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Qin Yinjian's character is more stubborn than that of Qin Yue. It's almost impossible for him to talk about anything he doesn't want to talk about. Qin leran can't help but go back to his room disappointed with his grown brother.

When she went back, there was another person in the room. Seeing him, she felt a little better: "brother lie, come back."

Lie came over and carried her into her arms. "Not happy?"

He was so tired of working every day. Qin lelan didn't want him to worry about his family, so he shook his head: "no, I haven't."

"Lie certainly does not believe:" what happened to make you unhappy

Qin leran said: "I thought you would not come back today. I was worried that you were tired, so I was not happy. I didn't expect that you came back suddenly and gave me a surprise. I'm very happy again. "

Qin leran doesn't tell the truth. Xiaolele, who was tucked into the bed by Qin leran to coax him to sleep, suddenly climbs out of the bed and stretches his head to say seriously: "Dad, because the bad uncle made grandma cry, my mother was worried about grandma, so she was not happy."

"Well, son, you're doing well." Lie glanced at little Lele and gave a thumbs up to the little guy. "Son, now Dad is going to have a good chat with mom. You sleep well and don't talk again without adults' permission."

Lele said in a hurry: "Dad, but Lele still has a lot to say."

Strong helpless way: "what do you want to say?"

Lele looked at the door and confirmed that the door was closed properly. Then he said: "Dad, uncle can eat people. It's terrible."

Lie went to the bedside and picked up xiaolele: "who told your uncle that he would eat people?"

Qin leran also went to the bedside and rubbed Lele's head, saying: "this kid doesn't know what to put on in his mind. He thinks a lot in a day. In a moment, my uncle and grandpa will eat people. In a moment, they are monsters. My father and Xiaoxiao don't know if they thought I taught them. "

"Lele, I won't say uncle and grandpa in the future." Lie seriously teaches Lele that when he should pamper his children, he will not relax at all.

"Lele knows." Lele also knows how to look at his father's face. Only his father speaks to him seriously. He is not naughty.

Lie put Lele back on the bed, and looked at Qin lelan: "but, is Xiaojian's announcement of engagement opposed by his family?"

Qin lelan: "are our Qin family so unreasonable?"

"It's really unreasonable."

At that time, his father-in-law didn't want to marry him.

"Brother lie, you..." Qin leran pushes lie to the bathroom. "It's late. You go to take a bath first and lie down after taking a bath. I'll tell you slowly."

Lele said, "Dad, you need to wash the fragrance, or you can't sleep with your Lele baby."

"You little light bulb, I will let you sleep alone one day," said lie

Lele hurriedly asked his mother for help: "Mom, Lele is only a little baby, and can't sleep alone."

"Who told me today that he is no longer a baby but a man?" Qin said with a smile

Lele shook his head. "I forgot."

Qin leran sat down beside the bed and tucked the little guy into the bed: "the air conditioner is on a lot. Cover it quickly. Don't catch a cold."

Lele rolled to her mother's side: "Mom, do you love dad and me very much?"

Qin leran: "of course."

Lele said, "I love my mom and Dad, too."

Qin said: "son, I know all about it. Go to sleep. If you don't sleep, you won't be able to get up tomorrow. You have to go to kindergarten tomorrow. "

Lele grabs Qin lelan's hand: "I wait for my father and mother to sleep together. I want to sleep between mom and dad. "

The child is more than three years old. Apart from sleeping with his grandparents once in a while, he also sleeps with his aunt when he comes home. He must sleep with his parents for the rest of the time, or he will cry a hole in the sky.

Qin leran poked him on the forehead: "OK, then lie down first, and mom will find dad's pajamas."

In fact, lie doesn't need Qin leran to take his pajamas, but Qin leran just wants to do something for her husband, such as helping him shave when his beard grows, helping him take his pajamas when he takes a bath, these are some small things she loves him to do.

She hopes to take care of her brother who lacks love since childhood. She can let him know that she loves him anytime and anywhere. She can't fail him in this life.

Strong gradually got used to Qin leran's care, so he went into the dressing room after taking a bath. Qin leran helped him wipe the water on his body and sometimes took advantage of him: "brother strong, your figure seems to be getting better and better."

Lie grabbed her hand and said, "don't move."

Qin leran spits out his tongue playfully at him: "Oh, it's your wife who touches you, but no one else. I'm sorry to move."

"You're about to have your period," said lie

Qin lelan's hand slightly ate his tofu, and even smiled: "I'm just touching you. Where do you want to go?"

"Lie seriously said:" you know, I have no self-control in front of you

"I'm your wife. You don't need self-control in front of me," Qin said

After grabbing the bath towel in Qin leran's hand and drying the water on his body, he put on his pajamas three or two times and said, "I'm your husband, and I'm not a beast."

Qin lelan liked her strong brother's appearance, and said in a happy mood, "brother strong, why do you treat me so well?"

Really, if a woman can come to a man to love her like her father, she should marry as soon as possible, because it may be a blessing that can only be cultivated after decades of cultivation.

The strong answer is very simple: "because you are my wife."

At that time, she had just grown up and went to him through thousands of rivers. No matter how many changes she encountered, she always stood firmly by his side, gave him support and strength, and let him finish the work smoothly.

A girl who has paid so much for him, a girl who is willing to marry him and accompany him for a long life, a girl who is willing to risk her life to give birth to children She has done so much for him. Why doesn't he love her well?

Qin lelan said proudly, "haha, fortunately, I've reserved you since I was a child. Otherwise, you will surely be robbed by others."

Lie looked at her tenderly, looked at her, couldn't control herself, held her head and kissed her However, when he was going to go further, he didn't know when there was a little bit more at the door of the dressing room, and he looked at them very seriously: "Mom and Dad, don't you want to enjoy yourself hiding here?"

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