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After saying this, Lu Xi found Qin Yinjian's face was as black as a pile of black charcoal, especially his eyes were so fierce that he could swallow her in his stomach at any time.

What did he look at her so fiercely for?

Is she wrong?

His attitude towards her is also that of calling and waving, not that of treating her as a temporary sleeping companion. Do you expect her to treat him as her husband?

In the past, Lu Xi thought how nice it would be for him to be her husband, but since she had Lu Lu Lu, she understood that this idea could only be hidden in her heart.

Qin Yin looked at her coldly, stared at her for a long time, and then got up to go to the study. At the same time, he coldly left a sentence: "it's best to have self-knowledge."

Lu Xi covered up her sadness and shrugged helplessly: "have you had dinner?"

Of course, she knew that she could not get his answer, but as the little lover he raised, no matter what his attitude was, she could not have a temper and should serve him well.

No matter whether he had dinner or not, Lucy went into the kitchen to prepare two dishes, or she was good at stir fried meat and eggs with tomatoes. After that, she went to the door of the study and said a word, then went back to the room to prepare.

Qin Yinjie, a man who loves cleanliness, is almost in the state of cleanliness. So in order to make him happy, Lu Xi will take a bath for himself as long as he has time before going to bed, so as not to let him dislike him.

When Lu Xi returned to his room after taking a bath, Qin Yinjian also took a bath from another bathroom. He was surrounded by a bath towel, lying on the bed at will and reading a book in his hand.

Lu Xi climbed to bed, lay beside him, reached out to his chest and nodded, "President Qin, tonight or not?"

As soon as Qin Yin put the book away, a strong body would cover it

Lu Xi's forehead was sweaty with pain. She wanted to cry for pain and make him feel lighter, but she didn't say anything. She just bit her lips tightly and was so stubborn that she didn't want to cry for pain.

Lu Xi knows that Qin Yinjian is angry, because every time he is angry, he will toss her to death and to life without restraint. Tonight, as in many times before, it will take a long time for him to stop.

When he stopped, Lucy felt that she was dying, but she got up and went to the bathroom to wash. She didn't dislike him to wash, because she had more important things to do behind his back.

Qin Yinyu, a man, is not willing to take contraceptive measures every time. Afterwards, she must take the contraceptive pill quietly, strictly stipulate that she should be a qualified lover, and never leave him trouble, so as not to marry other women in the future and let people find out that there are illegitimate children outside.

Lu Xi also knows that taking this medicine will do great harm to her body. It is possible that she will not be able to be a mother in the future, but she doesn't care. In this life, it's enough for her to have such a lovely son as Lu Lu Lu.

She put the medicine into her mouth, drank it and swallowed it. She was about to put the medicine bottle back into the cosmetic box, but she found Qin Yinjian didn't know when he was standing at the door. He looked at the bottle in his hand so coldly that he could kill her in a hurry: "damn, what are you eating?"

Since he found out, Lu Xi also admitted generously: "what else can I eat? Of course, I took the emergency contraceptive afterwards. Otherwise, President Qin thinks you are so useless. I haven't been able to bear you this year. "

Qin Yin grabs the medicine bottle in her hand and says, "who the hell made you eat it?"

The first time I heard his bluff, Lucy was also scared. Instinctively, he wanted to step back, but he grabbed him: "I'm asking you, can't hear you?"

He had a lot of strength, which made Lucy's wrists hard and painful. But she was still stubborn and unwilling to cry out: "as your little lover, I try not to cause trouble for you in the future, which is my duty."

"It's your duty not to trouble me later." Qin Yinjian poured all the medicine into his palm, pinched her chin, and tried to put all the medicine into her mouth. "Since you are so sensible, you should eat them. If you eat them all at once, you will not cause trouble for my future life if you die."

Lu Xi's stubborn temper was also aroused by him. Instead of struggling, she opened her mouth: "well, if you want to see me eat, I'll show you. If you want me to die, I'll show you. "

However, Qin Yinjian waved his hand, slapped your medicine bottle and pill on the ground, and then turned away: "if you dare to take it again, you can't get any more money from me."

As soon as Qin Yinjian left, Lu Xi collapsed, his body slid down the wall of the bathroom, and he was unable to sit on the floor She tried not to give him any trouble. Did she do it wrong?

Jingling bell -

in the room, the cell phone suddenly rings loudly, forcing Lucy to wake up. She gets up and goes back to the room, and sees the strange phone on the screen. She still presses hands-free to answer: "Hello, who are you?"

"Who am I?" There was a voice from a strange man on the phone, "Miss Lucy, you asked me this question very well, and it's also the main purpose for me to call you today."

Does this person know her?

But Lucy had no impression of the voice: "who are you?"

The man's smiling voice came to Lucille: "Miss Lucie, do you remember what happened at the Intercontinental Hotel on August 8, four years ago?"

Four years ago, August 8, intercontinental hotel!

This time, this place, is what Lu Xi never wanted to think of. That night, the place called Intercontinental Hotel, completely destroyed her.

Now, it has been four years since that event, but every time I think of it, Lucy seems to have come to the gate of the devil again, which makes her afraid that she will not even breathe.

Lu Xi wants to lose her cell phone, but the person on the other side of the phone is still talking: "Miss Lu Xi, I was looking for you that night, but I couldn't find it all the time. You make me want to die."

Lu Xi covered his ears and roared, "shut up! Shut up! "

The man said, "Miss Lucy, I'm your first man, anyway. How can you do this to me?"

Lucy was so scared that she lost her mind. She screamed at the top of her voice, "shut up! I told you to shut up! "

The man went on: "I've had a hard time getting your contact information from your mother recently. I've had a hard time getting in touch with you. I haven't heard enough of your voice yet. How can I be willing to shut up?"

Lu Xi is afraid to smash the mobile phone out, but I don't know if it's too good or not. Not only is it not broken, but I can also hear the voice of the person on the other end of the phone: "Miss Lu Xi, I heard that you gave birth to a child for me. Think our child should be more than three years old. Don't know if he looks like me or you? "

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