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From Qin Yingu's office, Lu Xi's heart is full of sweetness, that is, his saying that "the key to care about her safety" is far more pleasant than his sending money to her room, even if she really only needs money now.

At this moment, Lucy doesn't know what kind of storm is waiting for her.

She went to the tea room to make herself a cup of flower tea, ready to refresh herself. However, when she returned to the office, her eyes were all on her, staring at her like a monster.

"Lucy, shouldn't you explain this to the company?" It was Zhou Qingqing who came out of the crowd to question Lu Xi. She looked at Lu Xi's eyes and called him complacent, as if she was going to trample Lu Xi into the soil.

Lu Xi hated Zhou Qingqing's high-ranking questioning. She sneered and said, "Zhou Qingqing, who do you think you are? What do I need to explain to you? "

Zhou Qingqing said: "Lu Xi, I'm not one of you, and you don't need to explain anything to me. But you were single when you started working in Shengtian, but that's not the case. You've been unmarried for a long time, and you're not single at all."

Lu Xi: "..."

What does Zhou Qingqing mean?

Did she know the existence of land and land?

But it's impossible. How could Zhou Qingqing know the existence of land and land?

Just when Lu Xi was not sure if Zhou Qingqing knew anything, Zhou Qingqing immediately gave Lu Xi a positive answer: "Lu Xi, open the company's public mailbox and have a look. I hope you can be as calm as you are now after reading it. "

Worried about Lu Lu Lu's exposure, Lu Xi immediately returned to the office site and opened the company's public mailbox. As soon as the mailbox was opened, he saw four photos, all of which were photos of her and Lu Lu Lu in the hospital these days without exception.

Of course, the emailers also know that these photos alone are not enough to prove that Lucy and the little boy in the photos are mother and child, so there is a small video attached to the email. Lu Xi downloads and watches the video, in which she and Lu Lu are chatting.

Lu Lu cries out to Mommy

Seeing this, I'm afraid no one will doubt that there is no mother child relationship between her and Lu Lu.

Who in the world stole pictures of their mother and son?

What is the purpose of sending these materials to the company?

Because of anger, Lu Xi's hand was shaking slightly. She was afraid, not because the company knew that she had a son. What she was afraid of was that Qin Yinjian, who was sitting in the president's office, knew that she would let him know Lu Lu Lu before she was ready to confess to him.

Instinctively, Lucy turned to the president's office.

At this time, an Tingjie, who led Qin Yingu's order to do business, just came out of Qin Yingu's office. As soon as he entered the office area, he found that the atmosphere was not right. He looked at everyone and focused on Lu Xi: "what's wrong, Lu Xi? What happened? "

Lu Xi hasn't answered yet, and Zhou Qingqing takes the lead in jumping out: "thanks, you don't know that someone sent an anonymous email to our company's public mailbox, exposing that Lu Xi has a son over three years old. There are photos, there are videos, absolutely not fake. "

"Lu, Lu Xi, is this true?" This matter is beyond the scope that antinger can deal with. No, it's not just beyond his scope, but even he feels terrible. If what Zhou Qingqing said is true, the first one to hang up must be him.

Lu Lu is such a sensible and considerate son. Lu Xi never feels embarrassed. Instead, when she mentions Lu Lu Lu, her face always reveals a smile that only a mother can have: "yes. I just have a son, so what's the matter? " Hearing Lu Xi's own admission of having a son, Zhou Qingqing said proudly, "look, she has admitted it herself. She is not unmarried. She has been unmarried for a long time. I think the biggest victim of this incident should be president Qin, who was deceived by the pure disguise of this woman and then engaged with her

In the office, there are many scolding and questioning voices, all of them are questioning Lu Xi like victims.

In their eyes, Lu Xi's hate is not because she has a son, but because she has a son who can be liked by the general manager Qin, who they can only look up to, even though he is engaged to Lu Xi despite the opposition of all the people.

There are many good-looking women in the world who are not favored by Qin Yinjian. Why is this woman with children?

Antangi didn't expect that Lu Xi would admit that he had always been following Qin Yinjian to see big and small scenes. He was also confused. He stood in the same place and looked at Lu Xi. He didn't know whether he should stand on the side of the people and blame Lu Xi or deal with them.

However, Lucy's focus has never been on these people, and her focus has always been on the president's office.

What would Qin Yin do if she knew she had children?

Would you treat her like these people?

Still will

Lu Xi didn't know, but she made the worst plan. Anyway, she should protect Lu Lu well, even if she left Shengtian.

When Lucy was at a loss, the man she had been paying attention to for a long time might have heard the news outside and opened the door and walked out. Qin Yingu's appearance at the scene of frying pan was quiet for a few seconds, but in a few seconds, everyone rushed to Qin Yingu to complain about Lu Xi's crime. Obviously, it was such a common thing that she was born before marriage. But from their mouths, Lu Xi became a wicked woman who cheated her money.

Among these people, Zhou Qingqing, the initiator of this event, jumped the highest.

As soon as Zhou Qingqing thought of the excitement of opening Lu Xi's secret, she forgot who was coming out at this time. She rushed to Qin Yinjian and proudly accused him: "President Qin, you are cheated by Lu Xi. She has a son who is over three years old. She is not worthy of you."

As soon as Zhou Qingqing's words came out, the sensational scene returned to calm again. Everyone held their breath and waited for the only man who could dominate Lu Xi's fate to give Lu Xi a hard blow, so that Lu Xi could never turn over in his life.

Lu Xi is the same. She is waiting for Qin Yinjian's verdict.

However, she was not as calm as she could see on the surface. She had already clenched her fist, and her fingernails had been inserted into the palm of her hand.

However, when everyone's attention is on Qin Yinjian, there is only Lu Xi in Qin Yinjian's eyes. He sees her panic, her timidity and many emotions he has never found before.

Such Lu Xi, just want to let him hug into the bosom to protect well, let no one can hurt her half. When he thought this way, he also did it. In front of the public, he took Lu Xi into his arms: "Lu Xi, I'm sorry to have wronged you. I should have announced our son's identity for so many years."

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