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Qin Yinjian said, "you didn't know when I was in love. Now the girl I want to marry is the one I like. You don't know either.". In these years, I haven't done one thing that you worry about, so in your eyes, I should be a sensible and filial child. I can't do one thing that you are not satisfied with. "

Jane ran: "Xiao Jian, no..."

Qin Yin interrupted and said, "Mom, listen to me first. You may have thought that I also want big brother and elder sister to care the same, and want to be cared by you every day as they do. Ask yourself, have you ever given me as much love as they have? "

Hearing Qin Yinjian's words, Jane suddenly realized that she really cared less about her son than the other two children.

Qin Yinjian, a child, has shown a calmness different from his peers since he was a child. He has never let them worry about his study, which makes them think that this child should be like this, and ignores how hard he tries to be such a child who does not let his parents worry.

"Xiaojian I'm sorry! " Suddenly, Jane was so sad that she wiped the tears around her eyes! I'm really sorry! Mom and dad ignored you all these years, but they won't do it in the future. "

"Mom, you don't have to say sorry to me. I want to tell you that I am the same as ordinary people. I also need to love and care. I want to have a girl who can be like a little aunt who loves her uncle and grandfather, like a sister who loves her brother-in-law, or like you love my father. This girl I want. Her name is Lucy. She is the girl I have been waiting for. Anyway, I will marry her. Please don't interfere with me. " With that, Qin Yinjian bows to his parents and turns to leave.

Looking at Qin Yinjian's back when he left, Jane suddenly saw two words - loneliness on his back.

Over the years, she thought she took good care of the family and everyone's mood, but she ignored her youngest son.

Qin Yinze, the eldest son, lives in minluo city. She will visit them at least twice a year, and they will return to live in Jiangbei when they are free. She knows that the eldest son's family is very good.

Qin leran, her daughter, and her son-in-law lie, as well as xiaolele's family, live in Jiangbei. Every weekend, they will go home to get together, and Jianran will take good care of their family.

Even Qin Xiaobao has been married for so many years, and her son has grown up. Jane still takes care of her as a child, because she is Qin Yue's sister.

However, it was this son who was always sensible and filial in her eyes that made her ignore him so thoroughly. When he went to school, she didn't care much. She is proud of his outstanding performance when he joined Shengtian.

Qin Yue suddenly gave Sheng Tian such a heavy burden to Qin Yingu. She also took it for granted, so her son didn't attend the inauguration ceremony, and the couple went on a global trip.

"Son, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! " Jane scolded herself and wiped tears. Qin Yue sat next to her and held her gently in her arms. "Jane, I'm the one who should say I'm sorry."

Jane shook her head: "it's not your fault, it's our fault. How can we make such a big mistake? He is a child raised by both of us. "

Qin Yue patted Jane on the back and comforted him, "yes, we have been wrong all these years."

The two of them care about Qin Yinze, their eldest son, because Qin Yinze suffered a lot when he was a child and came to Qin's home at the age of 11. They try to think of a good pair of parents and don't want the eldest son to feel that he is not a part of the family.

Their husband and wife are good to Qin leran, because Qin leran is the first child of their husband and wife. In that year, when Jane was caesarean, the child almost died, and then there was no mother around. Qin Yue's love for him is double. When Jane came back, she always wanted to supply her children with the love she owed.

Only Qin Yinjian was born and grew up beside his parents. His life in the first two decades had hardly experienced any ups and downs. Everything was so smooth, so they ignored him.

But after this incident, they simply understood that they could not take him for granted because he was excellent.


Dong Dong -

Qin Yinjian just came out of the bath and heard a knock on the door.

He thought it was his mother. When he came to open the door, who would have opened the door? There was a small man standing at the door. Seeing him, he was so scared that he wanted to step back, but he had the courage to open his arms to him and said in a tearful voice, "Lele wants uncle's hug!"

Qin Yinjian: "not afraid I ate you?"

Lele was scared to cry, but still shook his head: "Lele is not afraid!"

Qin Yin took him up and said, "who asked you to come?"

Lele was so nervous that his body was stiff: "Lele came by himself."

"Say." Qin Yinjian didn't have to look fierce, but he slightly increased his voice, which scared Xiao Lele to tell the truth immediately, "my mother said that my uncle was in a bad mood. Let Lele come to chat with him and make him happy."

Qin Yinjian: "do you want to accompany your uncle?"

Lele Dudu mouth, honest to say: "do not want."

Qin Yin held him in one hand and locked the door in the other: "since I don't want to accompany my uncle, I'll sleep with him tonight. I'm not allowed to leave."

Lele was so scared that he almost cried: "my father is not at home. Lele wants to protect my mother. I can't sleep with my uncle."

Qin Yinjian: "there are no bad people at home."

Lele: "Grandpa and uncle are bad people!"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lele is not used to being held by Qin Yin. Her calf kicks: "uncle, my mother is calling Lele."

Qin Yin said: "Grandpa and uncle like Lele. Lele should not be scared."

Lele asked seriously, "why don't grandpa and uncle laugh at Lele?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

How does he explain the problem?

Lele blinked and hoped that his uncle would give him a satisfactory answer.

Qin Yin pinched his face: "a little over three years old boy, why so many questions?"

Lele: "..."

So uncle and grandpa just don't like him.

Knowing that the little guy is particularly reluctant to be with him, Qin Yinjian will not really be hard for him. He opens the door and puts down the little guy: "go to your mother."

When he was free, Lele turned around and ran, but he was too young to walk steadily. Now he runs fast and stumbles to the ground.

The ground is bare board. He fell to the ground and hurt the little guy. But he always remembered what his father said. A man can't easily shed tears, so he got up and went to his mother after patting his little butt.

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