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Because there is no need to go to work, Lu Xi plans to take Lu Lu Lu to sleep in, but the little guy sleeps early at night, wakes up early in the morning, rolls to Lu Xi's arms early in the morning and rubs: "Mommy, do you love me?"

Lucy: of course

Lu Lu: "I love you, too."

Lu Xi: "well, son, let mommy sleep a little longer."

Lu Lu: "OK."

But after a while, the little guy climbed up to Lucy and held her face: "Mommy, how much do you love me?"

Lu Xi really wants to put his mouth into the grindstone, but he can't show a little dissatisfaction. Otherwise, the sensitive little boy will think that mommy doesn't want him.

Sure enough, Lu Lu Lu didn't hear Lu Xi's answer. Lu Lu Du again said, "Mommy, you don't answer me because you don't love me?"

Lu Xi took the little guy to the bed and said, "little guy, if you quarrel with mommy again, Mommy will ignore you."

Lu Lu: "Mommy, give me your cell phone."

Lu Xi doesn't let Lu Lu Lu play with electronic devices at ordinary times, but today in order to get a good sleep, she gave Lu Lu Lu her mobile phone as an exception, and Lu Lu took it and rolled it to the other side of the bed to play.

After a while, he looked back at Lucy and said, "Mommy..."

Lucy didn't answer.

Lu Lu called out tentatively, "Mommy, are you asleep?"

Lucy still didn't answer. She should be asleep.

Lu Lu slowly slides out of bed holding his mobile phone and hides in the living room to find the call record of Lu Xi's mobile phone. There are few calls of Lu Xi, and there is only one phone number in the call record of Lu Xi's mobile phone.

Hum, this phone number should be the bad guy's.

Lu Lu is a little bit small, the screen pops up the number, under the number is calling a few words, but he doesn't know the words, just silently waiting for the phone to connect.

After a while, the phone was connected. There was a very cold male voice: "what's the matter?"

When Lu Xi answers the phone, Lu Lu occasionally hears this voice. He can be sure that this person is the big villain who bullies Mommy: "hum, big villain, when I grow up, I will defeat you."

Qin Yinyi: "tell Lu Xi to answer the phone."

Lu Lu: "she is not free. You are not allowed to call her again, or I will bite you."

Qin Yinjian: "ask her to answer the phone."

The voice of the bad guy on the phone is so cold and fierce. Lu Lu Lu is afraid, but he still has courage: "bad guy, you are not allowed to attack me or bully her."

Qin Yinyu: "if you don't call her again, I'll let you never want to see her again."

Qin Yinjian's words stabbed the soft rib of Lu Lu, which made him cry: "big bad guy! The big bad wolf! You are the worst villain! I hate you! "

Lu Lu's cry came to the room and woke up Lu Xi, who was half asleep. She quickly turned over and got out of bed. When she came to the living room, she saw Lu Lu crying and making noise at his cell phone. Qin Yinjian's voice came out of her cell phone: "no crying, little fart boy!"

Qin Yinjian's voice

Hearing Qin Yinjian's voice, Lu Xi's thoughts of dying are all there. In case Lu Lu misses his words, what can I do.

She didn't think much about it. She rushed to grab her cell phone and hung up: "son, what's the matter?"

Lu Lu burst into Lu Xi's arms crying: "Mommy, the bad guy is so fierce. He bullies me."

Lucy patted him on the back: "you tell mommy how he bullied you?"

Lu Lu: "he asked you to answer the phone. He also said that he would not want me to see you in the future."

Lucy swallowed her saliva nervously. "Son, what did you tell him?"

Lu Lu: "I said he was a bad guy!"

Lu Xi: what else

Lu Lu: "I told him not to bully Mommy."

After hearing Lu Lu's words, Lu Xi raised her heart to her throat and said, "son, you told him that I was your mommy?"

Lu Lu shook his head. "No."

Lu Xi's heart slowly returned to its original position. Holding the little guy's face, she said seriously, "Mommy told you that you can't answer mommy's phone randomly. Why don't you obey me?"

Lu Lu wiped his tears and said pitifully, "Mommy, it's not Lu Lu who answers the phone, it's Lu Lu who calls."

Lu Xi really wants to cry without tears. She is so careful to hide Lu Lu in a place that Qin Yingu will never find. He is so good that he dare to call Qin Yingu himself.

If Qin Yin let people check Lucy didn't dare to think about the consequences. She thought she was going to die.

She took Lu Lu to the sofa and asked him to sit down: "Lu Lu, do you know that you did something wrong

Lu Lu shakes his head with a flat mouth.

Lu Xi said: "did Mommy tell you that the phone in Mommy's cell phone can't be called casually? Did Mommy ever tell you to be obedient

Lu Lu shook his head pitifully.

Lu Lu hardens his heart: "now you stand at the corner of the wall and think about what you have done wrong. Let me know if you have a clear idea, or I will ignore you. "

Lu Lu wiped his tears: "Mommy, No."

Lu Xi pointed to the corner of the wall: "go, go now, and reflect on yourself."

Lu Lu: "Mommy, don't you love me?"

Lu Xi: "go to introspection first, or you won't talk to me."

Lu Lu is most afraid that mommy will ignore him. He has to stand in the corner to reflect. Although he didn't feel that he was wrong, mummy said he was wrong, and he was wrong.

Lu Xi: stand up straight

Land and land quickly stand straight.


Lu Lu is easy to deal with here, but there is a bigger problem in front of Lu Xi. She has to figure out how to quit and explain it to Qin Yinjian. Otherwise, the man's curiosity makes people check her?

Lu Xi comes to the room and dials Qin Yingu's phone, but there is no one there to answer. Lu Xi dials the second time and the third time, and no one answers until the fourth time.

There was a connection, and Lucy said in a hurry, "good morning."

Qin Yin did not say a word.

Lu Xi added: "just now the kid took my cell phone and wanted to call his mother. I don't know how he started to cry. Only after reading the call record did I know that he had made the wrong call."

Qin Yinjian still didn't speak, and Lu Xi didn't know whether he was listening or not, but no matter whether he was listening or not, she had to continue to explain, trying to convince him: "I just asked him, he said that it wasn't his mother who answered the phone, thinking that it was the villain who robbed his mother, so he cried."

Qin Yinjian was still as cold as ever. He was so cold that he didn't even return an um syllable to Lu Xi. But when he was cold again, Lu Xi had to go to the ice block: "President Qin, if you hear me, you will go back to me."

Then, he snapped up the phone and gave Lucy the most direct response.

Lu Xi: "..."

Amy tofu, she only hopes that Qin Yinjian has no suspicion and will not let people check Lu Lu.

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