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Antinger walked into the ward again: "Lu Xi, President Qin said just now, as long as you promise to marry him, you can open it. Even if you want the moon in the sky, he will try to pick it for you. "

Lu Xi hid in the quilt and said: "my condition is that he should not talk about this again, and you should not talk about it. We should not have talked about it today."

Seeing that Lu Xi's attitude is so firm, antinger knows that he can't change Lu Xi's decision. He tries to ask again: "Lu Xi, you don't agree to marry president Qin, because he didn't propose to you personally? You also know that Mr. Qin's character is like that. He doesn't talk about it, but he has you in his heart. "

"No," said Lucy

"Why then?" pursued antinger? You can give me a clear answer. I'd better give it to President Qin, or he will let me continue to pester you. "

"There's no reason why I don't want to marry this person. She's not my ideal husband," Lu said

"What would your ideal husband look like?" he asked

Lu Xi laughs: "my ideal husband's choice, humor loves to laugh many, especially can coax me to be happy, looks handsome does not have the relations, the money many does not have the relations."

Antinger sighed: "you are against our president Qin. What's wrong with being rich and handsome? Why can't you think about it? "

If you can, antinger really wants to knock on Lucy's head to see if Lucy's head is different from that of ordinary people. How many women in the world are looking forward to being looked at more by their general manager Qin, how many women want to marry their chief executive officer, but their chief executive officer never looks at other women directly, how can she know how to pity Lu Xi when such a good thing hits her head?

He added: "Lu Xi, think about it again. If you miss this village, there will be no shop. It's too late to regret."

Lu Xi didn't want to explain: "with the help of ante, please tell Mr. Qin that I will never be with him in my life unless he becomes a humorous person."

"Well, since you want to understand, I won't advise you any more. I'll tell him now," antinger said

Antangi walked out of the ward and looked at Qin Yinjian's expression. He should have heard what Lu Xi had just said: "President Qin, do you hear what Lu Xi said. You are the key person, not me. "

Qin Yin looks at antinger coldly and turns to leave.

Antinger: "..."

What do you mean, President?

Is it for him to keep pestering Lucy?

It's not that he wants to marry people.

To be honest, he has lived for nearly 40 years. He has seen all kinds of courtship rituals, but he has never seen a man who proposes and lets others pass on the word for him. Such a man is not a bachelor and has no sense in his whole life.

However, who let his master be Sheng Tianxin's master? Not to mention how rich he is, this beautiful leather bag alone can make many women serve him.

Because of this, antangi was so worried that he saw Qin Yinjian pushing a floater to come, which surprised antangi so much that his eyes widened. In fact, their president had already prepared for other things.

Qin Yin pushed open the door, pushed the floats into the ward, and closed the door with his hands. Antinger wanted to stick his ears on the door to hear what was going on, but he was not so bold.


In the ward.

Lu Xi, who was lying in the quilt, heard the sound of opening the door. She thought it was antinger again: "with special help, I have made it clear to you that I will not marry him."

"That's how I hate you?"

Qin Yin's cold voice came to Lu Xi'er and made her climb up: "Why are you here?"

Qin Yinjian is still a cold man who doesn't eat fireworks: "why don't you want to marry me?"

Lucy wanted to marry him, but she didn't deserve it. She didn't deserve it.

But these words, Lu Xi can't say to Qin Yinjian, she still raises the indifferent smile as before: "because don't want to marry, so don't want to marry, there is no reason."

Qin Yinjian: "then how can I agree to marry me?"

Lu Xi said with a smile, "I don't want to do anything."

Qin Yinjian shook his fist and tried to control his mood: "just now antinger has brought my words to you. As long as you promise me, you can put forward any conditions."

Lu Xi blinked at him, smiling innocently and innocuously: "President Qin, then tell me why you want to marry me?"

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lu Xi said, "look, you don't know why you want to marry me. What do you say you want to marry me for? After marrying me, I may regret for a few days, and then I will divorce again. I'm young. I want to marry someone who can always find someone willing to marry me. If I marry you and divorce again, I will be a divorcer. Then I won't be able to marry now. Do you mean, my dear president Qin Da? "

Qin Yin said seriously, "our Qin family has never had a precedent of divorce for several generations. It didn't exist before, it won't exist now, it won't exist in the future. "

Lu Xi: "so because your elders haven't divorced, you have to live a lifetime with a woman you don't love?"

Qin Yinjian: "Lu Xi!"

Lu Xi put up his smile and said seriously, "Qin Yingu, I don't know why you suddenly decided to marry me. To be honest, I was very surprised when I heard the news. After that, I was afraid. What kind of identity I am, I am very clear, I do not want to climb you, do not want to live in fear in the future. I just want to find a man who loves me and cares for me. It's better to live a simple life. "

Qin Yinjian clenched his fist tightly and asked, "Lu Xi, who else do you want to marry besides me?"

Lu Xi gave him a bright smile: "anyone but you can."

Qin Yinyu: "what do you mean?"

Lucy continued: "if you still treat me as a person, please respect my choice. If you let me go, I'll thank you. "

Qin Yin stared at her and saw the firmness in her eyes. He knew that this woman really didn't want to marry him, but didn't intentionally trip him up. He thinks he has done everything to her. Why doesn't this woman want to come back to him?

"I really think it's very good that we have this kind of relationship now, let's just keep it like this, and don't talk about marriage anymore," said Lucy

Qin Yinjian looked at her smiling face and thought it was dazzling. If he stayed any longer, he promised that he would strangle her with his own hands. In the middle of strangling her out of reason, he left with his sleeve.

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