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After refusing Qin Yinjian, Lu Xi was relieved.

Now she has more than one million yuan in her hand, even if she doesn't need to sell her house, she can cure Lu Lu and Lu for a period of time. She can think of other ways for the rest money.

When you go back to the hospital, Lu Lu is still hanging a brooch. You are in a bad mood.

Lu Xi went to the hospital bed and touched Lu Lu Lu's head gently: "son, Mommy is back."

Lu Lu blinks his red eyes: "Mommy, Lu Lu is in pain. Lu Lu Lu wants to go home with mommy."

Lu Xi kisses him, comforts way: "Lu Lu sees a doctor in the hospital, looked good, Mommy takes Lu Lu Lu home."

Lu Lu shakes his head: "he will die in the hospital. Lu Lu doesn't want to be in the hospital."

Lu Xi stroked his head: "Lu Lu, the hospital is the place to treat the disease. After Lu Lu is cured, he can go home with mommy. Mummy assured Lu Lu that as long as Lu was obedient and cooperated with the doctor, he would not die. "

Such a small child will die when he exits. Lu Xi is sad in his ears, but he can't show it, and can't let his emotions affect Lu Lu Lu.

Lu Lu naively asked, "really?"

Lucy nodded. "Of course it's true."

"Mommy, when will Lu Lu's disease be cured?" Lu asked

Lucy: soon

Lu Lu: "how fast is it soon?"

Lu Xi: "..."

Are children so smart now?

It's very vague talking to them.

Lu Lu asked, "Mommy, how long?"

"It's not certain," said Lu. "If Lu Lu is happy every day and cooperates with the doctor to inject and take medicine, it should be very fast."

In fact, even if you tell me a specific time, I don't know how long it is, but Lucy doesn't want to cheat him.

Lu Lu nodded: "well, the doctor gave Lu Lu an injection. Lu Lu will never cry again. The medicine given by the doctor will be taken by Lu Lu on time. Lu Lu will cheer up and drive away the abominable disease. Lu Lu will be happy to go home with mummy. "

"Well," said Lucy. That's it. "

Lu Lu, a little boy, is so sensible and heartbreaking that he thinks much more than his peers.

Mr. Zhang said, "our Lu Lu is really a good baby."

Lu Lu said happily, "because Mommy is good, so Lu Lu is also good."

Teacher Zhang said with a smile: "Lu Xi, you listen to our Lu duo can speak, and never forget to boast about his mother."

Lu Xi is both happy and distressed: "yes, our Lu Lu is so sensible."

…… On the same day, Lu Xi contacted Shengtian's private hospital, handled the transfer formalities for Lu Lu in time, and transferred Lu Lu to the best Shengtian private hospital in Jiangbei. Shengtian hospital has good doctors and medical equipment, but the cost is really high. According to the current cost of one day, the one million will not last long.

So the biggest problem for Lu Xi at present is money.

But as long as land and land diseases are cured, money is not a problem.

Fortunately, Shengtian hospital has a high consumption and professional medical staff. Every patient has a special nurse to take care of, and Lu Xi can also find time to go to work to make money.

The two-day holiday passed in a blink of an eye. When Lu Xi was going to work in the early morning today, he received another call from a strange man called Lu Lu Lu's father. He asked her to meet him again.

Lu Xi had to ask for another half day's leave from antinger and went straight to the place of appointment. This time, she would not let go of the man who killed Lu Lu Lu all her life.

It was not too late or too late for Lucy to arrive at the date. As soon as she arrived, someone came up to her and said, "excuse me, you are miss Lucy."

Hearing someone call his name, Lu Xi looked back and saw a man in a suit. He didn't feel hot in a hot day.

Lu Xi looked at him, and the man looked right, but the eyes revealed the obscenity of disgust, which made her feel dirty, but she didn't show it: "who are you?"

The man said, "Miss Lucy, I'm your first man, and I have a child with you. I can recognize you at a glance. How can you have no impression on me?"

Lu Xi: "..."

Because the man's words made Lu Xi feel sick.

Cui Xianzhen, that woman, in order to destroy her, is really vicious. She found such a man.

No matter how pale Lu Xi was, the man continued, "I haven't forgotten how charming Miss Lu was to me that night, especially the incessant moaning that made me think that she could still be hot."

Lu Xi clenched his fist and bit his lips. "Shut up!"

She didn't want to hear anything about that night. Today, she came to see this man and just wanted to get evidence to prove that he was the culprit who defiled her that night. Once it was confirmed that this man was the man that night, she must let him also experience what she had experienced in recent years. "Shut up?" The man smiled, and his smile was more obscene, which made people feel disgusted. But he didn't seem to know how disgusting his appearance was. "Miss Lucy, you cried that night and begged me to love you. Yes? Don't want to hear now? It's because

has found a big rich backer, and is unwilling to mention our sad night again? "

Lucy: what do you mean

The man said: "it is said that President Shengtian has held a news conference, saying that you are his fiancee."

Lu Xi laughed angrily: "since you know that President Shengtian is my fiance, then you should know how terrible it is to offend him. I'm a vegetarian, but he's not. He can make a disgusting person like you bully his fiancee. "

The man smiled and said, "when he didn't know your previous affairs, you were still his fiancee. If he knew your previous affairs, he would still recognize your fiancee? President Qin will marry a woman who has had children? "

"He doesn't care. You can try." What the man said is what Lucy is worried about, but she can't show it at this time. She must have enough momentum to hold the man down, and then the next thing can go according to her plan.

"Try? How to try? I'd like to have a taste of Miss Lucy's aftertaste. " The man licked his lips and stared at Lucy's chest. "Miss Lucy, why don't we open a room and relive the night together?" Lu Xiyang slapped his hand on the man's face and said with a sneer, "OK, you can taste it. This is the taste of my young lady. How is it? Do you want to try again? "

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