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When he heard that someone was selling the ocean star, Qin Yin immediately sat up straight and said, "someone is selling the ocean star to you?"

"It's not just Ocean Star," the girl said. "There's a lot of valuable jewelry and dresses that only wear once. I think these things are good goods. I'm worried about who stole your things to sell them, so I'll call you in advance. "

Qin Yinjian: "who sold it to you?"

The girl said: "it's a young and beautiful girl. She looks very temperamental. But then, second brother, are you engaged and there are other women outside

"What are you talking about?" Don't think about it. Qin Yinjian is sure that the girl who sells Ocean Star must be Lu Xi. He immediately makes a decision, "don't tell the story, she will buy it if she wants to sell it. You can buy it as much as she costs."

The girl said: "that girl seems to be quite ignorant. She doesn't know how much her things are worth. Let's ask someone here to offer her a price. It's just because of this that I suspect that these things are from unknown sources. "

Qin Yinjian said calmly, "what kind of thief goods from unknown sources are all hers. Since she doesn't know how much those things are worth or how much they are priced, you can't lose her by looking at the price. "

"Two elder brothers, one is more than one hundred million yuan. Even if you sell me, I can't get that much money." The girl's gossiping heart ignited again. "Second brother, you protect that girl so much. Who are you? Is she the one you announced yesterday? "

Qin Yinjian announced his engagement, but he didn't announce the marriage object. He only said the name of the other party. Naturally, other people didn't know where the girl named Lu Xi came from, let alone what she looked like.

"Don't worry about me." Qin Yinjian '“ You look at the money and give it to her. I'll send someone to pick it up later. "

The girl said again: "well, I went out to talk about the price with her. You remember, I'll bring some money to pick up the goods. Any of your things are millions of goods, and few people can afford them. I don't want to lose money. "

Qin Yin didn't answer any more, he just hung up.

Listening to the busy tone of the phone, the girl's smile sank instantly, and she said sadly, "well, there are some excellent girls like me around you. You don't even look at them. You pretend you don't understand my pursuit, but you feel very good about those women who don't take the gift you sent as a gift."

Their mother has a good relationship with her friends for decades, which makes the two families close together. It's just because of this relationship that she has a chance to contact Shengtian's second young master, who is now the new president.

But her love for him can only be hidden in her heart. She's worried about saying that the two families can't get along like they do now.

Looking out of the window, the girl can clearly see the situation of the reception hall from her office. There is a beautiful young woman sitting in the reception hall at this time. It's a very attractive type of woman. But the woman seems to have something on her mind, not only fidgeting but also frowning from time to time.

She should be the girl named Lu Xi who Qin Yinjian announced her engagement.

Mingming has been favored by the second young master of the Qin family. She is all hung with the identity of the second young grandmother of the Qin family in the future. But why does the girl look sad?

The girl really didn't understand or think about it. After trying to clean up her mood, she just came to the reception hall of the shop. Seeing her, Lu Xi immediately stood up and said, "Hello, excuse me, you are the owner of this shop, right?"

Lu Xi comes to sell things. After seeing these things, the clerk says they can't make decisions. They have to wait for their boss to make a price. Lu Xi has been waiting here for a long time. After drinking one cup of tea and adding another, he has finally waited for the right one.

The girl nodded: "well, I'm the owner of this shop. My name is Cheng Yangyu. Nice to meet you. "

Lu Xi smiled, "my name is Lu Xi."

It's Lucy!

It was her!

It's the woman that the second young master of Qin family wants to marry!

Cheng Yangyu stares at Lu Xi to see what is good about her and why the second young master of the Qin family thinks of her. He loses his mind and forgets how impolite it is to stare at a stranger like this.

Lu Xi was not comfortable with her: "boss, what's the problem?"

"No, no It's just a nice name for you. I thought of something for a while. " Cheng Yangyu smiled awkwardly and quickly turned his eyes to the two boxes beside Lu Xi. "These are all your own?"

Lucy: that's right

Qin Yinjian gave it to her. It should be her.

Cheng Yangyu: "how are you going to sell these things?"

Lu Xi: "I told your salesmen before. I don't know much about the market. You can offer me a price and I'll sell it if you can."

Cheng Yangyu: "little sister, let's meet for the first time today. You are so relieved to let me offer. Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?"

"It's the first time I've met you, but your store has a good reputation, and I don't think you'll smash your own signboard for a few dollars," said Lu

Cheng Yang said with a smile, "I don't know how to make a few money, but if the other party sells something that is very expensive, I can make a lot of money when I turn around. I may not think about the reputation of any shop any more. After all, it's the most real thing to make money."

Cheng Yangyu is humorous and funny, and Lu Xi also relaxed a lot: "the boss said so, I feel more relieved."

Cheng Yang said, "how do you sell this necklace?"

Lu Xi: "I don't know the price. How much do you say you can offer?"

Cheng Yang said, "really let me out?"

Lucy nodded.

Cheng Yangyu thought about it. Qin Yin asked her to make an offer at will, but he couldn't lose Lu Xi. It's really hard to do. To tell you the truth, if you don't lose Lucy, the price may scare her. Thinking back and forth, she said, "I can give up to 300000 for this necklace."

Although the price of more than 100 million things is 300 thousand, it's a bit out of line, but Qin Yingu will send someone to take these things back immediately, and she hasn't made any money from him. The price should be the most appropriate.

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