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In the past, Lu Xi would argue with him for an hour or two because of the bug of a movie. She would never give up if she won. Her pride, her confidence, and her unyielding spirit are all her different highlights. The closer she gets to her, the more deeply she will be attracted.

Qin Yin remembers very clearly that the first movie they watched together was the suspense and reason movie named "who is the murderer". After watching the movie, before they left the cinema, the two of them had a heated quarrel because of the plot.

Because they predicted who the killer was half an hour from the beginning of the film, and Lucy was wrong after the result came out, but Lucy always felt that she was not wrong. She analyzed every clue she had before, and how to analyze the killer was the one she predicted.

Qin Yinyu told her that this is the bug of the movie. The screenwriter may not want the audience to guess who the killer is so easily. So when the plot was in the most tense, he stuck in another clue and forced the killer into another person.

Lu Xi looked at him and said, "everyone sees the same clue. Why is your prediction object right?"

Qin Yinjian said, "because sometimes we don't only look at things with our eyes, not only with our heads, but also think about other factors."

"What factors?" Lu asked

Qin Yin said, "market factors."

Speaking of this, Lu Xi suddenly understood: "it is true that the current films are all commercial films, and the main creative team is more concerned about the market. Just like in recent years, there are many films with good reputation and have won international awards, but the box office is not high. And some of the rough and rotten films can get high box office because they invite the popular flow stars and have a large number of fans to support them. More and more film workers dare not blindly pursue the quality of the film itself, fearing that the films made with huge sums of money will not be sold out, so there will be such films that cater to the market appetite today. "

"That's the reason." Qin Yin nodded and said again, "but such a chaotic and bad market of film and TV series will eventually be broken. The film itself still needs to return to art. Only actors with real acting skills and morality can come to the end."

"It's really worthy of being the God of men that all the girls in our school admire. What they say is of high standard." Lu Xi gave Qin Yingu a thumbs up, and then laughed, "Qin Yingu, if we have children later, we must guide them well, and never let them blindly pursue the stars."

Hearing Lu Xi's words, Qin Yin was slightly shocked. This was the first movie they went to see on a date. The girl even thought about getting married and having children in the future.

Lu Xi still said, "if we are going to have a son in the future, we should be strict with his lessons and let him form a good habit from childhood. If we have a daughter, she will certainly be as beautiful and lovely as I am. We should be gentle with her, give her whatever she wants, never let her suffer a little, and make sure that her daughter is rich. "

Qin Yinjian looks at her quietly, and looks at her. There is a warm flow rising in his heart. It warms his heart, which is always cold and unwilling to show others easily. Will they have children?

Are children like boys or girls?

Is the child like her or like him?

If they can have children, he wants to be a girl, a girl as lovely and confident as her.

Dong Dong -

the knock on the door interrupts Qin Yingu's thoughts. He picks up his mood before opening the door. After opening the door, he sees Qin lelan standing at the door: "sister, what's the matter?"

Without Qin Yinjian's consent, Qin lelan squeezed into his room, looked around, and sat on the sofa: "Xiaojian, let's have a good talk."

Qin Yin gently closed the door: "what do you want to talk about?"

Qin lelan: "talk about the girl you like."

Qin Yin's guard on one face: "there is nothing to talk about."

Qin lelan: "Xiaojian, we are your family. Why are you so defensive against us? None of us have thought about breaking up you and that girl. We just want to know more about that girl. Mom and dad are not unreasonable parents, in fact, as long as you really like the girl, mom and dad will not stop you and her together. The reason why my father is so angry today is that he is afraid that you are too young to know people clearly and are cheated. "

Qin Yin said stubbornly, "as long as it's her, it's no harm to be cheated."

Lu Xi likes money. He has money and can make money. So he can make money and spend it for her. As long as he can keep her by his side forever, what does it have to do with her purpose?

Qin lelan said helplessly, "Xiaojian, can't you just talk to me about that girl?"

Qin Yin thought his attitude was clear enough, so he didn't answer.

Qin leran added: "Xiaojian, I heard what you said to my parents in the study today. After you left, my mother cried because she blamed herself."

Qin Yinyi is still silent.

Qin continued: "grandma was always in poor health when she was alive. My mother has been trying to take care of this family since she got married. My mother hopes to take good care of everyone.". But such a large number of children, no matter how hard their mother tries, will certainly be negligent. Maybe they are used to taking care of your son who has been sensible since childhood. It's not that they don't love you. It's just that you really make them worry too much. Everyone thinks that's how you should be. But Xiaojian, you must understand that you are the baby of her mother in October and the child she gave birth to painstakingly. She will not love you. "

Qin Yinjian: "sister, I don't want to hear anything."

Qin leran said these principles, how can Qin Yinjian not understand, just understand is to understand, but often think of their parents do not pay attention to, the heart is still very uncomfortable. Today, he just said what he wanted to say all these years. He felt relaxed after saying it, but it brought a burden to his parents and family, which he didn't want to see.

Qin leran: "Xiaojian......"

Qin Yin said: "elder sister, they are the parents who gave birth to me and raised me. No matter what, I can't be angry with them. Today's matter should be treated like this. I don't want to talk about it in the future. And about Lucy, I'd like to tell you that I don't want anyone in my family to check her. "

Like a person, the most important thing is to respect each other.

Before, he didn't check her, and later he won't. He waited for her to tell him.

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