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When Lu Xi learned that Qin Yingu was engaged to him, it was already 6 p.m. When she heard the news, she was shocked for half an hour.

Is this man crazy?

She refused so directly, how could he even unilaterally declare that she was his fiancee?

After the shock, a lot of fear came to Lu Xi's mind.

If we let others know that the new president's betrothed wife has already given birth to a child, and even the father of the child doesn't know who it is, what a blow to Shengtian?

Never, Lu Xi didn't want to influence everything of Qin Yinjian because of himself.

She hoped that he would take good care of Shengtian and live a happy life. She also hoped that he would find the woman who can live with him forever.

Lu Xi shakes his hands and touches his mobile phone, trying to make a phone call for Qin Yinjian, but just takes out his mobile phone, a strange phone number first calls in: "Xiaoxi, Congratulations!"

It turned out that it was Cui Xianzhen who called with a new number. The tone of Cui Xianzhen on the phone was envious. Lu Xi got goosebumps just hearing it.

Don't think about it. Lu Xi also knows that Cui Xianzhen must have seen the news. He thinks he can get benefits from her, so he will put on a kind face to please her.

Lu Xi didn't want to have anything to do with the family for a long time: "Cui Xianzhen, how many times must I tell you to understand, don't call me again, I don't want to hear your disgusting voice again."

Cui Xianzhen said: "Xiaoxi, I know that I didn't have a good attitude towards you before, but I didn't mean anything. As your stepmother, I bear more psychological pressure than your biological mother. I'm afraid that something may happen to you. I'll be scolded by others for abusing my stepmother by pointing at my nose. So I do all those things for you. "

Lu Xi sneered and said, "for me? Give me medicine in my drink, put me in the bed of a strange man, let me be unmarried and have children first, and you can shamelessly say that you are good for me. I've seen the shameless, but I've never seen you so shameless. "

If he had been scolded by Lu Xi in the past, Cui Xianzhen would have made a lot of noise on the phone, scolded Lu Xi for being unfilial, and scolded Lu Xi for being shameless. But today, Cui Xianzhen still accompanied him with a smile: "Xiao Xi, the past has passed, let's not talk about it in the future."

Lu Xi: "so tell me, what are you trying to do by calling me today?"

Cui Xianzhen said: "Xiaoxi, you have been suffering for so many years. Now you finally find a good home. Your father and I are happy to find the bottom of our hearts for you. Don't worry about the family. Our family is very good in America. If one day we can't stay in America and we have such a capable son-in-law, can he still make us hungry? "

Look, Lu Xi knows that Cui Xianzhen called because he saw the news. It's ridiculous: "Cui Xianzhen, let me tell you the truth, I can't marry Qin Yingu. You can't think of getting benefits from him."

Cui Xianzhen said again: "Xiaoxi, how can you be so stubborn? You see, you are a woman. You are unmarried and have children first. You don't even know who the father of the child is. The child is still ill. How old she can live is not known. "

"Cui Xianzhen, shut up!" roared Lu Xi

Cui Xianzhen knows what Lu Xi's pain is. Instead of avoiding Lu Xi's pain point, he steps up hard: "Xiao Xi, it's not that I want to talk about children, it's that I let you see the reality. Who is the father of that wild child? You still don't know. In addition, he is ill. He can only be your burden and can't help your life. If you can find a way to send him off, don't let him ruin your life. "

Hearing that Cui Xianzhen, who is also a mother, was able to say this, Lu Xizhen felt sad for his son: "Cui Xianzhen, you are also a mother. You are not afraid that your son will not recognize you when he grows up? Are you not afraid of your son's growing up? "

"Cui Xian really angry way:" Lu Xi, you dare to curse my son

Lu Xi said coldly, "your son is a treasure in your heart, and my son is a treasure in my heart. If you dare to say that he is not one, I have to let you do well."

Cui Xianzhen said: "I'm kind enough to call you to congratulate you. Finally, a man wants you. What's your attitude to talk to me? I'll tell you that no matter who you hook up with, you can't change the fact that we are your relatives. "

"Oh, dear ones?" Lu Xi sneered. "Cui Xianzhen, you have grown your face too much. I would rather recognize a dog as a relative than ask you to be such a relative. Besides, don't forget that you encouraged my father to break the relationship between father and daughter as early as I was pregnant. Now I have no relationship with you at all, and you can't expect to get any more benefits from me. "

Cui Xianzhen said angrily: "Lu Xi, since you have said so much, don't blame me for not talking about mother daughter relationship. You won't let us have a good life, and you won't want to have a good one. "

"Cui Xianzhen, just let's see who can laugh till the end." Lu xipa hung up the phone, and then called lawyer Yang, "lawyer Yang, I want to talk to you about my stepmother."

Lawyer Yang said, "you say."

Lu Xi added: "I just want to ask if I can find Lu Lu's father, as long as that person admits that Cui Xianzhen was the mastermind of that year, then I can send her to prison."

"As long as the evidence is sufficient, there is no problem at all. The problem is that she can be sentenced for several years," Yang said

Lucy added: "I have recorded all her calls over the years. If I find strong evidence, I will give it to you as soon as possible, and then I will bother you."

Lawyer Yang said: "Lu Xi, don't say trouble is not trouble. In my years as a lawyer, I have met many situations like you, but most of the victims choose to be silent and dare not stand up. You are the only one who has been actively cooperating with my work. I should thank you for that. You can stand up and set a good example for your female compatriots. If women suffer the same harm in the future, they will have another way to choose. "

Lu Xi sighed: "don't say that I'm so great. I decided to give birth to Lu Lu Lu, and I haven't given up looking for his father for so many years. I don't want to be an example. I just want to let those who hurt me get due legal sanctions."

Now because she didn't find Lu Lu's biological father, and couldn't find strong evidence to direct Cui Xianzhen, Cui Xianzhen has been happy for so many years. As long as she gets the evidence, she will send Cui Xianzhen to prison as soon as possible.

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