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“oga Benson give us Tea” Man ordered as we got to

Oga Benson’s shop. “how many tablet?” Oga Benson


“Flow how many dose u want?” Man asked me. “na

one dose oh, i never wan die, my time never

reach” i confessed.

“Brainbox, you nkor?” He asked Brainbox, “na two

dose i want” Brainbox answered.

“see Brainbox dey ask for two dose oh, abi him

think say tramadol na paracetamol?” i tot.

I just hope he wouldn’t regret asking for two

dose. Well, all i had to do was to exercise patience

for time to tell.

Man collected the money for one dose from me. So

the 130naira i had left was reduced to 100naira.

“make we go barb our hair na” Man suggested,

“make we go, my bear bear don grow well well sef”

i said, “but which better barber go fit barb us

wella?” Brainbox asked, “Ade na correct barber,

him go fit barb us” Man replied. “who be Ade?” i

asked Man.

“when we reach there, u go see am” i knew the

answer before he answered.

Like a typical Yoruba guy, Ade was playing the

song of his name sake Sunny Ade when we entered

his barber’s shop.

I wondered what would make a typical

“O’femmanu” boy like Ade leave his O’femmanu land

for greener pastures in the “Land of the Jews”. I

promised myself i would find out.

Ade was a tall dark guy. He was the perfect

description of Handsome Hunk. He was very

handsome, but something spoilt his handsomeness;

his tribal marks.

He was the perfect description of, “i fight Lion,

Lion com finger me for face”.

Ade’s barber’s shop was beautiful, frankly

speaking the most beautiful of all the barber’s

shop i had seen in a long while.

“Ade shebi to barb and shave na 150?” Man asked,

“Yes na, una wan barb?” Ade asked a s’tupid

question, “no we come to play ball for your barbing

salon” i almost said.

“Brainbox abeg, na 100naira i hold here and i wan

barb and shave, help me with 50naira make i add” I

whispered to Brainbox as we sat waiting for our

turn. “if i give u 50naira, u go pay me back

100naira, u aggree?” Brainbox said, “comot jor, u

too like money, money wey mistake enter ur

pocket don miss road be dat” i cursed.

I turned left and asked Man to help me with the

50naira. Onlike Brainbox, he gave me the money

without thinking twice. That was why i so much

loved “Man wey dey reason”, he was selfless and

not selfish.

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