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Hearing Lu Xi's so understanding words, Qin Yinjian slightly increased the strength of holding her. Although he still didn't say anything, Lucy knew that he had listened to her every word and put it into his heart.

Lu Xi rubbed in his arms and said, "Qin Yinjian, when I was a child, my mother often told me that every one of us has a guardian star. When we die, we will go to the sky and become one of the countless stars in the sky."

Qin Yinjian also heard about this story when he was a child, but his expression at that time was disdainful. He thought that a fool would believe such a naive story. But this time, hearing it from Lu Xi's mouth, he suddenly felt that this intention was actually romantic.

Romance, in fact, does not depend on what things are, or where they are, but on who they are. As long as the people together are the ones they like and the ones they love, even if they sit like this and snuggle up with each other, it is romantic.

Lu Xi poked him in the chest, attracted his attention and pointed to the sky again: "Qin Yinjian, I think those two stars snuggling together must be your and my guardian stars. You see, the one that lightens up a little is you, and the one that is smaller and more beautiful must be me. After that, we will have a person to leave first. The one who leaves first will go to heaven first, and then the one who comes later, OK? "

Qin Yin knocked on her head: "young, this life is just beginning, what do you think?"

"I don't have any thoughts. I just want to stay with you until I die." Lu Xi scratched the head knocked by Qin Yinjian, and nunuu said, "Qin Yinjian, don't you want to be with me all the time?"

Qin Yinjian: "now I want to."


What is thinking now?

So he just wants to be with her now, not later?

Lu Xisheng's airway: "don't you want to do it later?"

Qin Yinjian: "the future is so far away, who can say it clearly."

Their life is just at the beginning. Later life is too long. No one knows what will happen in many years. He doesn't want to make random wishes to Lucy. He just wants to tell her with practical actions that he wants to be with her.

Hearing Qin Yinjian's words, Lu Xi murmured, "Qin Yinjian, you really don't have any romantic cells. At this time, even if you don't know what will happen in the future, in order to make me happy, you should also say two nice words to coax me

Qin Yinjian is a serious way: "I don't want to coax you happy."

Lu Xi was so angry that he pushed him away: "Qin Yinjian, what do you mean? You don't want to make me happy? Then tell me, who do you want to make fun of? "

Qin Yinjian grabs her back again: "I want to make you really happy, not to make you happy."

Not to make her happy, but to think that she is really happy.

This man always makes her angry and then has a way to make her happy.

Lu Xi pursed her lips and couldn't help but secretly smiled: "hum, you can talk."

Qin Yinjian: "you are happy."

Lu Xi thought about it, and said, "Qin Yin, you make me happy today, and I want to do something to make you happy. Let's go to the cinema. I'll invite you to the cinema. You see many couples in our school go to the movies together, but we haven't been together. "

Qin Yin shook his head.

Seeing him shake his head, Lu Xi is dissatisfied again: "why, you don't want to."

Qin Yin took her to her feet and said, "if you want to invite me, I will invite you. I will invite you from a woman's family."

Lucy pinched him on his lean waist: "macho."

The mouth said that he was a man, but Lucy's heart was full of joy.

Qin Yinjian: this man is a bit of macho, but this macho is not all about men, but he thinks that men should protect women.

In other words, this kind of male chauvinism is really popular. It's especially popular. If you like it, you want to hide it and hide it in a place where you can't see other people's touch.

Qin Yin picked a pretty eyebrow and didn't talk.

Lu Xi quickly caught his hand: "well, please do as you please. I can save two movie tickets."

Qin Yin looked at her: "in the eyes of money?"

Lu Xi said with a smile, "money, who doesn't like it, who doesn't like it."

Qin Yinjian didn't talk. The two of them didn't communicate for a long time. He didn't know Lu Xi's family, and didn't know what her family was like. He also went to school in English. There was no one in school who knew his identity, and she would not know his identity.

Qin Yinjian didn't explain his identity to Lu Xi, and didn't ask people to check Lu Xi's identity. That's because he felt that love was a matter of two people, not affected by their identity, and respect for each other was the first thing.

Lu Xi added, "don't keep silent all the time. It's boring for me to speak alone if you don't speak."

Qin Yin nodded, "well."

Lu Xi: "..."

It's hopeless. Promise her to speak, but deal with her with a simple "um" word. I really want to hit him.

"What kind of movie do you want to see?" Lu asked

Qin Yinjian likes to watch movies of different types, especially those with brain and brain. It's hard for a girl of this age to have the same hobbies as him. So he said, "you can do it as you see it. I can see anything."

Lu Xi takes out her mobile phone, finds the app to buy movie tickets, and turns to some of the most popular movies recently. At one glance, she is attracted by the movie "who is the murderer".

Lu Xi read the introduction first, and the story was probably good. She looked at the list of actors again. They were all famous actors with acting skills. One of them was the movie's emperor who had won many films, and the other was the title of "spoony". They two played opposite roles for the first time, and they must have had an effect Before he saw it, Lu Xi didn't dare to say anything about the effect. Everything had to wait until he went to the cinema.

She pointed out to Qin Yinjian: "Qin Yinjian, let's see who is the murderer."

Qin's couple's daily life is a living love movie. Qin Yinjian is tired of watching it every day. Now Lu Xi proposes to watch a movie. His first reaction is that the girl must be able to choose a love movie like many girls.

Although he doesn't like love movies, as long as she likes them, he is willing to watch them with her. How could he know that this girl gave him a little surprise and even chose the suspense and reasoning movie he also likes. But he couldn't promise, and he also wanted to make sure that she would cooperate with him: "are you sure you want to see this film?"

Lucy: don't you like it

Qin Yinyu: "I'm confirming whether you like it or not?"

"I don't like why I choose this one," Lu said

At that time, Lu Xi only looked at whether he liked it or not. He never thought too much about it. Now

Thinking of today's Lu Xi, a trace of melancholy climbed up the Yinjian eyebrow.

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