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After the end of the conversation with lawyer Yang, Lu Xi fell into silence again. After so many years of searching, she failed to find the man of the year. Now, the man comes to the door by himself and doesn't know whether it's a blessing or a curse.

Jingling bell -

the ring for incoming calls rings again. This time, Qin Yingu calls. Lu Xi takes a few deep breaths and tries to calm down before he gets on the phone: "Hello!"

Qin Yin's voice, as usual, was indifferent: "who was on the phone just now?"

Lu Xi wryly smiled: "who can I talk to? President Qin is going to take care of it?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lucy said again, "will you come tonight?"

Qin Yinjian: "my parents have returned to Jiangbei. I'll go home tonight. You remember to eat and have a rest after eating."

This sentence sounds very common, but Lu Xi thinks it shouldn't be. His schedule doesn't need to report to her: "President Qin, you don't need to report to me anywhere you don't come here."

Qin Yinyu: "you are my fiancee."

That is to say, it is natural for the fiance to report the itinerary to his fiancee.

Since he took the initiative to mention the engagement, Lu Xi also wanted to make it clear to him: "President Qin, the engagement matter..."

Before she finished, Qin Yin interrupted her: "it's just engagement. I didn't let you marry me right away."

Lu Xi: "..."

She only said that she would not marry him, and she did not say that she would not be engaged to him, so he drilled a hole and made such an earth shaking event, which is not like what Qin Yinjian, who is safe, would do.

Qin Yin said, "OK, I'll hang up."

"Wait a minute, let's talk about it," Lu Xi said. There are many good women in the world. Why do you hang on my crooked neck tree? "

Qin Yinyu: "Lu Xi, do you really want to see that the engagement I announced today is to another woman?"

Lu Xi: "..."

She didn't really want to.

But she couldn't say no, she opened her mouth and couldn't say the last word.

Lu Xi didn't answer that, Qin Yinjian's tone relaxed a lot: "I'll give you enough time to prepare yourself mentally. I will try to change the way we get along. "

Qin Yinjian is cold-blooded and used to do nothing but talk. It's a big change he made to be so patient to explain to Lu Xi this time.

In fact, he had changed for Lu Xi before, but after that, everything went back to the starting point. He was Qin Yinjian, who was too cold to be approached.

Lu Xi: "no..."

Qin Yinjian: "there is nothing wrong."

Then he hung up.

On the way home, the car will soon meet the parents who have been missing for many days. But Qin Yinjian is not excited at all, but worried more.

Qin Yin knows that Ning tezhu has reported what happened today to his father. His father should blame him for his recklessness, but he doesn't regret it.

He has also lived for more than 20 years. In these years, he has never done anything that his parents feel should not be. This is the only thing he has ever done. He has only been willful once.

Because Lucie had never married a woman he had always married.

He was fascinated by the proud girl when he first saw her on the campus. Her every move and smile can lead to every nerve of him.

He likes to see her smile. When she smiles, there are two small pear vortexes. They look very cute. He also liked to see her look like nothing, proud as the queen of the world.

At that time, Lu Xi entered a famous American University at a young age and became the object of people's expectation

"Two less, here we are." The car had been parked at the door of the house for a long time, and the driver had to give a voice to remind Qin Yinyu that he had no intention of getting off.

Qin Yinjian just woke up from his own thoughts, got off the car, and went home.

Before entering the house, he heard the laughter of several women in the house. It was clear that the house was his home, but he always felt that there was something missing, and he felt that he was so out of place in such a warm and loving family.

"Oh, our little darling is back." Although Qin Yinjian has taken over Shengtian and is now the leader of shengtiantang hall, he is still her beloved younger brother in Qin lelan's eyes, and is sometimes nicknamed Qin Yinjian as an hour.

Hearing Qin leran's address to himself, Qin Yinjian was too lazy to correct it, but he frowned slightly. He looked at the three women in the living room: "Mom, little aunt, sister, I'm back."

"Well, you go upstairs and get dressed. I'll have dinner prepared," said Jane gently

Qin Xiaobao said: "Xiaojian, thank you for telling my aunt such a big secret. At the end of the war, that kid has been put in his father's army. In a short period of time, he can't think of hurting people. "

"You are welcome, little aunt." Qin Yin's eyes looked around at the same time. He didn't see the lively and lovely figure. "Sister, where is Lele's stinky boy?"

Who says this uncle doesn't love xiaolele?

If it doesn't hurt xiaolele, how can anyone find that little guy when they go home.

Qin leran pointed to the garden outside: "Grandpa is teaching xiaolele to play chess."

Xiaolele is a child who looks at people's faces very much. He likes everyone who greets him with a smile, so such a small boy insists on pestering his grandfather to teach him how to play chess.

Qin Yin didn't say a word and turned to go upstairs. When he changed his clothes and went downstairs, the whole family was in the living room.

Xiaolele squeezed to Grandpa's side: "Grandpa, is Lele smart?"

Grandpa Qin laughed happily and said: "of course, our Lele is the smartest baby in the world."

Lele danced with pride, climbed onto the sofa and jumped. When he was enjoying himself, he saw his uncle coming towards him. He sat down and cried unwillingly, "uncle."

Qin Yin was dissatisfied and said, "Stinky boy, I don't want to see your uncle."

Lele jumped into grandpa's arms and said, "Grandpa, help me!"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

This kid won't let him hold him. Now just seeing him is an expression that he wants to eat his kid. I really need to beat him.

Grandpa Qin hurriedly hugged Lele: "Xiaobi, grandpa is here. Don't bully our baby."

Lele immediately replied, "yes, Lele is still a baby. My uncle is not allowed to bully Lele."

Qin lelan said with a smile, "Lele, can your uncle eat people?"

Hearing that his uncle would eat people, Lele's eyes widened with fear, but he was very afraid, but he turned around and grabbed Qin lelan: "Mom, don't be afraid, Lele is a man, dad is not at home, Lele protects mom."

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