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Grandpa Qin said with a smile: "let me tell you, the company is not the best work of your young couple The little guy sitting between you two is the best work of both of you. "

Almost all the names of the family were ordered, and finally xiaolele was ordered. He then said, "Grandpa, Lele is the most proud work of mom and dad."

Grandpa Qin asked with a smile, "xiaolele, I heard that you have a better relationship with your uncle recently?"

Xiaolele glanced at Qin Yinjian quietly, and then looked at Grandpa Qin. He said, "Grandpa, Lele's relationship with Uncle hasn't improved at all. Because my uncle still has a straight face and doesn't like to talk to Lele. "

Grandpa Qin said with a smile, "then you play with Grandpa, grandpa loves you."

Xiaolele nodded hard: "OK."

When the whole family was finished, Grandpa Qin looked at Qin Yingu, who was sitting at the end of the table, and saw his cold face. He was not on the table at all: "Xiaogu......"

Coincidentally, when Grandpa Qin asked for Qin Yinjian, the mobile phone Qin Yinjian had with him suddenly rang loudly. He picked up his mobile phone and looked at it and immediately got up: "Grandpa, you eat first, I'll take a call."

Grandpa Qin: "son, what's so urgent?"

Qin Yinjian: "Grandpa, you have to eat first. Don't wait for me."

Qin Yue hates this kind of behavior that his family takes his cell phone to pick up the phone when they eat. His face suddenly sinks and he is about to say something. Jane grabs his hand in time and then brings him a dish: "Qin Yue, this dish is specially made for you. Try it."

Qin Yue's inner fire was suppressed by the simple gentle and considerate hard life. He looked at her and his face slightly improved.

Jianran smiled: "praise me for being delicious. I will try harder next time."

Qin Yue said two words calmly: "delicious."

Jianran smiled and said in her heart that in recent years, she did not follow him in everything, but Qin Yue followed her in everything. Whenever they met with different opinions, as long as there was no problem related to principle, Qin Yue finally compromised.

It's really hard for a man like him to make such a change for her, but he did it.


Qin Yin walked out of the restaurant and immediately answered the phone: "what's the matter?"

The voice of an Tingjie came from the phone: "President Qin, the United States has sent the information you want to your mailbox."

Qin Yin turned and went to the study upstairs.

He always felt that if he liked a woman, he had to respect her and could not check her privacy. Many times, he wanted to check Lucy and know what she had gone through in these years, but finally he let his strong self-control be controlled.

This time, if it wasn't for the appearance of land and land, he wouldn't have looked it up.

Because of Lu Lu, he went to check. In the last twenty days he disappeared, he went to the United States to check the events of that year. But at that time, he didn't find out the specific results, so he learned that Lu Xi's family had come to Jiangbei from the United States. In order not to let Lu Xi be disturbed by them, he chased back.

After waiting for another two days, it finally came out.

Qin Yin opens the mailbox and looks at the new email. As long as he clicks the mouse, he can open the email. He can know everything happened to Lu Xi in these years. But at the critical moment, he hesitates again. He is afraid that the result is not the result he wants.

After several struggles, Qin Yinjian still opened the email he wanted to know but was afraid to know.


Four years ago, Lu Xi was about to graduate, but Qin Yinjian had to go back to Jiang to deal with some things, so on the day of her graduation party, he did not accompany her.

Although he didn't accompany her, he was "with her" all the way.

In order to prove that their love for each other can stand any test, the two of them installed location chips in their mobile phones. As long as they want to know each other's location, they can know each other's specific location by turning on the location system in their mobile phones.

That day, Qin Yingu just finished his work and received a phone call from Lu Xi. Lu Xi's soft voice came to his ear: "Qin Yingu, I'm going to the graduation party tonight."

Qin Yin knows that her graduation party is tonight: "HMM."

Lu Xi said, "I've dressed myself beautifully. Aren't you afraid that others will take me away?"

Qin Yin said with a smile, "you are my woman. No one dares to rob you." Lucy said, "who do you think you are? Shengtian is a small employee. No one dares to rob your woman. People who don't know that you are the prince of Shengtian. I'll tell you, don't think your surname Qin can be related to the Qin family of Shengtian

Qin Yinjian's performance in the school was very low-key, and Lu Xi never asked about his identity, so the two people who had a bad relationship for two or three years, but she didn't know what the background of his family was.

Qin Yinjian said seriously, "I am the prince of Shengtian."

The voice of Lu Xi came from the phone again: "then I am the princess of Sheng Tian."

"If you like, you can be Sheng Tian's princess at any time." Just listening to her intonation, Qin Yin can think of how lovely her expression is. When he thought of her lovely expression, his lips would rise slightly involuntarily. "No, I would rather be your wife than the Crown Princess of Shengtian. Who let me take a look at you?" Saying that, Lu Xi's tone brought some depression, "Qin Yinjian, what's the use of dressing up so beautiful when you're not here? I just want to dress up to show you

Qin Yinyu: "I'll go to New York another day. Show me your clothes."

Lucy: by the way, when are you coming to New York? These days you are not by my side, I dream of you every night She is such a direct girl. If she likes him, she will tell him directly that she is not quite like a girl, but Qin Yinjian likes her directly. He's finished his work and is ready for the flight to New York. He'll be able to leave in two hours, but he wants to give her a surprise: "I have some work to do at hand, and I'll go to accompany you when I'm finished."

"How long will you be busy?" Lu Xi's voice sounded very disappointed. "Qin Yin, why not? When I finish my graduation party, I will buy a ticket to fly to Jiangbei to accompany you tomorrow. I want to be with you and see you every day. " "Good." Qin Yin raised his hand and looked at the time. Now he must go to the airport, or he may miss the latest flight. He was eager to see her surprise expression when he suddenly appeared in front of her. "Lucy, I'm busy with my work. I'll wait for you to fly to Jiangbei tomorrow to see me."

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