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“Spare you all?” Huang Xiaolong repeatedly coldly.

However, at this moment, Huang Wei was looking at Huang Xiaolong full of burning hatred and said to Huang Ming and Huang Jun, “Dad, Big Brother, no need to beg this d----e, I don’t believe this d----e to dares to do anything to us!”

Hearing this, Huang Ming and Huang Jun’s face changed for the worse.

“Quickly kneel down, and admit

your faults to Xiaolong!” Huang Ming was exasperated and enraged at the same time; in fact, he was so anxious that when he jumped up, his palm already slapped Huang Wei’s face on the right side.

And Huang Ming slapped so hard that it made Huang Wei dizzy and disoriented.

This animal, already in this kind of situation yet he doesn’t know the severity of the moment. Till this point, still, he dares to oppose that ‘d----e’ Huang Xiaolong, isn’t he tired of living?!

A cold light flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he watched Huang Wei.

Huang Qide who has been standing at one side chose to interject at this time. He looked pleadingly at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Xiaolong, Huang Wei is still young and naïve. Grandfather beg you, for your Father’s sake, spare them! Grandfather guarantees, this kind of thing will never happen again in the future!”

Su Yan was standing close by and heard everything but she did not say anything.

Then, all of a sudden, sounds of weak footsteps could be heard coming from the inner courtyard and the heavily injured Huang Peng was exerting every effort for each step was seen coming out with the help of a servant.

Even inside, Huang Peng could hear the blasts from Liu Wei and Marshal Haotian’s battle, and due to his worry about his son, he stubbornly insisted to go out of his room to look at the situation, disregarding his own damaged body.

The first thing he saw coming out was Liu Wei’s body lying on the ground with blood still flowing out from his neck. However, there was no breath left.

Liu Wei, Big Sword Sect Sect Leader, was already dead?!

Huang Peng was greatly shocked, finding it hard to believe.

Liu Wei is a Xiantian realm expert, yet in the end, he was killed. Who was the one who killed him?!

“Peng Ge, why did you come out?!” Seeing Huang Peng, Su Yan asked with worry as she quickly ran to his side and held his arms.

Huang Peng shook his head, insisting “I’m okay.” Then, he came to Huang Xiaolong’s side, watching his Big Brother Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei kneeling in front of Huang Xiaolong. Although he doesn’t know what exactly took place, he could guess more or less what happened.

“Huang Peng, you tell Xiaolong to spare them. Huang Ming and his sons know their mistakes!” Huang Qide quickly said when he saw Huang Peng coming over.

Huang Peng’s head turns towards his son, saying “Xiaolong, why don’t you spare them?”

To Huang Peng, Huang Xiaolong said, “Dad, you ask me to let them go, but two days ago, did they spare you? When Liu Wei injured you, did Grandfather tell Huang Ming to spare you?!” Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger at Huang Qide, at that time, Huang Qide did not speak up for Huang Peng, telling Huang Ming to spare his parents at all!

“Just now, when Liu Wei said he wanted to waste my cultivation, did Grandfather beg Huang Ming or anyone of them to spare me?” Huang Xiaolong continued, his cold eyes staring at Huang Qide.

If not for the coincidence that he brought Marshal Haotian back with him this time, then, the one who died would absolutely be Fei Hou!

And he would be turned into a waste and a cripple!

Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei will think of many means to torture him; like what Liu Wei stated earlier, death is better than living and death would be a luxury.

Listening to the questions coming from Huang Xiaolong, Huang Qide’s head bowed down in shame and no words would come out from his mouth. Huang Ming and Huang Jun also looked down silence.

Huang Peng sighed, and said,

“Xiaolong, even so, forgive them this time.”

“Fine, I won’t kill them.” Since his Dad pleaded for them, he couldn’t bear to let his father be disappointed. His cold gaze fell on the trio of father and sons; Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei. “Call for the Huang Clan’s Elder council and we’ll decide this matter according to Huang Clan Manor’s rules!”

Decide according to Huang Clan Manor’s rules!

Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei were secretly relieved in their hearts. However, their faces also turned a shade paler at the same time.

