Men Dey Reason - S01 E139

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Brainbox gave her the nickname “small stout” the

first day he met her not because she loved

drinking small stout, but because she was as short

as a stout bottle.

“Nekede!! Nekede!!” The bus conductor was


I don’t mean he was looking at his shadow on the

floor, what i meant was that he was yelling for

passengers to come board his bus.

If you live in Lagos, you would agree with me that

“shadow” is a popular word you would hear mostly

at motor parks and bus stops.

“Nekede! Nekede!!” the bus conductor yelled.

This time, his shadowing words sounded like

“N’aked! N’aked!!” and not “Nekede! Nekede”

As i was about boarding the bus, something held

my shirt.

I dragged, and dragged, until i heard,

“braaaaaaoooo!”. That was when it dawned on me

that my bling bling shirt had torn.

I thought it was just a minor damage, but when

Gabriella that followed me behind said; “you shirt

had torn, it is big oh”, that was when i knew i was

in for it.

I turned and saw that what Gabriella called Big

was actually “Bigger and Biggest”.

My shirt had suddenly turned a singlet.

My shirt was torn into two equal halves. One was

on me, while the other hung on the door of the

bus like a flag. A Biafran flag maybe.

“Conductor see wetin una door don do me” I cried.

“guy no be only you don enter this motor oh,

people wey don enter before you enter no

complain oh” The bus conductor said.

I wasn’t the only passenger that had entered the

bus like the bus conductor rightly said. But it

seemed the door of the bus saw the shirts of the

others and left them, but magnetised mine like a

nail to a magnet.

“sorry oh!” Gabriella was consoling me over the

lose of half of my bling bling shirt.

“its nothing” I replied. It was actually

“something”. Yes, it was a big thing.

“sorry oh” Small stout said.

“why you dey tell me sorry na? abi person die” I

almost said.

“guy you look like all this Fulani boys wey dey

pursue Cow, naso them dey dress oh, naso their

cloth dey tear” Man laughed at me.

“na you be like Fulani” I almost said.

As we sat in the bus and the bus moved, i

remembered something.

That “something” was that i had no transport

fare, i had spent all the money with me as seed

offering in Church. I planted the seeds because i

was so happy, and i knew the seed would

germinate soon. Or so i tot.

“Brainbox you save me oh, u know say i no get

money for transport, nawa oh, and those girls for

laugh me well well oh” I said to Brainbox as we

alighted from the bus.

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