Men Dey Reason - S01 E46

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Full time scores: Man u 2 – Fulham 1.

“ehen make we enter Riverside na” Brainbox said

as we walked home after the match. “no wahala,

na there we dey go now” Man said.

As we walked, we were munching groundnut with

large chunks of bread. It was as if the bread and

groundnut were multiplying as we ate.

In Ibo Language, Ozommiri means Riverside. So

Riveside hotel was coined out from Ozommiri River

that was behind our house.

The hotel wasn’t that gigantic but it had a

gigantic bush bar.

“na the money wey Chief give us be dis, Brainbox

count am” i said as i kept the 20k on our drinking

table. Brainbox counted it to confirm it was 20k.

“dis one na the one wey Haruna give me, Brainbox

count am” i said dropping the other money.

Brainbox counted and cofirmed it to be


“Make we use dis Haruna money pay for

everything wey we go drink, but the Chief money,

we go share am” Snoop suggested. We all aggreed

to Snoop’s Suggestion.

Equity was what Snoop’s suggestion was all

about, and Equity was what Brainbox kicked

against when he suggested i removed 2k from

Haruna’s Money. 2k that was beginning to hurt my

most precious d’ick.

I drank “only” three bottles of Udeme alongside

one plate of Nkwobi. “Make we dey go house na,

s’hit dey catch me, e be like say my belle dey

turn” Brainbox suddenly said. “how ur belle no go

turn, when u chop 2 rounds of concoction soup” i


I was thinking since i only ate 1round of the

concoction soup, i was safe from running stomach.

Only time would tell.

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