Men Dey Reason - S01 E36

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“GGuy no be today we go go dat Nekede Exclusive

garden, na tomorrow, i wan go fill JAMB form”

Man said the next morning after morning

devotion. “me sef dey comot, i dey enter IMSU,

the course wey i get spill over na today them dey

do the test” I said.

I came back from school at about 2pm and met a

full house save Pkc. “where Pkc go na?” I asked,

“u dey ask M’umu question, shey you no know

where him dey dey? na Church na” Snoop replied.

“food dey house?” I asked, “no food oh” Man


As we sat under the Mango tree munching unripe

P-square, then came Bigie. The Notorious BIG.

“dis one wey una dey chop P-square wey no ripe,

food no dey una house?” Bigie asked, “food no

dey house oh” the revenous Baba jay responded.

“guys i get one good idea oh, make we catch some

of dis Haruna fowl cook chop na, him no dey house

oh” Notorious BIG suggested. Good idea indeed.

I never bought the idea, but what was i to do? An

idle mind is the devil’s workshop, they say.

We bagan to chase the fowls around the

compound. I knew it wouldn’t be a wild Goose


Bigie caught a hen that was as f’at as himself, he

handed it over to me, and i tranfered it to a big

drum. Next, Brainbox caught a c’ock, he handed it

over to me and i tranfered it to the big drum. At

the end of the chase that lasted for about an

hour, we caught 4hens and 2c’ocks.

Althrough while we were chasing the fowls, Daniel

and David were watching us keenly. I was

wondering what they would be saying in their

minds, maybe they would be saying, “these men

are thieves, i don’t want to be like them when i

grow up”. Same thing i said when i was their age,

i said i wouldn’t smoke but i turned out to be a

Lord of smoke, i said i wouldn’t womanize but i

turned out having s’ex with a woman old enough

to be my mum. My next s’ex escapade might be

with a woman old enough to be my grandmum, or so

i tot.

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