Men Dey Reason - S01 E38

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I fought the temptation fiercely. I won the battle

Even though i had a crush on Mama Ejima.

It seemed Brainbox was watching Part 1 and Part

2 of the B’lue film, because he was taking so long.

Not knowing the B’lue film he was watching on

“flatscreen” would soon turn horror film.

Papa Ejima arrived without his car. And Brother

Brainbox was still peeping Mama Ejima.

I felt like shouting, “Brainbox comot there!!!”

but everything happened too sudden. Morealso,

Papa Ejima was walking very fast. With every step

Papa Ejima took, i wept for Brainbox.

“what are u doing standing close to my Bathroom

window?” Papa Ejima queried, “eeehnnnn! ehnnn!

Na Lizard i dey pursue, ehnnn! ehnn! the Lizard

don enter ur bathroom” Brainbox stammered.

Papa Ejima noticed his wife was in the bathroom,

he said, “so u are peeping my wife as she is taking

her bath ehnnnn?” Papa Ejima grabbed Brainbox’s

shirt, i could see Papa Ejima’s face spelt fury,

“ehnnnnn I no look ur wife oh, i close my eye when

i dey pursue the Lizard, so i no see anything”

Brainbox cried out.

Once a boxer, always a boxer.

Papa Ejima clinged his fist and landed a punch to

Brainbox’s chest. The punch was as heavy as the

punch of Mike Tyson and Evander Hollifield put


Brainbox fell to the ground convulsing, with a

foamy substance coming out of his mouth.

We all came closer to meet Brainbox shaking like a

Jelly fish on the ground. “u don kill am oh” Man

said, “na because him dey look ur wife wey dey

baf” Snoop said, “na only u get wife wey fine?”

Bigie said.

As they were all raining abuses on Papa Ejima, i

couldn’t find my speech, “so na like dis Brainbox

my guy take go? My guy! My man! My nigga! My

pardy” I was lost in my tots.

At that moment, Mama Ejima came out with a

towel covering her body. She came to meet the

u’gly scene.

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