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Twenty days, twenty days have passed. Qin Yinyi no longer appeared in front of Lu Xi, and LeLe also didn't come to the hospital to accompany Lu Lu Lu because of Lu Xi's insistence that day. Even the online disturbance about Sheng Tian's new president's fiancee Lu Xi's fiancee's first childbearing has gradually faded away, and the attention of the lively netizens has been attracted by the new things

, and no one pays attention to Lu Xi any more.

Lucie's life was as peaceful as it used to be, as it had never been before

In the early days, Lu Xi's heart would have expectations that Qin Yingu would occasionally visit their mother and son in the hospital, but as the days passed, this expectation had been carefully hidden in Lu Xi's heart, never to be remembered. Before that happened, she was ready for Qin Yinjian to stay away from her at any time, but she never thought that when he was really away from himself because of this incident, he would still feel sad After all, that's the man she once really loved, the man she wanted to have a lifetime with.

It's just that it's all over

Lu Lu has just finished infusion, and the nurse's little sister is taking the needle from the back of his hand: "little Lu, when my sister pins you, you never cry. You are the bravest kid I have ever seen. You tell my sister, why are you so good? "

Praised by her beautiful sister, Lu Lu sheepishly pours into Lu Xi's arms. Her tender voice cries out, "Mommy..."

Lu Xi held the little guy's little body, rubbed his little head, smiled and encouraged him: "son, my sister praises you. If you want to say anything, you can say it boldly. Don't be shy."

For many reasons, Lu Lu Lu is sensitive and introverted, not very good at communicating with strangers. He is always on guard against strangers. In his opinion, anyone who appears near his mother and son may steal his mother. Therefore, he has few words with the nurse who takes care of him.

Lu Lu looks at Lu Xi, looks at her sister nurse again after Lu Xi encourages her eyes, and answers her question very seriously: "because Lu Lu is a boy, boys can't easily shed tears, Lu Lu doesn't want mommy to worry about it."

"Lu Lu is so young that she will think about her mother. It's wonderful," said the nurse

Lu Lu is silent again. Lu Xi patiently guides him: "Lu Lu, has Mommy told you that children should be polite?"

Lu Lu nods.

Lu Xi asked again, "that young lady praised you, what should you do?"

Lu Lu is not very good at communicating with strangers, but in order not to make Mommy sad, he still said, "thank you sister."

"Lu Lu, don't be polite to my sister, because you are really a great kid." The little sister of the nurse said as she collected the infusion bag, "Miss Lu Xi, today Lu Lu Lu's liquid infusion is finished. Let him have a rest early in the evening. Please call us if you have anything in time."

"Good." Lu Xi takes the nurse's little sister out of the house. He also wants to ask about Lu Lu's condition. Unexpectedly, a woman suddenly rushes over, hugs Lu Xi and wails, "my child, mom has been looking for you for so long, and finally found you."

"You let go!" Lu Xi wants to push away the fat woman holding her, but because her partner is much bigger than her, she tries her best not to push her away, which makes her angry. "Cui Xianzhen, I want you to let go, are you deaf?"

This woman is Cui Xianzhen, Lu Xi's disgusted stepmother.

I think Cui Xianzhen was a pretty girl with good figure and good appearance when he was a junior to seduce Lu Xi's father. Later, he succeeded in becoming the hostess of Lu family. His vicious heart gradually revealed. Year by year, he became ugly, just in accordance with the saying of the ancients. Cui Xianzhen hugged Lu Xi and cried and scolded: "my mother knows that she shouldn't stop you from being with the man you love, but look at him, he will go with you when he gets into bed, and let you have a baby before you marry Let's not talk about all this. The important thing is that you have to work hard to lengthen your child. He still doesn't care. Child, mother is not to let you find a man, but hope you can find a man who treats you sincerely. Do you understand? "

This old woman who is a liar Lu Xi was so angry that he raised his foot and stepped on Cui Xianzhen's instep: "Cui Xianzhen, take away your dirty hands and don't touch me. And don't act here. What's the use of a good performance? "

"I play, naturally for the people I want to see." Cui Xianzhen's sandals were almost naked on the back of her foot. It hurt when Lu Xi stepped on them so hard. She let Lu Xi go of her pain, but she still remembered to lower her head and whisper something in Lu Xi's ear.

Cui Xianzhen said this to Lu Xi alone. Later, she acted for others: "daughter, why are you still so stubborn? It's also a mother. You should be able to understand how a mother worries about her children. "

"Bah..." Lu Xi hates to spit at Cui Xianzhen. She points out the door and roars, "get out! Get out of here now, and don't show up in front of me again to disgust me. "

How can there be such a shameless woman in the world? She has done so many crazy things in recent years. Now she even shouts for her daughter. People who don't know really think that she is her own mother and her daughter is unfilial.

As expected, all the passers-by stopped and began to point out to them.

Some people said, "look at you. It's really going down in the world."

Some people said: "my mother cares about her, but she treats her like this. How can such a person still have the face to live in the world and simply die?"

The ugly discussion can't be heard. Lu Xi saw the pride in Cui Xianzhen's eyes. When Cui Xianzhen came here, she wanted to see such an effect. In the past, Cui Xianzhen forced Lu Xi's mother away in the same way.

Before mother lost, now how can Lu Xi make Cui Xianzhen happy again.

Lu Xi turned his head and glared at the passers-by: "what do you know? You tell me, what do you know? "

Passerby: "..."

Lu Xi said with a sneer, "just now, we didn't have a heated discussion. Now I want you to say why don't you say it?"

The passer-by backed away and said, "I'm sorry." Lu Xi added, "you don't know anything. Just from the scene you just saw, you stand at the highest point of morality and blame others. Who gave you this power?"? Do you know how many people in the world have died one day because of the accusations of self righteous people like you who don't know the truth? "

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