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The plane took sixteen hours to reach its destination.

As soon as the plane landed, Qin Yinyi hurriedly took out his mobile phone and turned it on. As soon as the mobile phone was turned on, a dozen messages jumped out of wechat, all of which were sent by Lu Xi.

"Qin Yinjian, how did you shut down?"

"Qin Yinjian, you are honest. Are you going to hook up with other women behind my back?"

"Qin Yinjian, I'm warning you. If you dare to hook up with other women on my back, I will make you feel overwhelmed."

Looking at the news, Qin Yin shook his head helplessly: "silly girl."

That's just the first three messages. Half an hour later, Lucy sent another message.

"Qin Yin, I'm going to the party. I'll take a picture of me in my dress. You can see how beautiful your girlfriend is. You won't go to other people. "

Then she sent a picture of herself in a beautiful dress. The dress was beautiful, but her face was funny. Qin Yinjian couldn't help laughing and said, "what a fool! I am the only one who can see you. "

He slipped his fingers and continued to turn down to read more from Lu Xi.

"Qin Yingu, I'm at the hotel where the party is held. There are many people at the party, but I'm not happy at all because you're not here. "

"Qin Yin, I hope the time will pass quickly. As long as I finish my graduation party tonight, I will fly to see you in the morning tomorrow."

"Qin Yin, Qin Yin, Qin Yin What the hell are you doing? Why don't you reply to me when I send so many messages? I'll tell you, I'll give you another half hour. If you don't return my news, I'll ignore you. "

Half an hour later, Lucy sent the news on time.

"Qin Yin, you really don't reply to my message. I'll leave you alone from now on."

After this message, two hours later, Lu Xi sent another message: "Qin Yinjian, I drank wine, it seems that I drank too much, and my head was a little dizzy. Where are you, can you pick me up? I don't want to be here alone. "

This is the last piece of news that Lucy sent him. There is no new news after that.

After getting out of the cabin, Qin Yinjian immediately called Lu Xi. After dialing, there was no answer.

Answer the phone!

What the hell is this ugly girl doing?

Are you really angry with him and ignore him?

There will be no such possibility.

Qin Yin knows her too well. She just said that. She will never ignore him.

Qin Yinjian immediately opens the app of mobile location, and knows that she is still in the hotel of graduation party through mobile location.

After he left the airport through the customs from the VIP passage, he let the driver drive straight to the hotel where Lu Xi is.

Almost arriving at the hotel, Qin Yinyi dials Lu Xi's cell phone again, but this time, the message is that the phone he dials has been turned off.

Shut down?

What is this girl doing?

Are you really angry with him?

Qin Yin didn't think about anything else. He got off the bus and went straight to the hotel.

When he arrived, the party was not over. Many people were still drinking, singing and dancing

People, a lot, but Qin Yinjian found no shadow of Lu Xi in every corner.

Just as he was about to call again, the conversation between the two women in the corner caught Qin yinlian's attention.

Woman a said: "I can't see that Lucy is quite able to pretend. She pretends that no man can enter her eyes, but now she can't wait to open a room with him. "

Woman B said: "ha ha She's a bit of a beauty anyway. She even looks at a man like that. I don't know how she can eat her mouth. "

The two women are still discussing, but Qin Yinjian has no idea to listen to it any more. He immediately turns around: "antanjie, go to the front desk of the hotel and find out Lu Xi's room number."

Antangi followed Qin Yinjian all the way, but his master always regarded him as transparent. At this moment, he was so fierce that he was shocked: "yes, I will go right away."

In just a few minutes, however, under the strong coercion of antinger, the hotel staff found Lu Xi's room, and Qin Yinjian took the room card and went straight to Lu Xi's room on the eighth floor.

The room card towel is on the door lock. With a tinkle, the green light is on. Qin Yin opens the door and goes in.

When he stepped into the door, the picture of the room almost choked him.

There are two people on the only big bed in the room, one male and one female. That female is the woman he came back from a long distance to see -- Lu Xi.

Men can't wait to pull women's clothes, women's clothes and clothes are half untied, warmly cooperate with men

Qin Yinjian can't stand by any longer. He rushes to the bed in two steps. He pulls up the man on the bed and throws him out with force. The man falls heavily on the ground, breaking his bones. He shouts in horror, "who are you? What do you want to do? "

"You want to die!" Qin Yinjian took up the quilt and covered Lu Xi with one hand. At the same time, he roared, "antanjie, take this man away and don't let him appear in front of me again."

Hearing Qin Yinjian's order, antinger had the courage to enter the room. After entering the room, he left without saying anything to the man on the ground.

The strange man didn't know who was the one who broke into the room suddenly, but he was already shivering with timidity just by looking at his temperament and the terrible breath: "who are you? Why did you break into our room? "

"Say another word, be careful that I cut your tongue." Antinger dragged the man out of the house. When he left, he wisely closed the door.

Qin Yin looked at Lu Xi writhing on the bed angrily, but Lu Xi didn't know it. She kept holding her hands and murmuring, "please, hurry up..."

Qin Yin leaned down and squeezed Lu Xi's chin. "Lu Xi, do you know what you are doing?"

Lucius didn't notice his anger. "Come on, come on..."

Qin Yin said angrily, "OK, I'll meet you!"


At that time, he was filled with rage and lost his mind. He thought that she was willing to be nice to the man and that she betrayed him. If he had only been sober and attentive at that time, he would have found that Lu Xi was not normal that day.

But no!

He didn't!

Anger blinded his eyes, making him not only fail to protect her, but also hurt her deeply.

That day, after hurting her, one of the more outrageous things he did was to leave her alone.

After he calmed down, he received the breaking up message from her again.

So he decided that she had betrayed him and that she had no face to see him again, so he broke up.

But he, unexpectedly several years time does not turn a blind eye to her. It was not until a year ago that he could no longer control his yearning for her that she was found.

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