According to Huang Clan Manor’s rules, colluding with outsiders to injure brothers of the clan would be punished by having their cultivation destroyed and being expelled out of Huang Clan Manor!

Night arrived.

Snow continued to fall.

Huang Xiaolong stood in his small yard staring at the dark night sky, letting the snow to fall on his body.

Earlier in the afternoon, Grandfather Huang Qide called for the Elder’s Council, and as per the rules of Huang Clan Manor dealt with Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei.

But, during the meeting, his Dad once again pleaded for his Eldest Uncle and in the end, only the three’s cultivation were destroyed, but they still remained in Huang Clan Manor.

It was Grandfather Huang Qide who instructed the Chief Steward, Chen Ying to do the act.

The council meeting, Huang Xiaolong did not join, he knew because just moments ago, Su Yan came over and told him the results.

At this point, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou came behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Sovereign, this matter, please don’t blame the Second Manor Lord. After all, that Huang Ming is your Eldest Uncle.” Marshal Haotian comforted.

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “I understand.” Despite Huang Ming treating Huang Peng that way, his father still pleaded for them. Huang Xiaolong did not blame his father in the slightest.

Minutes later, Huang Xiaolong left the small yard with Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou, and the three of them went to Huang Peng’s room.

Both his father and mother were present in the room.

After undergoing the treatment from Huang Xiaolong using the Body Metamorphose Scripture’s internal force, Huang Peng’s injury had healed a lot, and he was no longer confined to the bed.

“Xiaolong!” Huang Peng and Su Yan seeing Huang Xiaolong walk in with Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou, both of them stood up in a haste.

“Greeting Lord Marshal!” Then, Huang Peng and Su Yan nodded in greeting at Marshal Haotian.

By this time, Huang Peng already knew Marshal Haotian’s identity.

“No, no!” Seeing Huang Peng and Su Yan greeted him ceremoniously, Marshal Haotian was a little flustered and he hurried up to hold both Huang Peng and Su Yan. Looking at the two, he smiled bitterly, “In the future, just call me and Fei Hou by name. Both of us are Young Master’s Subordinates, we dare not receive such big greetings from the Second Manor Lord and Madam!”

What Marshal Haotian said was the truth; although he is Luo Tong Kingdom’s only Marshal, above thousands of soldiers and under one King, before Huang Xiaolong, he is but a Subordinate.

Despite Marshal Haotian’s words, Huang Peng and Su Yan still dared not call Marshal Haotian by his name.

This was their Luo Tong Kingdom one and only Marshal Haotian ah!

If this was in the past, they did not even have the qualifications to greet Marshal Haotian.

Moments later, all of them were seated.

Before Huang Peng and Su Yan’s eyes, Huang Xiaolong took out twenty cycad fruits.

“This, this is cycad fruit!” Two pairs of eyes were widened in surprised.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded, “Yes, these twenty cycad fruits were something son found by luck. Dad, Mom, both of you take these cycad fruits and cultivate.”

Both Huang Peng and Su Yan were about to open their mouth to decline, but Huang Xiaolong was a second faster than them.

Shaking his head, Huang Xiaolong said “No need to say anything, I have taken quite a number of cycad fruits. Furthermore, I still have some more of them.”

Therefore, Huang Peng and Su Yan could only keep the cycad fruits.

Just when both of them were elated by the cycad fruits, Huang Xiaolong took out two small bottles and to Huang Peng and Su Yan, he said the following:

“Dad, Mom, this one is a high grade Grade Four Spirit Dan, Xingyao Dan, whereas this one is a high Grade Five Spirit Dan, Qi Sea Dan. Take it.”

High Grade Four Spirit Dan, Xingyao Dan!

High Grade Five Spirit Dan, Qi Sea Dan!

Huang Peng and Su Yan trembled, looking at their son with an inconceivable expression.

“Xiao, Xiaolong, you, you say, inside these two bottles are…?” Huang Peng was tongue-tied, stammering as he tried to try to ask Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “That’s right. Actually, I am a Cosmic Star Academy’s student. This time in the Academy’s competition I won the First Year category and was rewarded with this Xingyao Dan. As for this Qi Sea Dan, it was gifted to me by Principal Sun Zhang and Vice-Principal Xiong Chu.”

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