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Lu Xi kicked the mobile phone away again, but still failed to kick it. The voice of a strange man came from the speaker again: "as long as the child is my flesh and blood, it doesn't matter who he looks like."

"Shut up!" roared Lucy

The man added: "you must have suffered a lot with your children in these years. I can understand many grievances in your heart. Now that I know that I have a child living in exile, I will never let him suffer outside again. Lucy, it's late today. Let's make an appointment tomorrow. Let's talk about the children. I will be responsible for the children, and I will be responsible for you if you like. "


Land and land?

No, no, no, Lu Lu is her own child. She raised Lu by herself. It has nothing to do with other people. No one wants to steal Lu from her.

Thinking of Lu Lu Lu, Lu Xi tries to keep her inner panic down a little bit. At this time, she must stay awake to better protect Lu Lu Lu and do what she has always wanted to do but failed to do.

At that time, Lu Lu Lu was determined to be born, that is, to find the man who defiled her through DNA pairing. But after Lu Lu Lu was born, because she was so cute, she unconsciously wanted to love him and protect him, so she had to quietly find the man.

Over the years, Lucy has been looking for the man who hurt her, but there has been no news. Now that the man comes to the door voluntarily, she should go to see him well.

Lu Xi took a deep breath of cool air, calmed down his mood, and tried to speak to him in a calm voice: "OK, what time will I see you tomorrow?"

The man said, "I've just come to Jiangbei and I'm not familiar with this city. Let's make it up to Miss Lu Xi."

Lu Xi thought for a moment: "I'll see you tomorrow afternoon at a regretful coffee shop, Binjiang building, Binjiang Road."

Good man: "good."

After hearing the response from the other side, Lu Xi immediately hung up, and then called the lawyer in charge of her case these years: "lawyer Yang, that man has contacted me."

"He contacted you?" After looking for someone they haven't found for several years, they suddenly contacted Lu Xi, and lawyer Yang was very surprised, "Lu Xi, are you sure that's the man?"

Lu Xi shook his head and nodded: "I'm not sure, but no one knows what happened that night except that man. Today, he called to talk about the Intercontinental Hotel. He talked about August 8 four years ago. I think he was right. "

"No matter whether he is or not, you can find a way to meet him first and try to pull one or two hairs of him. We can get the result by matching the DNA data of Lu Lu Lu," Yang said

Lu Xi bit her lip. "Lawyer Yang, I'm afraid of it all of a sudden."

Lawyer Yang said, "Lu Xi, are you sorry?"

Lu Xi shook his head: "I've never wavered in the idea of bringing that man to justice, but Lu Lu Lu is innocent. I don't want him to be involved in this matter. Don't point to him later and say that he is the son of someone, so please ask lawyer yang to keep this matter secret for me. Don't let Lu Lu Lu Lu get hurt."

Lawyer Yang said: "Lu Lu is the child I watched when I was born and grew up. How can I let him be hurt. If you don't say these things, I will do my best to keep secret and never let his future life be affected in the slightest. "

Lu Xi: Thank you, lawyer Yang

Lawyer Yang said, "be polite to me. You remember to get that hair. As long as he and Lu Lu's DNA match successfully, no matter who he is, no matter how much he pays, I will let him be severely punished by the law."

Lucy gave a wry smile: "OK. I will try to get it tomorrow. "

Although he was very reluctant to think about what happened in that year, it has already happened and no one can change it. Lu Xi has no choice but to face it head-on.

At first, she chose the most difficult way to go. Her family all asked her to kill the children in her belly, but she did not. She chose to run away from home and insisted on giving birth to Lu Lu Lu.

Lu Xi has never regretted the decision she made. No matter who the father is, Lu Lu is her child.


Half asleep and half awake, Lucy seemed to return to the night a few years ago.

"Hot..." Lu Xi groaned feebly on the big bed in the hotel room. There was a big air conditioner in the room, but she still felt hot and sweated all over.

She didn't know what was wrong with her. She was in good health before returning to her room. There was no accident. She drank the cup of tea that her stepmother Cui Xianzhen gave her. Her body changed slowly.

"Hot It's so hot... Who can give me a glass of water? " Lucy wanted to get up and find a piece of ice in the fridge, but she couldn't get out of bed.

As time went by, Lucy's mind became more and more confused. She just felt that there was a fire burning in her heart, which was about to melt her. Vaguely, she heard the sound of swiping the card, heard the door being opened, vaguely saw a man entering her room

Who is that person? She can't see clearly. She only knows that the person seems to be very tall. When the person holds her, she feels much better. He is as cool as ice in summer.

However, it's not enough to hold him. She doesn't know where her courage comes from. She even takes the initiative to untie his clothes and meet his skin. In this way, she can get rid of the heat in her body.

The next day, it was two o'clock in the afternoon when Lucy woke up. The embarrassment on the bed and the pain in her body reminded her of what happened last night. Sadly, she didn't know who the man who had a relationship with her hair was.

"Look at you, Lucie. You've done something shameful in a day. You're pregnant before you marry. You don't even know who the father of your child is. If I had run away from home long ago, I wouldn't have the face to stay here."

"Lucy, get rid of the wild seed in your belly."

The stepmother's voice, one after another, sounded like a magic spell in Lucy's ear.

"No, no..." Lu Xi suddenly woke up from a nightmare. She opened her eyes in a cold sweat. The sky outside was already slightly bright, and a new day began.

Every day is a new day, but she still lives in the past nightmare can not start again, those ugly faces appear in her dream from time to time, reminding them how dirty they have done.

Many times, Lu Xi would think that if he didn't drink Cui Xianzhen's cup of tea, if he had more self-control, there would be no future But life is so cruel, there is no repetition, no if, only to keep moving forward.

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