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Qin Yinjian didn't talk to Lu Xi again, but Lu Xi was sent to the hospital for a series of physical examinations, accompanied by an Tingjie and his wife Li Xiaohua.

Seeing their husband and wife struggling with her for several hours, and nothing wrong was found out at last, Lu Xi felt very embarrassed: "ante help, little sister Hua, I have caused you trouble."

Li Xiaohua is also an employee of Shengtian, because there is less chance of meeting with Lu Xi when they are not in the same department, but what happened to Lu Xi must be the first time their two spouses came out to help her.

To be honest, during the year of staying in Jiangbei, what Lu Xi thanked most was their husband and wife.

Li Xiaohua smiled and patted Lu Xi on the shoulder: "we are with you because we like you and treat you as a sister. We are all family. Please don't be polite to us."

They like Lu Xi, which is one of the reasons. There's another reason why Li Xiaohua doesn't say it. Lu Xi can guess by reason, but in the world of love, no matter how intelligent people are, they can't walk out. It's true that the old saying is that people who are in love can't see clearly.

Maybe, Lu Xi doesn't know, but she doesn't want to know, because she knows that she and Qin Yinjian have no future, and she can't be too greedy for Qin Yinjian's kindness to her.

"Mr. Qin has been on a business trip for about a week before he can come back. The company has nothing to do these two days. I'll take the initiative to grant you a few days off. You can have a good rest at home these days," said Mr. an Tingjie

Vacation is to deduct wages, more than 500 buckles a day, more than 2000 buckles four days, think of all the meat pain, Lu Xi quickly shook his head: "ant help, I'm really OK, you don't have to worry about me."

"It's a matter of taking your annual leave without deducting your salary," said antinger. We'll take you back now. You can rest. If you want to eat anything, just call me. I'll ask your sister-in-law to do it for you. "

Lu Xi: "..."

As long as she doesn't deduct her salary, everything is easy to say. She can take advantage of Qin Yingu's absence to accompany Lu Lu Lu and try to help Lu Lu find a sense of security. In this way, Lu Lu Lu won't be so afraid if she doesn't go home occasionally.


Lu Xi did not dare to disclose her new address to the two of them, so they asked them to send her to the community where she and Qin Yingu lived. In case of emergency, Lu Xi went back home to confirm that Qin Yingu was not at home, so she was relieved to go to Lu Lu Lu.

Lu Lu has looked at the door for countless times. When mummy finally comes back, he jumps into Lucy's arms like a little rabbit: "mummy, mummy I miss you so much. "

Lu Xi hugged him and kissed him: "my little baby, Mommy miss you very much."

Seeing the happy mother and son, Miss Zhang was also happy. She poured Lu Xi a glass of water: "Lu Xi, why did you get off work so early today?"

"The company is OK these days, so I came back ahead of time," Lu said. Mr. Zhang, I will accompany Lu Lu when I go home. You can also go home to accompany your children and husband. "

Mr. Zhang: "there is just a pot of bone congee. I'm going to get some for Lu Lu."

Lu Xi: "don't bother. I'll give it to Lu Lu."

Because of Zhang's help, Lu Xi is relieved to leave Lu Lu to go to work, so when she can accompany Lu Lu Lu, she hopes to give her family as much time as possible.

Because mummy came back early, Lu Lu was very happy. This happy mouth was also sweet: "the porridge made by Mr. Zhang is so delicious. Lu Lu likes to eat the porridge made by Mr. Zhang most."

"Is that right?" Mr. Zhang said with a smile

Lu Lu nodded, "it's really delicious."

Mr. Zhang said happily, "I'm very happy to let Lu Lu like it."

Lu Xi said, "it's because you take good care of Lu Lu that children like you so much."

Children are so simple, you like him to be good to him, he can feel it, so he will also rely on you to be good to you.


After dinner, Lu Xi plans to take Lu Lu out to have a look at the outside world and meet more friends. In this way, his sense of security should be gradually strengthened.

At the beginning, Lu Xi chose to rent a house in this community to see the environment is good and there are children's amusement facilities. Today, she came to Lu Lu Lu to play. How could Lu Lu Lu ignore the toys played by the children: "Mommy, we don't want to play with the things played by the children."

Lucy was amused: "son, you are also a child."

Lu Lu shook his head: "Lu Lu Lu is over three years old, and he is a very big child. Look at that little guy. He doesn't know how to wipe his saliva. I don't want to play with them. "

Hearing Lu Lu's tearful dislike of others, Lu Xile opened her arms: "Lu Lu, you were drooling and sniveling together not long ago. Mommy didn't dislike you."

Lu Lu suddenly stares at his mother with an incredible face. Is this his real mother? How could a real Mommy tear down her son's platform like this?

Those little guys are dirty and can't move but cry. How can a three-year-old kid play with those little kids who don't know how to play with them.

Lu Xi rubbed his round face: "OK, my son said that if he didn't want to play with the little guy, then we won't play. But today is so early, it's not dark yet. We can't go home and go to bed. "

Lu Lu thought, "I'm going to walk with mummy."

Lu Lu's sense is always beyond Lu Xi's expectation. Since Lu Lu is going out for a walk, Lu Xi thinks of Mangrove Bay, which is not far from here.

There is also a sea paradise on the other side of Mangrove Bay. It is said that the scenery at night is very beautiful, but Lu Xi only heard about it. She hasn't had a chance to see it for a year since she came to Jiangbei. Why don't she take advantage of this opportunity to take Lu Lu Lu Lu for a walk today.

After making up his mind, Lu Xi took Lu Lu Lu to go to mangrove bay, because their community is a little more than a kilometer away from Mangrove Bay, and Lu Xi chose to walk.

Along the way, Lu Lu said, "Mommy, is this City Jiangbei right?"

Lu Xi was surprised and said, "son, you are smart. Mummy hasn't told you yet. You know the name of this city is Jiangbei. "

Lu Lu said, "because Mommy is smart, Lu Lu is also smart."

Every time I listen to Lu Lu Lu's words, Lu Xi is very grateful that she insisted on giving birth to Lu Lu Lu at that time. Otherwise, where can I find such a close and careful liver to accompany her now.

Mother and son talked and laughed, and they arrived at Mangrove Bay in a few minutes. Now the sky is dark, and the light of the happy world on the sea is on. It is colorful and beautiful like a dream castle floating on the sea.

Lu Lu said excitedly, "Mommy, look at the light."

Lucy nodded, "well, it's beautiful."

Unfortunately, the marine park is not open to the outside world. Ordinary people like them can only have a long look at the shore. If the marine park is open to the outside world, she must take it to play on land.

"Hi, this is our beauty Lu. How can I watch the night scene alone?"

Lu Xi was shocked by the sudden voice. This man was no one else. It was Qin Yingu's cousin, Zhan jiagongzi, who was at the end of the war.

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