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Lie suddenly thinks that this son is very eyesight, no, not suddenly. For more than three years, he thinks this boy is very troublesome. He wants Xiaobu to go to sleep in a room by himself, but this little guy is really cute and born by his beloved woman. He is reluctant to leave Xiaobu alone.

Qin leran was dissatisfied. "Xiaolele, my mother didn't tell you that you can't disturb my father when he kisses my mother. Why don't you listen?"

Lele pounced to hold his father's thigh: "but my father has not yet come home to enjoy himself. If my father doesn't enjoy himself, Lele can't sleep."

Strong a small point to hold up: "good, father first kiss our small light bulb."

Lele was happy to get his father's kiss. He said proudly, "Dad, when you are not at home, I have a good protection for my mother."

Strong nodded: "well, it's a good performance, and then kiss my little light bulb."

Qin lelan: "hum, you two kiss each other. I don't care about you."

Lie and LeLe said at the same time: "no, our favorite is mom."

Qin lelan: "then you know what to do?"

Lie and LeLe go to Qin lelan and kiss each other on her left and right cheek: "I'm not angry now."

"Qin lelan raised his eyebrows and chuckled:" it's almost the same

Lele waved his hand, a small adult's appearance: "well, we are all close, we can sleep happily."

Qin leran and lie: "..."

This kid is a ghost.

The husband and wife coax the little Lele between them to sleep together, so that they have time to talk about the adults.

Lie pulled Qin lelan's hand and put it on his chest: "but, tell me what happened today?"

"You are so busy with your work," Qin said. "Don't worry about things at home."

"I'm part of this family," he said

Qin leran poked at him: "no one says you are not a part of this family. What are you worried about. I don't want you to mind. I don't want to tire you. Think about it. It's very hard for you to work and earn money to support us. I can't help you at work. How can you worry about life? "

"Worry about your business. I'm happy. I'm happy."

Qin Le ran smiled softly: "I know you want to."

Lie tries to hold Qin lelan in his arms, but he has a small light bulb in the middle, which makes people feel headache: "wait another two months, let Xiaobu sleep by himself."

Qin lelan: "are you willing?"

Qin lelan thinks that boys should let go early and let him learn independence early, but it's her strong brother who is reluctant to let go, for fear that he can't sleep alone, crying in the middle of the night to find his father and mother.

Lie started to hold Lele to the side of the big bed, so that he could hold Qin lelran into his arms: "in the future, when he falls asleep, let him sleep, we will sleep together."

Qin lelan: "naive!"

He said: "Xiao Jian is an adult. He knows what he is doing. Although love and marriage are related to two families, the premise is that two people should love each other. As long as they love each other, no matter how hard it is, they can walk hand in hand."

Qin leiran holds strong hand: "brother strong, you are praising us again."

"Isn't it?"

Qin leran: "you are right. Well, go to bed. You have to go to work tomorrow. "

"However, I have a suggestion."

Qin leran: "what's the suggestion?"

"You and your mother-in-law go to meet the girl Xiaoxiao likes and ask her what she thinks."

Qin lran immediately shook his head: "no way. Xiao Jian said that we are not allowed to interfere in his affairs. If we let him know that we went to the girl quietly, he will be very angry. I don't want to make mom and dad sad about him anymore. "

"You are worried and can't find that girl. That's not the way."

Qin Yueran sighed: "no, there must be a way to get there. There will always be a way to solve it."

It's not just Qin lelan and lie who have been bothered by Qin Yinjian's affairs. In the other room, Jianran and Qin Yue are also. Jianran takes a bath and lies on the bed. She can't sleep over and over. Qin Yue drags her to her arms: "don't think about it. Sleep well."

"That's our son, can I not think?" Jane thumped Qin Yue

Every time I think about the neglect of my son these years, it's just like someone is stabbing her with a knife. If she doesn't take her son's director for granted these years, if they care more about their son

But no if, they ignore the fact that their second son is a fact, and it's natural for him to be angry at their complaints.

Qin Yue said, "I'll have the girl checked."

Jian ran: "Qin Yue, don't mess about. I'll tell you, if you check that girl, Xiao Jian will be in a hurry with you. "

Qin Yue: "you are worried and don't let me check."

"I believe Xiaojian, his vision and the girl he likes must have the truth that he likes," she said. Love is a matter of two people. No matter how worried we parents are, we can't separate them alive. As the saying goes, children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Let's not worry about it. "

Qin Yue rubbed her head: "that's right."

So, no matter how he persuades, it's useless. It's better to simply think it through.


Everyone in Qin's family is worried. Lu Xi's side is not far away. When she wants to have a rest, she answers teacher Zhang's phone call. Lu Lu Lu has been ill since afternoon. She thought it would be OK to feed her child with some antipyretics. Who knows that the temperature is getting higher and higher in the evening.

Mr. Zhang was afraid that Lu Lu might have an accident. He didn't dare not to inform Lu Xi, so he called Lu Xi.

After receiving the call, Lu Xi put on a coat at will and hurried to the next community. Lu Lu was in a coma with a high fever, but she still called Mommy: "Mommy, Lu Lu will be good. Lu Lu Lu will not get sick later. Mommy, don't leave Lu, OK?"

Lu Xi holds Lu Lu: "son, Mommy is here. You are mommy's baby. How can Mommy leave you?"

Lu Lu has no energy to say: "Mommy, Lu Lu hurts so much."

Lu Xi holds him up: "Mommy knows that Lu Lu hurts. Now Mommy takes Lu Lu Lu to the hospital to see a doctor. Lu Lu Lu will be better as long as she sees a doctor."

Lu Lu's little hand tightly grasps Lu Xi's Cape: "Mommy, will Lu Lu Lu die?"

Lucy shook his head. "No. Lu Lu will be better after seeing the doctor and taking the medicine. "

Lu Lu said in a tearful voice: "Lu Lu Lu has taken many medicines and many medicines, but he still needs to get sick. They say that Lu Lu Lu's illness cannot be cured well, and Lu Lu Lu will die. Lu Lu is not afraid to die, but Lu Lu is afraid to never see Mommy again. "

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