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Lu Xi instinctively hid Lu Lu behind him, pretending to be relaxed and saying, "how clever it is to fight childe!"

Zhan Li looked at her at the end of the war, and chuckled, "ouch, I haven't seen you in a few days. How can I see you better and better?"

Lu Xi: "you are also more and more handsome."

At the end of the war: "what's the use of being handsome? You don't like me."

Lu Xi smiled awkwardly: "I like it. You are not only good-looking, but also influential. No one doesn't like it. But there are too many girls who like you. I dare not like them

"I admit that because I am so handsome, there are many people who like me, but not many who can come into my eyes." At the end of Zhan Li's long arm, he reached out to mainland Xi's shoulder. "Little Xi Xi, if you like me and you chase me, I will not hesitate to agree."

Lu Xi hides his hand from the end of the battle: "how dare I?"

At the end of the war, he reached for Lu Xi's shoulder again, only to find that there was a little girl beside Lu Xi who stared at him fiercely, "Oh, whose child is this?"

He stretched out his hand to touch Lu Lu's face. Who would have expected Lu Lu to hold his hand, open his mouth and bite his hand, and Zhan Li instinctively wanted to get rid of him? But if such a small child had to get rid of him, he would have to get rid of him, and he stifled: "little Xixi, who's child, is it a dog that can bite when meeting?"

"Baby, how can you bite? Let him go." Lu Xi pulls Lu Lu Lu and tries to let him loose his mouth, but he doesn't know what's wrong with him, that is, he will not let go until the end of the war.

"Lucy, whose child is this? Where did you pick up such a living treasure? " For the first time since the end of Zhan Li's reign, he had no idea what to do with a small fart kid. He could not be angry with such a small fart kid, or he would appear to have no manners.

"Baby, open your mouth quickly. You can't bite." Lu Xi is so worried that she and Lu Lu Lu are mother and son when he leaves for war. How can he know that the little guy just holds Lu Lu Lu and doesn't let go.

Lu Xi advised: "darling, biting is not a good habit. Shall we let him go first?"

Land and land are still unmoved.

When Lu Xi was at a loss, a strange woman suddenly came over, holding the arms of Zhan Li end like an oath of sovereignty: "Zhan childe, you said you were going to take someone to the sea park to play. How could you leave me alone?"

Said, she found a little boy biting Zhan Li's hand and exclaimed with exaggeration, "whose wild child is this? How can you bite people? Please let go quickly, or I'll be impolite."

The woman said that she would stretch out her hand to push the land, but Zhan limo snatched at her and said, "get out!"

The woman pointed to herself wrongly: "Zhan childe, you let me go?"

War from the end: "who else?"

The woman holds the hand of Zhan limo and pastes her body on him: "Zhan childe, I know you are angry. You hurt me so much. How can you let me go?"

War from the end of the hook lips gently smile: "this young master hurts more women to go, you his mother which onion which garlic, let you roll away for me, later don't let me see you."

The tone at the end of Zhan Li's speech is the same as that at ordinary times. Dangerlang's voice doesn't sound serious, but it also has a chilling insipidity. He not only scares the woman who is pestering him, but also scares the land and land who are biting him.

Although very reluctant, but the woman did not dare to stay, had to turn around step by step.

Lu Xi took the opportunity to pull Lu Lu behind him to hide, but at the end of the war, he stared at Lu Lu Lu. He squatted beside Lu Lu: "come, little fart boy, tell brother why you want to bite me?"

"You're a bad guy," Lu Lu Lu shouted

At the end of the war: "do you know me?"

Lu Lu: "villain! I don't know the villain! "

Lu Xi protects Lu Lu Lu behind him again: "son Zhan, children don't understand. Don't get to know him in the same way. Let's go and see your hands first to see if there's anything wrong and how much medicine you need. I'll pay for it. "

Zhan Li looks up at Lu Xi at the end of the war: "whose little fart is this?"

Lu Xijin said, "a friend went back to his hometown to do business. The child was left unattended, so he asked me to look after him for two days."

"I think my hand is seriously injured, and I don't know if it will cause complications." At the end of Zhan Li's life, seeing Lu Xi's nervous, suddenly he began to play, "well, you take my little fart kid to the hospital with you. If it's OK, I'll let you take him home. If there's something wrong, let's find a solution. "

"Mr. Zhan, here..." Lu Lu, such a young child, can't bite Zhan limo into anything. Zhan limo said it clearly on purpose to find their mother and son in trouble, but Lu Lu Lu injured people first, so Lu Xi had no choice but to take Lu Lu Lu to the hospital with him.


Zhan Li's hand was just bitten by Lu Lu. After the doctor's examination, he took a little anti-inflammatory medicine: "Mr. Zhan, this injury is nothing serious."

At the end of the war, he raised his legs and shook them: "are you sure my injury is not serious?"? If my young master comes home with a high fever or other complications, are you fully responsible? "

The doctor understood what it meant to be at the end of the war, and immediately changed his words: "yes, it's not a big injury, but it's not a small injury. In case of improper treatment, it's likely to kill people. You'd better stay in the hospital for one night."

The war left the end satisfied: "good, listen to you."

Lu Xi was so angry that he bit his teeth. Although he was ok, he had to stay in hospital for one night to observe. Did he think they were bullied or what?

At the end of the war, seeing Lu Xi's unwillingness, Zhan Li smiled happily: "Lu Mei, do you think I'm so badly hurt, should I stay in the hospital for a good night?"

Lu Xi is trying to say no, but Lu Lu Lu hugs Lu Xi's leg and stares at the end of the battle: "big bad guy! You're a bad guy! A nasty villain! "

Lu Xi hurriedly covers Lu Lu Lu's mouth: "baby, don't say."

Lu Lu doesn't like it. His little mouth is too big and his eyes are red.

"Doctor, please arrange a senior ward with family for me." After he told the doctor, he looked at Lu Lu at the end of the war. "Little boy, I'm a bad guy. If you have the ability, you can bite me again."

Lu Lu is so anxious that he grinds his teeth, but he is too small to take such a big villain. So he needs to grow up faster and grow up bigger than this big villain. In the future, the big villain can no longer bully Mommy.


After staying in the ward, Zhan limo lies on the bed, picks up his cell phone and takes a self portrait. He also takes a picture of Lu Xi, who was enslaved by him. He then sent the photos to wechat circle of friends with words - I was injured and hospitalized today. Fortunately, there are beauties around me. It's not so lonely for a long night.

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