Men Dey Reason - S01 E37

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We fetched firewood, made fire outside, and we

started preparing chicken pepper soup.

Since Haruna had almost a hundred fowls, he

would hardly notice we stole six fowls, just six

fowls, or so i tot.

Snoop bought three bottles of Baron de vale wine

for us to use to send home the chicken pepper

soup. How thoughtful of Snoop. But where did he

get the money for the drinks? I was sure he

didn’t steal it because non of my roomates were

thieves, i could confidently say that, or so i tot.

The chicken pepper soup was ready within an


Man was the first to munch his share of the meat,

as he took the first big bite, David and Daniel

cheered, “Man wey dey reason!!”. “eeeeeh!

Children Children” Man said to them.

“make we come chop?” Daniel and David chorused.

“i resemble una Papa? Abeg make una go read una

book” Man replied them.

The two kids walked away, and as they were a bit

far, they shouted, “Man wey dey thief Fowl” and

they ran.

Daniel and David got close to their house, stopped

abruptly, and yelled, “Man wey dey thief fowl”.

Man looked at them and smiled. But when they

yelled, “Brainbox wey dey thief fowl”, Brainbox

stood up and chased them. They ran into thier

house and locked the door.

I quickly took some chunks of meat from

Brainbox’s plate of chicken pepper soup.

As i turned to see if Brain box was coming, i saw

him doing something else.

He was “Flatscreening”. He was peeping through

the window of Mama and Papa Ejima’s bathroom,

viewing Mama Ejima as she was taking her bath.

The “left” side of my mind told me to go join him,

while the “right” side of my mind warned me

against going. “go watch free b’lue film na” the

left side of my mind suggested, “no go oh, what

of if Papa Ejima come back, u know say na by dis

time him dey come back” the right side of my mind

warned. “shebi if him dey come, u go hear him

motor noise, go jor” the left side of my mind told


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