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And it came to pass at the time of rehi's separation, that the crowd of the people that were watching had dispersed.

Qin Yinjian came to her side and gently hugged her thin body into her arms: "Lu Xi, let's get married."

Let him be her backer, let those ghosts and snakes stay away from her, let him protect her from being bullied by anyone.

This time, Qin Yinjian said it directly and sincerely.

It's also a few simple words that stab the weakest nerve in the heart of Lucy. She bit her lips and tried to control the impulse of tears: "Qin Yinjian, do you know what you are talking about? Do you know how destructive it is for a woman to say such a thing? Do you know how many women in the world want to marry you? Do you know... " I'd like to promise you.

In the last few words, Lu Xi didn't dare to say, but she would still be afraid, afraid that her past would be known by Qin Yinjian, afraid that the things she was most afraid of would be naked in front of Qin Yinjian, afraid that he would look down on her.

Qin Yin replied lightly, "but you are the only one I want to marry all the time. It's you - Lu Xi!"

These days, Qin Yinjian didn't come to see Lu Xi. He gave each other time to think about whether he could do it or not. It turned out that he couldn't. as long as he didn't see the news of her for a day, he would feel uneasy and become no longer himself.

Only knowing that she is good can he work well

In this life, he has no way to leave her. So he made a decision, no matter who the child was, he recognized that Lu Lu would be his son. Lu Xi shook his head desperately in his arms: "Qin Yinjian, don't be silly, you don't know, you don't know anything Can't you be so nice to me? I don't want you to be so nice to me! Qin Yinjian, go away, don't come to see me again, don't help me again, just as we have never recognized

before, OK? "

Qin Yin pinched Lu Xi's shoulder and asked her to look at herself. She said earnestly and firmly, "I've already thought about the name of the child. It's Qin Lu. Take the last names of you and me, the children of you and me. That's how it's settled. "

His words froze Lu Xi's body for a moment, and she couldn't say a word more. She could only stare at him with wide eyes and fixed eyes. She looked at him like a stranger she met for the first time. For a long time, she found her voice: "Qin Yingu, you are crazy!"

He must be crazy!

Otherwise, no man would be so stupid.

Qin Yin smiled bitterly: "yes, I am crazy. I've been crazy since I first saw you a few years ago. At that time, I was thinking, how can there be such a girl in the world, beautiful as a goblin can hook people's soul. " Because at the first sight of this girl, Qin Yinjian's heart had no small ripples, so later when she found him, he would treat her with a more indifferent attitude than others. At the end of the day, it's not that he doesn't want to ignore her, but that the budding man doesn't know how to get along with the girl he likes.

Lu Xi slowly raised her head and gave him firm and deep eyes. She could believe that every word he said to her was from the bottom of her heart The original reason was never on him. It was always her problem.

It's her fear, it's her escape

So the answer she gave him is still: "Qin Yin, give me some more time to think about it."

She didn't even have the courage to get through Zeng's phone, let alone face Qin Yinjian.

Qin Yin's eyes full of hope suddenly dimmed a lot: "OK I'll give you more time. You can think about it. "

Lu Xi's heart: "I'm sorry..."

Qin Yinjian said, "I will deal with your stepmother's affairs. Don't worry about her coming back to the hospital to disturb your mother and son."

Lucy nodded, "well."

She didn't continue to talk, and Qin didn't know what else to say. They looked at each other awkwardly for a while, and he left first to find a reason to go back to work.

As soon as Qin Yinjian left, Lu Xi went back to the room and watched Lu Lu Lu sleeping. Lu Lu Lu's condition was relatively stable, but no matter how stable he was, he was also a sick child. His appearance was not as good as that of a healthy child. Lu Xi caressed his face painfully: "son, what do you say Mommy should do?"

Lu Lu didn't answer Lu Xi, but Lu Xi's heart gradually got the answer.

Some things will haunt you like nightmares the more you avoid them. It's better to face them bravely. Maybe it's not as terrible as you think. Just like these years, she can face lawyer Yang calmly.

After thinking about it, Lu Xi called Zeng, a psychiatrist, and said, "Congratulations, Lu Xi, I tested you in the first step. You have finished much better than I expected."

Lu Xi was confused. "Once, what test?"

Zeng once said: "I predict that you will have to wait half a year to call me as soon as possible. I didn't expect you to call me so soon. Lucy, you're great. You've defeated yourself in the first step. I'm proud of you. " In the last chat with Lu Xi, Lu Xi had not touched anything inside her, so she had pricked her whole body. It would take at least half a year for people with this situation to open their hearts and open up their chat. Lu Xi called so fast, and she was really impressed.

In front of Zeng Zeng, Lu Xi always had a feeling of being seen through. She hurriedly explained: "Zeng Zeng, it's Lu Lu, not me, who needs to see a psychologist."

Once said: "I know it's land and land. I'll be right back to you. " In his opinion, Lu Xi's psychological problems are much bigger than Lu Lu Lu's. as long as Lu Xi's psychological problems are solved, Lu Lu Lu's psychological problems are not a problem at all. After all, land and land still need a warm and loving family. As long as they grow up in a warm environment, their children's psychology will be healthy.

…… Because she made up her mind to tell Zeng Zeng everything that happened in the past, during the period of waiting for Zeng to come, Lu Xi felt as hard as sitting on a needle felt. She wanted to know what happened in the past and whether she would look at her with colored glasses because of it

Because of thinking too much, Lu Xi's hands were sweating so hard that she never heard her knock on the door until she stood in front of her and greeted her tenderly: "Lu Xi, what are you thinking so deeply?" "I... No, nothing to think about. " Lucy tried to make herself smile calmly. "Once, you are here so soon?"

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