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“make una bring water na” Man shouted fidgety.

His shouting didn’t move me an inch, i just

concentrated on getting more meat than


After the meat “challenge”, this was the scores:

Flow 3- Brainbox 5. I wasn’t happy Brainbox got

more meat than me.

Like the cliche goes, “like minds, reason alike”. I

and Brainbox were wise enough not to eat any of

the meat, instead we kept them all in our pockets,

in other not to arose suspicions.

Water was sprinkled on Baba jay, and he returned

to the land of the living coughing.

We all sighed with relief that our most precious

Baba jay had “resurected”.

It was time to continue eating the delicious “Ofe


“i dey come make i go piss” Brainbox excused

himself, “me sef wan go piss” i said instantly

before i would turn out to be the scape goat.

Brainbox dashed out of the room with the speed of

light, i followed. We both ran as if we were in a

100metre race. “thief!! Thief!! Catch them!!

Ole!! Ndi oshi!!” were the voices i heard shouting

from inside.

What we never knew was that a tragedy awaited

us outside.

We found nowhere convinient enough to seat and

munch our meat but the Backyard.

We sat beside Kate’s window. We brought out the

meat, held it on our hands and was about to start

eating it when i heard, “aaaaaah! Aaaaah!! U are

almost there!! Harder!! Harder!! Aaaaaah” Kate

was moaning noisily. Initially i thought it was

from the Tv, maybe she was watching a B’lue


It was a B’lue f’ilm of course, a B’lue f’ilm with

Kate acting the “lead role” and a pot bellied Man

acting the “supporting role”, while I and Brainbox

were acting the role of “Waka pass”.

The pot bellied Man was trying hard to satisfy

Kate, all to no avail.

The Pot bellied Man that was old enough to be

Kate’s Dad was on top while Kate was below.

Seeing Kate’s succulent b’reast made my “Johnny

bravo” stood at attention.

“harder!! Harder!! Harder!!” Kate the

“Commander in Chief of bedmatics” commanded.

“Kate go kill person papa oh” i tot. From the

corner of my eyes, i saw that Branbox was keenly

watching the s*x scene as if he was watching a

movie in the Cinema.

We had practically forgotten we were holding

meat in our hands.

“harder!! Harder!! Harder!!” the Commander in

Chief commanded again. As i heard the word

“harder” this time, my d’ick stood harder as if i

was the one f”ucking her.

“harder!! Harder!! Harder!! Harder!!” the

Commander in Chief commanded yet again pissing

me off, because i couldn’t imagine a lady

Commanding me to give it to her “harder”. I

would simply give it to her “hardest”.

“harder!! Harder!!” Commander Kate commanded

even yet again, this time i couldn’t help but said,

“give the babe harder na” in a low voice.

I instantly felt like chewing back my words, but it

had already flew to Kate’s hearing. They already

heard what i said.

There was instant silence both on their part and

on our part. I tot we were safe. I was wrong, we

weren’t safe.

Kate stood up, removed the boiling ring from the

bucket of water she left boiling.

“dis one wan go baf, dem don wayah her finish,

she wan go baf hot water” so i tot.

And, “poooooaaaaaah!!” she poured the content

of the bucket on us.

The water wasn’t just hot, it was piping hot.

“chineke moh!! I don die oh!! Yeeeeeeh!!” I and

Brainbox shouted and fled.

Meat wey we thief, we no even chop am sef.

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