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After leaving chengyangyu's shop, Lu Xi received a phone call from Qin Yingu's lawyer. Lawyer Ma asked her to talk about the house transfer. Lu Xi didn't ask much, so she rushed to the address.

When Lu Xi arrived at the appointed place, lawyer Ma still had nothing to say. He took a document and asked Lu Xi to sign it.

"Lawyer Ma, do you need to be in such a hurry?" Lu Xi asked

Lawyer Ma said: "Miss Lu should be clear that President Qin is the most loathsome person who can handle affairs in a muddle. What can be done today will never be delayed until tomorrow."

"Yes. The people he sent the house didn't worry. What am I worried about? " Lu Xi took a pen to write his name in the signature office.

"Thank you for your cooperation!" Qin Yin told us to finish the house transfer today. Lawyer Ma had already prepared all the house transfer materials. Now, only waiting for Lu Xi's signature, other things are ready.

But Lucy had some concerns: "lawyer Ma, I have some questions to ask you."

"Miss Lu, if you have any questions, you can ask them. I will answer them for you one by one." Lu Xi said that he raised his most worried question: "lawyer Ma, I just want to know the problem after the transfer of commercial housing as a gift. Now Qin Yin is donating the house to me. As far as I know, the tax of house donation is different from that of house sale. The gift tax is relatively small, but after the gift of the house

want to buy and sell a large amount of tax Lawyer Ma said: "Miss Lu, please rest assured that the problems you have considered have been taken into account by President Qin for you. He will transfer the rent to you in the form of business, and he will pay the transfer tax. He won't let Miss Lu spend more money. And the house is yours after it's transferred to you, so no matter what you want to do with the house, it's not your business. " "Thank you, lawyer Ma!" After getting a positive answer from lawyer Ma, Lu Xi was relieved. However, her heart still hasn't fallen. She heard from lawyer Ma, "Miss Lu, I just received the news. President Qin is on his way to the Civil Affairs Bureau now. Please go to the Civil Affairs Bureau in the central district

"Civil Affairs Bureau? What to do with the Civil Affairs Bureau? " Lucy knew it, but he didn't want to believe it.

Lawyer Ma said mercilessly, "Miss Lu, the purpose of President Qin's transfer of this house to you has been explained to you by me on his behalf. Now that you have collected the house, what do you say you want to do with the Civil Affairs Bureau? "

Of course, Lu Xi knew what to do with the Civil Affairs Bureau, but he didn't expect Qin Yinjian to be so anxious. He didn't just announce his engagement to the outside world. Now he has to ask her for a marriage license in the past day. The news is too exciting. It's better to announce his marriage directly yesterday.

Lawyer Ma said, "Miss Lu, the car is ready for you. Shall we take you there now?"

"Please." Lawyer Ma is right. Qin YINKAI's condition is to send her house to marry him. Since she has all the houses, how can she not marry.

When the driver drove Lu Xi and Ma lawyer to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Qin Yinjian had just arrived.

The two met at the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau building, but he just glanced at her and walked in as if she were a passer-by.

When lawyer Ma saw that Zheng Zhu was also in a hurry to follow up, Lucy was left behind by them.

Lu Xi thinks there's something about it. Anyway, the combination of her and Qin Yinjian is money and material transaction, which has nothing to do with love. She doesn't expect them to be as close as other men and women who come to register.

"Wife, thank you for being willing to marry me. I swear, I will treat you twice as well in the future."

"Small sample, I'm not good if I don't marry you."

"No, you have too many choices before you marry me, and I can neglect you a little. But from now on, we have written the name of each other in the spouse column of our marriage certificate. I'm your only choice. What else can you do if I don't double your treatment? "

"Then carry me on your back."


When Lu Xi walked in, he happened to meet a couple who had just received the certificate. When they passed by, Lu Xi heard them talking.

A few years ago, in Lu Xi's imagination, she and Qin Yinjian should have come together in this way. He took her hand and they were happy to take the evidence together.

However, the fact is that they walk one by one, he turns a blind eye to her, she also thinks he does not exist, two people are stranger than strangers.

"Miss Lucy, please come here with me." A young staff member took the initiative to greet Lu Xi. Lu Xi followed him to a special VIP room. When he went in, Qin Yinjian had already sat beside him. When he saw her come in, he still didn't speak.

The staff asked Lu Xi to sit down beside Qin Yinjian. Lu Xi gave him a quiet look. His expression was as cold as usual, and he didn't know what he was thinking. "President Qin, Miss Lu, now let's take a picture of them first, so that we can prepare their marriage certificate." The staff has been working in this position for some time. Generally speaking, you are the strong support for marriage registration, and the relationship is as good as glue. This new couple is colder as they are for divorce certificate. They have received many couples who come to divorce, just like the two of them.

To take a picture, Lu Xi sat still. Qin Yinjian sat up straight and cooperated.

The staff reminded again, "Miss Lucy, please raise your head."

Lu Xi slowly raised his head, and then heard the staff say, "smile, two. After all, marriage is a lifetime of big, sweet smile, later to see the photos are happy

Qin Yinjian didn't respond. Lu Xi forced out a smile, but it was worse than crying.

The first one didn't work. The staff took a second one for them. The second one was more unnatural than the first one. The staff had to choose the first one.

Although they did not cooperate well in taking photos and had a fake smile, the good thing was that they had a high value for their looks, which was better than their looks.

"Mr. Qin Yinjian, would you like to marry Miss Lu Xi voluntarily?" the staff asked

Qin Yinyu: "yes."

The staff asked Lu Xi, "Miss Lu Xi, do you want to marry Mr. Qin Yinjian voluntarily?"

Lu Xi: "..."

She wanted to marry Qin Yinjian when she was 17 years old, but she wanted to marry him in the name of love, rather than cheat him like now, let alone marry him because of money and material transactions. She had already thought about it last night. If he wanted to marry her, he would marry her. No matter what way, he could marry him. But now he is going to become a legal husband and wife. Lu Xi is timid again. She doesn't want to cheat him: "I'm sorry, I haven't thought about it yet."

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