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In Lu Xi's heart, I can't believe that this ocean star is a real product. Now, it's beyond her expectation that the other party can offer this price: "Miss Cheng, you really plan to buy this necklace at this price. Aren't you afraid to suffer losses?"

Cheng Yang said, "what? Are you reluctant to sell it? "

Say reluctant, Lu Xi is a little reluctant. After all, this necklace is her favorite among the gifts Qin Yinjian gave her. But if you want to lie in the hospital again, you will sell it again: "it's not that I'm reluctant, I don't want you to lose."

It's worth more than 100 million yuan. This woman is so cheap that she will sell it. She's worried about other people's losses. Is it her stupidity, or she doesn't know how rich the second young master of Qin family has, or she doesn't believe that the gift given by the second young master of Qin family is something at all?

Cheng Yang said, "I've been doing this business for so long. I know what I've got to lose, but you really want to sell me 300000 yuan?"? Don't be afraid to sell out? "

"Will I lose money?" Lu asked

Cheng Yangyu: "..."

How does this make her answer?

She can't say that she has quietly informed the original buyer of the necklace, or she won't even buy it.

"Boss, please set another price for something else," Lu said

Cheng Yang said, "Miss Lu Xi, can I ask you an irrelevant question. Of course, I'm just asking, you can't answer. "

Lu Xi: "what question does Miss Cheng want to ask me?"

Cheng Yangyu said: "to tell you the truth, in fact, these jewelry dresses are all good things, and their value must be more valuable than the price I gave you, but you don't want to think much about it, so you are eager to sell them. Do you need money very much? What do you need money for? "

In front of outsiders, Lu Xi had nothing to hide: "in order to cure the child."

"Treating children?" Cheng Yang's voice suddenly increased several degrees, "Miss Lu, you are so young to have children?"

Whose is the child?

Is it the second young master of the Qin family who quietly gave birth to the next successor outside?

Lu Xi didn't want to lie, but seeing Cheng Yangyu's expression, worried that it would be known sooner or later, she told a lie for herself: "it's not my child, it's the child of a very good friend of mine, because the child needs money because he is ill, I think I can help him a little."

Cheng Yangyu claps his chest: "well, how can you have children? It scares me to death."

Lu Xi didn't understand: "why does Miss Cheng think I can't have children?"

Because you are the fiancee of the second young master of the Qin family. The second young master of the Qin family will not choose a woman with children to marry.

Cheng Yangyu thinks so in his heart, but what he says is another set of words: "because Miss Lu looks very young, at most, she is in her early twenties. She doesn't look like a woman who has had children at all. How can she have children?"

Lu Xi didn't want to talk about his personal affairs: "Miss Cheng, please see how much these jewelry and dresses are worth."

"OK, I'll give you an offer right away." Next, Cheng Xuyang offered other jewelry and dresses.

Although these jewelry and gifts are not as expensive as ocean star, but the cheapest things are also millions of, these things together can sell tens of millions, but all the things bought, Cheng Yangyu also gave Lu Xi a million, and it seems that Lu Xi's appearance is quite satisfactory.

Lu Xi has saved for one or two years, and all her savings add up to less than one million. Now these second-hand jewelry and dresses have sold for one million, which is enough to keep her and Lu Lu together for a long time. How can she not be happy.

So after receiving the transfer, Lu Xi went out at a brisk pace.

She looked up at the sky. It was sunny and cloudless today, just like her mood at the moment.

Lu Xi thought happily that the world said that there must be a way to get to the mountain, and that God would not be too cruel to block all the roads. This did not leave a way for her and Lu Lu Lu.

Thinking of Lu Lu's illness and having money to cure it, Lu Xi felt happy and unconsciously wrote it on her face. Her red lips rose slightly and she smiled softly.

She was beautiful, as if the sun could lose its color because of her smile.

She made a sign to cheer her up. "Come on, Lucy. Everything will be OK. Everything will be OK."

Of course, Lucie didn't know that the man sitting in the car nearby had seen everything she did.

For a long time, he had not seen her smile like this, and only money could make her smile so happily from the bottom of her heart.

After all, what does Qin Yin compare with money in her eyes?

Seeing Lu Xi leave, Qin Yinjian just got out of the car and went to Cheng Yangyu's shop.

Seeing him appear, Cheng Yangyu was surprised, but soon thought of his coming not because of her but because of the woman named Lu Xi who just left. The smile on her face suddenly became a little stiff: "Hey, second brother, what brings you?"

Qin Yin glanced: "what about things?"

Mingming knows the purpose of his coming, but when he is so direct, he doesn't even bother to tell her the polite words. Cheng Yangyu still has some bitterness in his heart: "you can ask someone to take this little thing, or I can ask someone to send it to you. You don't need to come here by yourself."

Qin Yinjian said, "how much did she take?"

Cheng Yangyu: "sell me everything and I'll give her a million."

Qin Yinjian didn't say whether the one million was more or less. He asked another topic: "did she tell you what to do with the money?"

Cheng Yang said, "do you want to know what she does with the money without asking her in person? Even if you don't ask her, you are so versatile. If you want to know what she is doing with these things, you can let people check them at will. Within half an hour, you will be able to check them clearly. "

Qin Yin raised his eyebrows and said, "let me tell you."

If you can check, Qin Yinjian has already checked, but he always thinks that if you like someone, you should give her enough freedom. To check her background, you don't respect her. However, he ignores it. In fact, some things he does hurt her more than disrespect.

Cheng Yangyu asked people to pack the items that had just been taken over from Lu Xi, and said: "she said that one of her friends' children was ill, and she wanted to use the money to help the child see a doctor. I am not very clear about the details. I just asked casually."

A friend's child?

Qin Yin thought of the little one who called him a bad guy before.

Lucy mentioned it to him before.

Was it because the child was ill that she was not at home last night and rushed back in such a hurry?

If so, why didn't the woman tell him clearly, if she would tell him how much money he would take out to help the child

Stupid women are stupid enough to carry everything on their shoulders.

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