Because in Lu Xi's eyes and heart, there was only his son. Qin Yinjian was very sour, but who was to blame?

If he had not left, Lu Xi would never have suffered so many crimes, and Lu Lu would not have been born under the condition of being scolded as a wild species, so now all the consequences should be borne by him.


Although not liked by Lu Lu Lu, and ignored by Lu Xi so thoroughly, Qin Yinjian went into the doctor's office and found a doctor to fully understand Lu Lu Lu's condition.

The doctor explained Lu Lu's condition to Qin Yinyi carefully. The final conclusion is that only by doing bone marrow transplantation can Lu Lu get better and grow up as healthy as all healthy children.

The operation on land and land is imminent. Excellent doctors and the best medical equipment are available. At present, the most important thing is to find the bone marrow suitable for land and land.

After listening to the doctor's introduction, Qin Yin said a few words coolly: "is it appropriate to look at my bone marrow?"

When the doctor heard this, he was surprised. He looked up at Qin Yinjian and said, "Mr. Qin and Mr. Qin, do you mean to donate bone marrow to Lu Lu Lu?"

Qin Yin picked up his eyebrows and said, "my words are so difficult to understand." "No, Mr. Qin However, there are many successful cases of bone marrow donation. Few of the donors have physical problems after donation, but this can not exclude a few accidents. Please consider it carefully. After all, your body is not your own. Behind you are the whole Qin family and Shengtian group. " It's not hard to understand, but it's incredible. As the president of Shengtian, he doesn't need to take this risk for a irrelevant little kid.

To tell you the truth, it's amazing that such a big man suddenly said that he wanted to donate bone marrow.

Qin Yin said coldly, "do you think Shengtian is important, or my son is important?"

"Of course, it's your little boy. But what does the bone marrow damage have to do with having a son?" At first, the doctor didn't understand the meaning of Qin Yinjian's words. He said as if he understood, "President Qin, do you mean that Lu Lu is your son?"

President Shengtian will suddenly pay so much attention to a pair of helpless mothers and children. At first, they are all thinking about the relationship between Qin Yinjian and the two mothers and children. Now the answer is in front of them. The doctor still can't believe it: "Pro son?"

Qin Yinjian's expression was still cold: "check my body immediately. As long as my body is fit for bone marrow donation and the bone marrow matches the bone marrow of Xiaolu, I hope to do the bone marrow transplantation for him as soon as possible. "

Doctor: "..."

Can he say no?

Does he have the right to say no?

If he doesn't, he will soon be replaced.

So he could only nod: "OK, Mr. Qin, I'll arrange it now. But before donating bone marrow, would you like to inform your parents and family? Because this bone marrow donation still needs the consent of the family members, and they need to sign a letter of consent together, otherwise in case... "

has the final say, "do you have the final say or has the final say?" Dr.

: "you has the final say."

…… In the morning, the doctor told Lu Xi that the hospital's bone marrow library did not match the bone marrow of Lu Lu Lu. It was not easy to find the bone marrow that could match the bone marrow of Lu Lu Lu. After half a day, the doctor came to the ward to find her. He said that there was just a donor's bone marrow suitable for Lu Lu Lu Lu, and he would soon arrange an operation for

Lu Lu Lu Lu.

When Lu Xi heard the news, he was even more surprised than when he heard that Lu Lu was going to have a bone marrow transplant in the morning: "doctor, are you really saying that? Why can't I believe that? "

You know, it's not easy to find a matching bone marrow. It's not something that money can buy. "Of course it is," the doctor affirmed. This week we will take a good look at the situation on land and land. If there is no accident in his body, we will arrange an operation for him next Monday.

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