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"He's your brother!" After saying that to Qin Xiaobao, Jianran looks at Qin leran again, "he's your father. You two ungrateful guys don't know how to love him. "

Qin Xiaobao and Qin leran said in a different voice again: "it's not that we don't love him, everyone knows he's waiting for you."

Jane ran: "..."

It's like that.

After so many years of husband and wife, there are some small frictions in life, but they are all small problems. Two people give way to each other, and everything can become the past. These reasons, naturally, are clear. She can't really be angry with Qin Yue.

Jian ran made Qin Yue a cup of tea and sent it to her study. Seeing her coming, Qin Yue put down his book, looked up at her and said, "I've told you so many times that you don't always worry about your family. Why don't you listen?"

It turned out that Qin Yue didn't really want to be angry with Jianran, but saw that Jianran had to take care of all the big and small things in her family. He was tired of hurting her.

Jianran put the tea cup where Qin Yue could reach it, and arranged his desk a little: "my mother has been dead for many years, and my father's body looks strong, but we all know that his body is getting worse every day."

She sighed and said softly: "now you are the big parent of this family. As your wife, who else can worry about these things at home if I don't worry about them? Do I have to wait for you to marry a junior to do these things instead of me? "

Qin Yue's face sank: "Jane ran!"

"What are you worried about?" she said with a smile. "I'm just kidding you. You're in such a hurry. People who don't know think you're guilty. "

Qin Yue: "you can't joke about this kind of thing." "Well, I'm not kidding. I'll tell you the truth." Jian ran knows that Qin Yue is a man with a very rigid mind, and he can't joke about things related to this. "Qin Yue, I know you can't bear my hard work and don't want me to worry about things at home. Actually, I don't feel hard when I do these things. I like this family, like everyone in the family, I like to take care of everyone properly, like the busy day when everyone comes home to get together every weekend. "

Jianran took Qin Yue's hand and raised it to his face and rubbed: "because they are all our relatives, our two common relatives, I love you, so I love each of them. Qin Yue, can you understand my idea, right? "

Jian Ran's words made Qin Yue's heart soft. Qin Yue put her hand in his palm: "Jian ran, you say you are stupid."

Jianran smiled: "because you are by my side, you can block any wind and rain for me, and I will stay in the warm and loving world you built for me. I don't have to fight with anyone. What does it matter if you say I'm stupid?"

Qin Yue rubbed her head: "you deserve the best in the world."

"Qin Yue, you are the greatest wealth I have gained in my life. With you, I have the world. " Jane smiled softly at him. "Let's go, everyone is downstairs waiting for us to eat. Let's go downstairs for dinner. "

Qin Yue nodded and looked at her softly.

She said that he is the greatest wealth she has gained in her life, and she is not the greatest wealth he has gained in his life. Thank her for appearing in his life in time. Thank her for accompanying him through so many years. Thank her for bringing him the warmest love in the world.

Occasionally, the two of them will quarrel because of some small conflicts, but they are different from others. They care about each other more often, and they want to protect each other under their wings, so that each other will never be hit by wind and rain.



Today, the whole family gathered together. Except at the end of the war, all the family arrived. It's still the old rule. On the day when the family get together, Grandpa Qin first moves in and then sits in the order of his elders and children. The family is not at the end of the war. Qin Yingu's position is the second from the bottom, just in front of xiaolele, but xiaolele's rules are useless for him because he is young, so the last person who sits in the table will naturally become Qin Yingu.

After we sat down, Grandpa Qin looked at us, and his eyes first fell on Zhan Nianbei: "Nianbei, is Xiaoli still in the army?"

Zhan Nianbei said, "yes. That kid has a strong adaptability. He's very good over there now. He's not happy to let him out. "

When it comes to the end of the war, Qin Xiaobao is full of discontent: "it seems that the punishment for that kid is not enough. I will find a way to treat him well some other day to let him know who he can't provoke in this family."

Grandpa Qin frowned and said, "Xiaobao, your son has grown up. Why are you still young? You can't just ignore everything because Zhan Nianbei is used to you. I've told you so many times. You can't do that. "

Qin Xiaobao retorted: "Dad, Zhan Nianbei is willing to get used to me. I have the capital of Hu Lai. How can I not do this?"

Qin Yue: "cough --"

Qin Yue just gave a light cough, but Qin Xiaobao knew that he was warning him, and he shrunk his head and closed his mouth. In this family, she is not afraid of anyone, that is, she is afraid of Qinyue, which is her only nemesis. No matter how old her son is, this fact still cannot be changed.

The war family's affairs have been discussed. The old man just looked at the three members of his granddaughter's family. The three members of his granddaughter's family can save him a lot of worry. He said with a smile, "son in law, how is your company doing recently?"

Strong eyes have been on Qin leran, until grandpa Qin called him, his eyes left Qin leran: "Grandpa, the operation of the company has been very good, recently we are preparing to go public, a little busy."

In those years, lie abandoned all he had and came to Jiangbei to be with Qin leran. For Qin leran, he abandoned many of his wealth. Also for Qin leran, he built a business Kingdom belonging to their husband and wife.

Although his company is not as good as Shengtian group, it has gradually grown in scale. In recent years, its development is getting better and better, and its prospect is immeasurable.

"Grandpa Qin said with satisfaction," well, you are very good. Grandpa looks after you. You need to keep going. "

Lie said: "in fact, our company can have the current development, but the credit is the first. She's been helping me all these years Grandpa praised him, and he did not forget to praise his wife for fear that others would not know that he had a considerate and capable wife.

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