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Ukeh and Amara sat in the bush and chatted late into the night. Ukeh told her the stories of his journey to the white mans land. How his sister was captured and how he lost his mom and how his best friend whom he loved and called brother had betrayed him and sold him out as a slave to the white man in exchange for a mirror. Ukeh told her how he had embraces his journey as a slave with determination to finding his sister. He also told her about how he met Kunti her grandfather and how he finally died .

Amara listened and wept and finally cleaned her eyes.

“Do you know what will happen to us if Mr Tom finds out that you know about my past?” She asked

Ukeh nodded in the negative way.

“He will either sell me or you. He will sell you away and I am afraid that, it would be the very last time we see each other”

“Then you have to make sure not to allow anyone hear or see us taking. Infact, this place, under this tree will be our safe place. Every 12midnight I will be here to think about home. If you must talk to me then you can always come here, where we can meet and talk. But during the day we will just ignore each other. Do you understand?

She nodded and agreed.

“But why don’t we just escape already” she asks

“I still have to find my sister Nti. When I have found her, then we can go.”

“If you find her, how do we even escape? How do we leave this place? We are surrounded by a terrible sea. We can’t swim to Africa”

“Do not worry about that. Just trust me. Okay?”

Okay! But what if something happens to any of us. I am afraid and I can’t explain why?

“Don’t be afraid okay? The Bible says they that put thier trust in the Lord should not be afraid for He will fight their battles for them”

Amara smiled and then asked.

“I wonder how you came to accept the God of the white man, yet you are not in line with the white man. How is that?

Well, I watched Mrs Tom die, believing in God, I have also sent that little Tom is kind, and all those who worship God are kind, I have also read of the powerful things He has done from the Bible. And most expecially I have seen His hand upon my life. I have this inner joy and peace since I began serving him. A kind of peace that I cannot explain. I can hear him talking to me in a still small voice assuring me not to worry that soon everything will be alright. For this reason I am embolden and I have no fear whatsoever because I know that whatever happens tomorrow it is God’s plan and purpose for me and it’s a way of leading me to my promise Land.

Uhmmm, I love your courage. You talk like a warrior. And you sound sure of everything, like you have everything under control, like you know what’s going to happen tomorrow. She said

Listen Amara, the path of the righteous is like a shinning light that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day. I may not know tomorrow but I know God is directing me through a shining path unto my perfect ending. I want you to accept Jesus, only when you have done that will you understand what am saying better.

How can I just forget the gods of my land, the god of my people and of Kunti the brave. And embrace the god of the white man who have shown me nothing but hatred and suffering. I don’t think I can do that.

“He is not the God of the white man. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The creator of the heaven and Earth. Your father, my father, Tom’s father, the giver of life and the only one who can take you out of this place alive.

“What about the gods I have known and worshiped all my life? She asked.

“Those are man made gods? Where were they when you were captured and taken away, where was that god when you were totured and abused by your abductors, where was the God when your grandfather was maltreated till death. Where was that god? Amara please Jesus is the only one that can really save us from this place, and I need you to accept him too. Just allow him to come dwell in you and I promise you, I promise you, you will forever be grateful that you accepted him. Just give him a try please.

“And what if he fails me too?”

“Jesus never fails, Never!” Whatever he does, whatever happens, Always remember that He does them for your good and at the end of it all you will thank him.

Amara became quiet.

“Amara can I introduce Jesus to you now? Will you give him a try?

Amara nodded. And Ukeh was very happy as he held her hand and prayed the salvation prayer with her.

To be continued.

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