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I was thinking since i only ate 1round of the

concoction soup, i was safe from running stomach.

Only time would tell.

We were discussing the match as we walked home.

As we got close to the place i planted the 10k, i

said, “make una wait for me, make i piss”. While

others were urinating at the hotel toilet, i held

back my urine because i had plans of urinating in

my “farm”. The farm i planted not maize seed but

“10k seed”. My bladder had held so much urine, it

was about exploding.

“Flow do quick oh, s’hit dey worry me oh” i heard

Brainbox said. I was still urinating the one bucket

full of urine when i heard Bigie said, “Brainbox,

enter bush go s’hit na, abi u dey fear the bush?”.

As i heard Brainbox coming towards my direction, i

quickly tried to dig out my 10k. But i wasn’t fast


“wetin u dey dig for ground?” Brainbox asked.

“ehn ehn ehn i wan s’hit inside the hole wey i dey

dig” i stammered. Brainbox also dug a hole close to

mine, not minding that we would be percieving the

“fragnance” of each other’s poo.

We were so close that Brainbox would notice if i

removed the 10k from the hole. I could see the

10k, but i dared not take it, because Brainbox’s

phone torch light gave our “s’hiting” spot a glow.

“Flow s’hit na, abi s’hit no dey catch you?”

Brainbox said, “s’hit dey catch me na, my s’hit

dey come small small” i replied. My stomach that

was initially not running, instantly begane to run.

“proooa proaaaoh proooo poooroh” i had poo on my

10k. Maybe it was a manure that would make my

“10k seed” grow well, just maybe.

After 5minutes of inhaling the “fragnance” of

both Brainbox’s poo and my poo, it was time to go.

What was on my mind was how i would remove my

10k from the “manure”. “Flow u no go cover ur

s’hit? I don dey go oh” Brainbox said walking out

of the bush. “i dey come make i cover am” i


I knew it was irritating, but what was i to do? I

had no choice (if na u wetin u for do?)

I dipped my hands into the poo, removed my 10k,

rubbed the poo off the money with leaves, and

placed the money at the left hand side of my

boxer’s waist band. And also used leaves to rub

off the poo on my hands.

Next day we were off to work.

Before i left for work, Baba jay had told me he

would be going to the bank later in the day, so i

gave him some money to pay into my bank account.

because the fear of the Notorious BIG was the

beginning of wisdom. The money comprised of the

“s’hit” money and my 4k share of the money Chief

gave us.

My bank account that had been pennyless for a

while now, could now smile.

“Man, how today work go be na?” i asked as we

walked to the site after taking breakfast at

Mama Calabar canteen.

“when we reach site, u go know how the work go

be” Man answered.

We got to the site and met Madam Ifeoma.

“how are you today?” She said, “good morning

ma, we are fine ma” Man and Brainbox replied,

but i almost said, “good morning ma, you are fine

ma”. because madam Ifeoma was looking so

“sweat sixteen”, with her Jeans mini skirt

revealing her “yellow” fresh l’aps.

“ehnnn guys the cement left will not be enough

for today’s work” Madam Ifeoma informed us, “so

what do we do ma?” Man asked. “i will like two of

you to come with me to where we will buy more

cement, so you will help me load it into the truck,

and when the truck brings it here, u will also

offload it” She said, “not for free oh, 20naira for

loading, 20naira for offloading” She added.

“ehnnn Flow na me and u go go do dis Sugar baby”

Man our boss said, and whatever he said was

final. Brainbox wasn’t happy at Man’s decision. I

could read what he was saying in his mind: “so u

like Flow pass me abi?”. He never knew it was

better he stayed behind, than coming to have a

taste of Sugar baby. The dreaded Sugar baby.

Sugar baby was the code name for loading and

offloading cement.

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