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She didn't sleep for a few hours, but when she woke up, Lucy couldn't sleep. Lying in bed, she couldn't sleep, so she got up and ran in the gym at home.

Lu Xi likes sports. She arranges regular time for exercise every week. Running is the most common exercise for her. Today, she runs as usual. However, it's not right for her to run. Her body falls uncontrollably to the ground as soon as she is confused

Before falling down, Lu Xi thought of a man in the sea. Only he could save her. However, he was so angry with her last night, and it is estimated that he will not appear in this house for many days.

By the time he showed up, her body was probably going to rot.


I don't know how long later, Lucy blinked and woke up.

When she opened her eyes, the person she saw was Qin Yinjian's cold but extremely handsome face. Alas, this man was the killer of her. She was dead and could see him when she opened her eyes.

She stared at him. No matter where he was, the man was so cold, even colder than ice. He didn't look cute at all.

Seeing Lu Xi wake up, he turns his eyes to stare at him stealthily. Qin Yin turns his head to look at her no longer.

Lucy Dudu said, "this man, I'm dead. Can't you be gentle with me?"

Qin Yinjian's mouth was drawn, but he still ignored her.

Lu Xi reached out and poked him: "are you real or not?"

It's real to poke at him, not fake.

Was she saved?

Lu Xi looks around and understands that she is in the hospital ward. Then she quickly reaches out her hand and pinches her thigh. It will hurt, which proves that she is not dead. She is still alive. So it is Qin Yingu who saves her: "thank you!"

Lu Xi thought that he should say thanks to him, otherwise he could not hear her thanks. He would die next time. This man has always been such an awkward man.

Hearing her thanks, Qin Yinjian not only didn't answer her, but got up and left.

Lucy was lost. She was still lying on the bed. Couldn't he sit here a little longer?

Even if he ignores her with a cold face, she will feel better as long as he sits here.


Lucy sighed quietly and soon covered up her mood. He left, so she would go to sleep for a while.

Qin Yinjian had just left when antinger came in: "Lu Xi, are you better?"

Lu Xi nodded and smiled: "thank you for your concern. I'm much better."

Antinger handed a document to Lu Xi and said, "this is what Mr. Qin asked me to give you. You can have a look first. After reading it, what else needs to be added, just mention it."

"What is this?" Lu Xi asked

"Look first," said antinger

Lu Xi opens the file and is surprised to see the name of the file for a long time. No, no, No This should not be true. It should be the hallucination that she has not been awake.

But when Lu Xi comforted himself, he heard from antinger: "Lu Xi, Qin always wants to marry you, and you own all the property in the marriage agreement after marriage. You see, if there is any need, just mention it. I don't think Qin won't refuse. "

"Marriage agreement?" Lu Xi slowly read out these words. After being nodded and confirmed by antinger, she lost the document like a hot potato. "Can you help me, ant? I'm not scared. "

"When did I scare you?" said antinger? Besides, if it's not the order of general manager Qin, do you think I dare to play with him quietly? Even if you give me ten thousand courage, I dare not joke with you about such things. "

Lu Xi shook his head: "take this document away, as if it has not been shown to me, as if I don't know."

"You don't know the personality of Qin Zong," added an Tingjie. "Can you and I change what he decides? Lu Xi, I don't mean you. We all see what Qin always does to you this year. His person is indifferent to other people's affairs except work, but he is different to you. "

Lu Xi smiled: "ant help, do you know who I used to be? Do you know what I've done in the past? "

Antinger shook his head. Their chief executive never asked them to check the details of Lucie, so they knew nothing about Lucie's past.

Lu Xi added, "with special help, please tell president Qin what he wants. I know what he wants. I won't sign this document. I don't want to be his wife."

Antinger: "Lu Xi, think about it again."

"I've thought about it very clearly, no matter how much time you give me, I won't think about it," said Lucy

Antinger: "Lucy, why? We, Mr. Qin, are so handsome. How many women want to get married. Now that such a good thing has come to you, why can't you think it over? "

"Maybe it's because he's too many women who want to marry. There should be better women to marry him. This person shouldn't be me." Lucy lay in bed. "I'm a little sleepy. I want to sleep."

Antinger is also helpless: "Lu Xi......"

Lucy buried his head in the bed and ignored him.

Antinger knew that their president decided to do this, so he had to do it. He didn't give Lu Xi a chance to refuse. The president asked him to inform Lu Xi that he wanted to ask Lu Xi to raise the conditions. He asked Lu Xi to raise all kinds of conditions, but Lu Xi didn't know anything about it. She refused such a generous condition.

"What are you worried about, Lucy?" he tried to persuade? Worried about our general manager Qin's transference? If you have this worry, you can rest assured that all the elders of the Qin family are very specific about their wives. As long as the president Qin marries you, he will certainly die for you in the future. "

Lu Xi covered her ears and did not want to hear anything. She was afraid that she would be moved and that she would sign the agreement regardless of everything. After all, the temptation was fatal to her. She had no resistance.

After sitting and persuading for a long time, he saw that Lu Xi was still unmoved. He just took the document and went out to report the situation to the master and son. He just wanted to explain the situation. Qin Yinyu took the lead in saying: "you can't do this little thing well, so there's no need to stay with me."

An Tingjie: "President Qin......"

Is this a small thing?

Is this really a small thing?

This is their president's life, OK?

He didn't understand either. When their president wanted to marry someone, he went to hold their hand or hold them to explain that women are soft hearted animals. As long as the president went out in person, he didn't believe that Lu Xi could survive.

It is estimated that Lu Xi is not willing to sign, because it is not the president's personal appearance. After all, the matter of marriage proposal is a matter of life, which can't be replaced by his assistant.

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