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When he woke up at the end of the war, he was in the dormitories of the army. Looking at the dormitories of these several people, he had the feeling that he should not call the ground ineffective every day. Because I'm naked, let alone mobile phones, and I don't even have clothes.

If he didn't have any discomfort, he would even suspect that he was violated.

Gulu -

the voice of Gulu came from his stomach to remind him that he was hungry. He touched his hungry belly and shouted out at the top of his voice: "Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao, you really can't let go of your own son."

However, the answer to him was not Zhan Nianbei and Qin Xiaobao, but the bugle of the army. A man in military uniform rushed into the room, raised his hand and looked at the time: "Comrade Zhan limo, the clothes are on your bed, put them on immediately, and gather at the downstairs training ground in five minutes."

At the end of the war, the anger didn't come out. Now people are shouting at him like grandsons, and he rushes up angrily: "comrade? Who the fuck is your comrade? "

He is a serious three good young man. He wants to hug a beautiful woman when he sees her. He never has any idea about a man. When did he become the comrade he shouted at?

However, the soldier didn't pay any attention to him at all, turned around and left Zhan limo alone. Hum, he just didn't wear them, didn't go to the training, and fired him if he had the ability.

At the end of Zhan Li's life, he lay back, still naked, and happily raised his legs high, singing happily: "you ask me how deep I love you, how much I love you, how true I love you, and how deep I love you..."

Five minutes passed quickly.

As soon as the time came, someone rushed into his room, and this time there were not only one soldier but several. Those people surrounded him, whether he was naked or not.

Seeing this group of people coming fiercely, Zhan Li realized the danger at the end of the war, he sat up and reached for his clothes. However, the movements of those people were faster than that of him. Several people surrounded together, two people held his arms, two people held his legs, and they were about to walk out.

"What are you going to do?" At the end of Zhan Li's reign, he knew that Zhan Nianbei and Qin Xiaobao, a couple with no conscience, were playing with him this time. If he didn't obey, he would not only lose his face, but also lose his body.

Although his figure is very good, the height of 188, plus the lack of exercise these years, there are eight abdominal muscles, which can make women salivate, but he is not an exhibitionist, how can a group of people look at it casually.

Some of them said loudly, "at the end of the war, this is the army, not the kindergarten. Since you have come in, you should abide by the rules here. If you make a mistake, the military law will deal with it."

"Everyone, I know it's wrong. I just woke up and didn't find out what happened. You give me another five minutes. In five minutes, I will be on time at the training ground. " At the end of the war, the most knowledgeable heroes don't suffer from the immediate loss. Now they are locked here and can't escape. Only when they face the reality first, can they find a way.

Several people threw the war away from the end of the bed again, because it was a hot day, the solid iron bed was only paved with a cold mat, these people were some rough men, the strength of throwing him back naturally was needless to say, his back was hurt, but he dared not even cry out again, only could silently curse Zhan Nianbei and Qin Xiaobao in his heart, and wished that couple had no conscience The husband and wife separated as soon as possible. Don't hurt him any more.

Yes, he sincerely prayed to heaven with ten thousand hearts, wishing war and Qin Xiaobao an early separation.

If he knew that his father, in order to make his mother happy, had contracted a couple restaurant in mangrove bay at this time and was enjoying the romantic world of two people, he would certainly wish them and their husband and wife not only could not be together in the next life and the next life.


The holiday time always passes quickly. On this day, Lu Xi feels that she hasn't done anything. In a flash, it's dinner time. She is preparing to have dinner with Lu Lu. Qin Yinyu's phone call comes in.

Seeing Qin Yinjian's phone call, Lu Xi looks at Lu Lu and makes a silent gesture to him before answering: "hello?"

From the phone came Qin Yin's unchanging voice: "where is it?"

After the last lesson, Lucy didn't dare to lie easily and said that at home, she had to tell a little lie: "a person is OK, have dinner outside."

Qin Yinyu: "give you ten minutes."

Lucy: are you back

Pa -

the sound of hanging up is coming from the phone.

Qin Yinjian has been offended several times in succession. Lu Xi dare not make another attempt. She touches Lu Lu's head: "son, Mommy is going to go out to do something, let Miss Zhang come to accompany you, OK?"

Lu Lu quickly hugs Lu Xi: "Mommy, no! Land and land do not want you to leave land and land. "

Lu Xi kissed him: "son, Mommy is busy. When Mommy is finished, she will come back to accompany you, OK?"

Lu Lu flat mouth, crying: "I don't want."

Lu Xi knows that Lu Lu Lu is afraid that she will be able to see her for many days after she leaves, so she doesn't want to leave, but not to leave: "Lu Lu, Mommy promised you that she would come back to accompany you tomorrow, OK?"

Lu Lu rubbed his eyes: "Mommy, pull the hook."

"OK, pull the hook." Lu Xi hugs Lu Lu in pain.


When Lu Xi went back, Qin Yin was rarely in the study, but sat on the sofa in the living room with a cigarette in his hand. Seeing her enter the room, he pressed the cigarette end into the ashtray and looked up at her coldly.

Lu Xi was a little nervous by him, but she still pretended to be relaxed. She said with a smile: "President Qin, it's not a week's business trip. Since he came back in advance, why don't he call me in advance and tell me that I'm good at home to cook and wait for you."

Qin Yinyu: "come here."

Lu Xi walked to his side and just arrived, he reached out his hand and held her in his arms. He buried himself in her neck and sniffed: "Lu Xi, if you dare to hook a man with me on your back, I will make you die very ugly."

Hearing his cold words, Lu Xi's smile disappeared a little bit, but soon she smiled again, but this time it was more fake than the previous smile: "President Qin, I still have this professional ethics. If I want to seduce other men any more, I have to find a way to hold back before the contract with you is terminated. Don't I think about other men until you get tired of me. "

Qin Yin put out his hand and squeezed her chin: "you say it again."

Lu Xi patted him on the chest, still smiling: "I said that you spend money to sleep with me, and I still have this professional ethics, so please don't worry that I will eat on your back."

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