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Soon, those friends sent a reply to Zhan Li. Someone said, "where is your hospital, Mr. Zhan? Do you want some elder brothers to accompany you?"

Some people said, "son Zhan, how did you get hurt? It's not a big problem."

Someone else said: "Zhan childe, who let you hurt, tell elder brothers, we will clean him up for you."

There are many ten such messages, and Zhan Li didn't pay much attention to them until Qin Xiaobao sent a message: "Stinky boy, your father has been devoted to one of my women all his life, and he never dared to think of other women. Where did you learn those naughty girls from? I'm warning you that girls should be responsible for others when you sleep. If you dare to mess around, you should be careful not to break your legs. "

At the same time, Zhan liming was lying on the snow-white hospital bed, commanding Lu Xi to take a bath in hot water for him, and replied with a smirk: "if you break my leg, we'll be the last in the war. Would you like to ask old Zhan if you agree or not?"

Qin Xiaobao: "you also go to ask old Zhan if he dare not listen to me."

At the end of the war: "mother, it's not early. It's time for you to have a beauty sleep. Go to sleep. Otherwise, I will stay up late and get old. Be careful that the old man of our family dislikes you. "

Qin Xiaobao didn't reply again, but he called quickly. As soon as Zhan Li was connected, he heard Qin Xiaobao's roar like thunder: "Zhan Li, you dare to say that you are old. Get back here now. "

At the end of the war: "Mom, I'm busy looking for your daughter-in-law. Don't worry."

Qin Xiaobao: "Stinky boy, I'll warn you once more. If you sleep, girls will be responsible. Otherwise, we'll see."

War away from the end: "OK, I remember. Either you don't sleep or you have to be responsible for other girls. All these years, I have always kept in mind that your teachings never dare to mess around outside. "

Qin Xiaobao: "you can't wait to change three girlfriends a day. You are so happy to tell my mother that you never dare to mess around outside. Are you blind as your mother?"

At the end of the war: "who told you to sleep with your girlfriends?"

Qin Xiaobao: "Stinky boy, you are so angry with me."

At the end of the war: "Mom, don't be angry. You can get angry quickly. Well, go to have a rest. I'm ready to have a rest, too. Hang up, my favorite beautiful mom. "

After the end of the call with Qin Xiaobao, Zhan Li's circle of friends at the end of the war has another very bright reply. This micro signal is Qin Yinjian, who has never appeared in his circle of friends.

Qin Yinjian's reply is very simple: "where is it?"

Zhan limo laughs badly: "I'm going to roll the bed sheet with the beauty in my arms. How can I tell you where I am?"

Qin Yinyu's phone also called at the first time: "at the end of war, if you dare to touch a hair of her, I will make you regret coming to this world no matter who you are."

Zhan Li said with a smile, "OK, let's try."

Then, at the end of the war, Zhan Li resolutely hung up the phone: "hum, I care about Xiaoxi, but I put on a cold face and pretend to be cool every day. I don't force you. You don't know what you want."

Hung up Qin Yingu's phone, Lu Xi was still in the bathroom, and Zhan Li turned around and saw his little fart kid still staring at him with a small mouth. He didn't know what to do. He always thought that the little fart kid looked familiar, but he didn't remember where he had seen the little fart kid.

Is it when he accidentally slept with others and gave birth to children?

No way!

Although he has many girlfriends and can play several mahjong tables together, he is a good clean man. He has never been promiscuous with men and women. So far Forget it, it's disgraceful that a man in his twenties hasn't touched a woman and said it. He'd better keep the secret in his stomach.

He beckoned to Lu Lu Lu: "little, come here."

"Big bad guy!" cried Lu Lu Lu Qi

At the end of the war: "if you don't know me, you call me a bad guy. Does your aunt often speak ill of me in front of you?"

Lu Lu bit his teeth: "big villain, don't provoke me, or I......"

Zhan limo reaches out his hand: "otherwise, he will bite me again. Come on, come on. If you bite me again, I can keep your aunt by my side for another two days. It's very good. "

Lu Lu thought of Mommy's being bullied by the big bad guy, and cried out with a loud cry: "big bad guy, big bad guy, I hate you big bad guy."

Lu Xi, who was adjusting the water temperature in the bathroom, heard Lu Lu's cry and rushed out immediately, holding Lu Lu Lu in his arms: "baby, what's the matter? Why are you crying? "

Zhan Li shrugs: "I didn't bully him. He wanted to bully me."

Lu Xi looks back and stares at the end of the war: "son Zhan, you are so big. How can you care about a child? He bit you, is he wrong, I also apologized to you, also helped you pay the medical expenses and hospitalization expenses, what do you want? "

War from the end: "I think you accompany me to sleep one night."

Lu Xi was so angry that he could not help kicking Lu Lu in the past. But he thought that Lu Lu was by his side and could not let Lu Lu see that he was a violent mother. He resisted the impulse of kicking and leaving the end of the war: "since you want to be hospitalized, live well in the hospital. I wish you a good life in the hospital."

Really, she came to the hospital with him because she was sorry. Unexpectedly, this man bullied such a small child. If she stayed here, he really thought she was a soft persimmon.

Left the cruel words, Lu Xi left with Lu Lu in his arms. At the end of the war, he shouted, "ah, little Xi Xi, you can't do this. How hard is it to be in this hospital when you leave my young master."

But no matter what the end of the war called, Lu Xi didn't look back at him. He sighed sadly: "Alas, my young master wants to make a mistake and let Qin Yinjian catch the traitor. It seems that this plan is going to fail."


Out of the hospital gate, Lu Xi put Lu Lu down and said seriously, "son, why do you bite when you can't move? Where did this bad habit come from? Do you know how annoying such children are? "

"Mommy, don't you like Lu Lu?" said Qu Baba

Lu Xi rubbed his head: "you are mommy's son. Mommy certainly loves you, but you can't bite people casually. Why did you bite that man, you told Mommy? "

Lu dududu said with red eyes: "because he is a bad guy, he always bullies mommy and doesn't let mommy go home to accompany Lu Lu Lu. Lu Lu hates him, so he has to bite him. Let him know that Lu Lu is very powerful. Let him know that Lu can protect Mommy. "

Listen to the little guy's saying, Lucy suddenly understood that the little guy thought that Zhan limo had been bullying her bad guy, so the little guy would bite people angrily.

Lu Xi kissed Lu Lu Lu and said, "he's not a bad guy who bullies Mommy."

Lu Lu: "who is the villain bullying Mommy?"

"No one bullies Mommy," said Lu

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