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For the next few days, Qin did not appear in the hospital.

Qin Yinjian didn't appear, but the hospital didn't neglect Lu Lu's care, especially xiaolele was sent to the hospital on time every day to accompany Lu Lu.

Lele is a little guy who doesn't cry or make noise. He is also patient to chat with Lu Lu. Lu Xi is moved, but he can't always let a child run to the hospital. During lunch time, Lu Xi talks to Lele: "Lele, you don't have to come to the hospital to accompany Lu Lu Lu tomorrow."

Lele is drinking his favorite porridge. Suddenly he hears that Lucy has asked him not to use it in the hospital tomorrow. The little guy frowns and says softly, "sister, what did Lele do to make you unhappy?"

Lu Xi took a paper towel to wipe the porridge off his mouth: "Lele is so cute and sensible, how can she make her sister unhappy?". This is the hospital. Lele runs to the hospital every day. In case of infection with virus and bacteria, it will hurt if you get sick. Your mom and dad will be worried. "

"But I like to play with my sister and Lu Lu's brother," Lele said

In fact, Lele is willing to run to the hospital every day, not only because she likes Lu Xi and Lu Lu Lu, but also because she is entrusted with the responsibility of her grandmother and mother. They let him take good care of their future aunt on their behalf.

Although Lele didn't quite understand what grandma and his mother said about the future aunt, he happily agreed. Who made him the seventh man in the family. As a man in the family, it is natural to take care of the ladies in the family.

Lu Xi said with a smile, "we also like Lele, so we don't want Lele to get sick. Lele will play what he should play tomorrow, OK?"

Lele reached out his little hand to touch his little head and put out a very serious thinking state. After thinking, he shook his head again: "no! I must accompany Lu Lu Lu's younger brother to cure his illness. When he gets better soon, we can play together. "

Lu Xi: "..."

Why is the child so stubborn at such a young age?

Are all the men of their Qin family like this?

Since she couldn't persuade Yuele, Lu Xi didn't, but she couldn't guess what Qin Yinjian was thinking.

These days, he didn't show up again, obviously just don't want to see her. If you don't want to see her again, you can cut off all contact with her, but he just let people send Lele here.

It's really a man's mind, don't guess, guess to guess also don't understand.


After lunch, Lu Xi received a call from lawyer Yang: "Lu Xi, I have two messages to tell you. Which one do you want to hear first, good news or bad news? "

"Listen to the good news," Lu said

The bad news is so bad that Lucy doesn't want to hear it. If you have to listen, please listen later to let the good mood last longer.

"The good news is that the lewd man who pretended to be Lu Lu Lu's father has been convicted, and the sentence is not light," Yang said

These days, Lu Xi is busy taking care of Lu Lu Lu. Lu Xi has forgotten that. Now lawyer Yang mentions it, and Lu Xi has just contacted something: "lawyer Yang, since that man is not Lu Lu Lu's father, why did he know what happened to me?" Lawyer Yang said, "this is the bad news I want to tell you today. The reason that the man knows your past is that he came to you at the direction of your stepmother. Of course, the court didn't believe his words, thinking that he was arguing for himself or that he had been convicted. But because I know about your stepmother, I believe what he said. It should have something to do with your stepmother. "

Lu Xi bit his teeth: "it's Cui Xianzhen again! If that old woman doesn't force me to death, it seems that she won't give up. "

Lawyer Yang said: "Lu Xi, we all know that she is like that. Don't be angry because of her. In any case, as long as we find the man of the year, as long as we let the man admit that she ordered that thing, then we can let the law punish her. "

Lu Xi bit her lip: "lawyer Yang..."

Lawyer Yang: "if you have something, just say it."

Lu Xi took a deep breath of cool air and said: "recently, I was discussed on the Internet about my unmarried first child I'm afraid... "

She was afraid that the events of that year would be mentioned, that the bloody truth would be trampled on the Internet, and that Lu Lu would be hurt again because of her stubbornness She's afraid of too many things, but she can't tell people. There's only one person in her heart.

Lawyer Yang said: "Lu Xi, don't worry too much about this. Now the people who knew that were not only you and me, but also your stepmother. She also wants to get some benefits from you, but she hasn't made it known to all. "

Lucy nodded.

Lawyer Yang didn't know that she had already torn her face with Cui Xianzhen. Once she didn't get any benefits from her, Cui Xianzhen's vicious woman could do anything. However, she was no longer that Lucy, but still hurt by that vicious woman.


Shengtian headquarters.

An Tingjie is reporting to Qin Yinjian: "President Qin, the man who robbed Lu Xi that day has been sentenced."

Qin Yin nodded, "well."

Antinger added: "the reason why that person's confession had trouble finding Lu Xi was that he was instructed by Lu Xi's stepmother. He didn't rob Lu Xi, but came to replace him as Lu Lu's father. "

Qin Yin raised his eyebrows and said, "to replace Lu Lu's father in a false name?"

Lu Xi said that Lu Lu Lu's father was dead.

If it is really dead, why would someone come to replace Lu Lu's father?

What's more, Lu Xi doesn't know who Lu Lu Lu's father is, how could someone be so stupid as to be replaced by an impostor.


Does Lu Xi really have no idea who Lu Lu's father is, so he lied that the man was dead?

Because thinking of this, Qin Yin thought of the time a few years ago Is it...

No Impossible.

If it was that time, Lu Lu would be three years old and seven months old.

However, that day Lu Xi told Lele that Lu Lu was three years old and five months old, with a time difference of two months.

Qin Yinjian's heart, which was boiling at the thought of a certain possibility, cooled down gradually because of the fact: "send someone to keep an eye on Lu Xi's stepmother."

Antinger: "I'll inform my colleagues in the United States immediately about the arrangements."

Qin Yin waved and signaled that antinger could go.

As soon as he left, Qin Yin turned his head and looked out of the window. What he saw was the prosperous Jiangbei City, but what he thought was something about Lu Xi. Her smile, her anger, her everything

If her child Lu Lu is three years old and seven months old. Why does he have to be two months younger?

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