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Qin Xiaobao said: "it's all about the boy at the end of the war. Really, I regret that I gave birth to him. If I hadn't insisted on giving birth to him, I wouldn't have the same troubles today. I wonder if it's because I'm usually so arrogant and arrogant that God sent such a stinking boy to punish me. "

"What's the matter, Xiao Bao?" Jane worried

"You remember Lucy." Qin Xiaobao plans to keep this thing in his heart all the time, but it's really hard to keep a secret. If she doesn't tell it, she's not comfortable, eating anything, sleeping well. In less than a month, she finds out that she's several years old.

Hearing Qin Xiaobao mention Lu Xi, Jane reluctantly said: "because I don't let you go to Lu Xi, so you are not comfortable these days?"

Qin Xiaobao was in a hurry: "sister in law, what is it with? The point I'm talking about is the stinky kid in our family, not Lucy. "

Jane ran: "but you just mentioned Lucy to me." Qin Xiaobao said: "the point I want to say is that our family war left the end that kid also likes Lu Xi. Lu Xi is a girl Xiaoxiao likes. How can this stinky boy like Zhan Li at the end of the war? But he not only liked it, but also told me that Lu Xi would never marry him in his life. it ticks me off! That little bastard is going to piss me off! "

"Who told you this?" she asked

Qin Xiaobao said angrily, "the boy at the end of the war told me personally."

When I heard it was said by Zhan limo, I didn't worry at all: "I said Xiao Bao, you are his mother. What kind of personality is your son? Don't you know?"

Qin Xiaobao said: "sister-in-law, I just know the character of that stinky boy so well. I'm so worried. Don't look at that kid. He's usually not serious, but when he's obsessed with one thing, even ten trains can't pull him back. "

"Then did you think that he was lying to you?" she added

"How could..." Before saying that, Qin Xiaobao seemed to see hope again. "Sister in law, why do you think so? Don't say that the kid at the end of the war sent him to the army for revenge. It's possible to make up a lie and cheat me. "

"Although Xiaojian and Xiaoli grew up together, their personalities were quite different, and they were never interested in the same thing from childhood," explains Jianran patiently. I think the girl they like is definitely different, and definitely not the same person. " "That kid really ate the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard. He dared to cheat my mother like this. That day, the old lady will make him eat more than he can chew. " After listening to Jianran's words, Qin Xiaobao suddenly revived with blood, "sister-in-law, it's better to read a book for ten years. How can I not think of such a simple question? I have been worried about it for nearly a month. "

Jian ran poked Qin Xiaobao's forehead with a smile. She said to Qin Xiaobao in a childish voice, "you are not very long after so many years."

"Who let our old man like me? So I don't need to grow up." When he was in a good mood, Qin Xiaobao's appetite also opened. "Sister in law, everyone is at home today. What delicious food did you prepare for everyone at noon?"

"Everyone is here, of course, everyone likes to eat a lot of food," she said with a smile

Qin Xiaobao hugged Jianran: "sister in law, it's a good thing that you are in this family. Otherwise, after mother's death, the family will certainly be different from home. "

Jane said, "if another person is your sister-in-law, she can also take good care of the family."

Qin Xiaobao said, "that's impossible. Because my brother only likes you. No one can be my sister-in-law except you. "

"Who knows?" she said

Qin Yue that man's temper is really getting bigger and bigger recently, because the child's affairs dare to be angry with her and ignore her, there have been several times such situations. Jane vowed that if Qin Yue was angry again next time, she would never reconcile.

"Grandma, aunt, what are you two whispering? Can you listen to Lele? " Xiaolele pokes out half of his head from the door. It's a cute and cute expression that you are talking about.

Jane walked two steps and held him in her arms: "we are talking about the secrets between adults. Children can't listen."

Lele Dudu said: "can't Lele listen?"

Jane kissed him: "yes, our music is different, of course we can listen."

Hearing grandma's words, Lele was happy: "grandma, then you tell Lele, what are you whispering?"

"We are talking about the music growing taller and more lovely," she said

Lele: "I know I'm cute. You at home tell me, kindergarten teachers and children tell me

Jane smiled softly and said, "Wow, the kindergarten teachers and children all know that we are so lovely.". No, we must be better to Lele in the future, lest Lele be turned away by the teacher and children. "

Lele said softly, "grandma, what I love most is you. No one can turn away mine."

"It's the most considerate baby in our family." Jane was very happy with what xiaolele said. Fortunately, there is such a lovely little guy in her family. Otherwise, she would be angry several years old if she faced two indifferent faces every day.

Qin Xiaobao also boasted: "well, Lele is our little cotton padded jacket."

Qin lelan also came: "you don't have to brag about him any more. If you brag about this kid, he will not know the whole world."

Lele said, "Mom, I know you."

In a word, the child made three people laugh again. After laughing, Qin lelan said seriously: "Mom, you'd better go to see Dad. I think if you don't talk to him, he'll never come down to lunch with you. "

"If he doesn't eat, he won't eat. Anyway, it's him, not me, who is hungry."

"But you are the one who loves you," Qin said

Jane ran: "who would love a wooden pimple?"

Qin leran took Lele over: "Mom, don't talk hard. Go and persuade dad. If he really doesn't eat, you don't know how much he's upset. "

"Look at you two," she envied. "Every time you get angry, it must be your man who tries his best to make you happy. If you look at me again, I will not compromise this time, no matter what. " Qin Xiaobao and Qin leran said at the same time: "well, then don't compromise, let him starve. Anyway, he can't die without a meal."

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