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In our bathroom door lies a pin hole. A pinhole

that guys used to have a glimpse of the n’aked

body of female visitors. The code name of this act

was “flatscreen”. because when you peep

through the pin hole, u could get a view that was

as clear as watching a b’lue f’ilm in a flatscreen


“why u dey flatscreen my babe, u dey mad?” Tega

queried pushing Man very hard. “ehen, u no dey

flatscreen another person babe?” Man attacked.

They argued in a low vioce for a while. “make una

no dey argue, make the babe no hear una from

inside oh” i cautioned.

One thing about our house was that we lived in

brotherly love. We shared shirts, trousers, even


Every other person had gone to the bus stop to

wait for the bus MOG told us of, except Me and

Man. We were the last to visit the bathroom. We

were rushing up in other for us to meet up the


“Man, see wahala oh, one person don wear my

trouser wey i wash and iron oh” i complained

after searching all nooks and crannies for my

black trouser. “that mean say u go look for

another trouser wey u go do Wet soul na” Man


Wet soul was a code name for pouring water and

brushing the dirts off a dirty cloth(trouser or

shirt). So immediately you finish doing that, you

would wear the cloth no matter how wet it was.

Your hope would be that the cloth would be dried

by the breeze on your way going out. The name

Wet soul was gotten from the name of the

American designer shirt “Dirty Soul”. Wet soul

was first done by Man on a Dirty soul designer

shirt. So that was how the code name was coined


“me sef oh, dem don wear my shoe oh” Man

noticed. “u go wear that Waka about shoe na” i


Waka about shoe was a shabby looking timberland

shoe we had. The shoe was the kind of shoe a dog

could bark at when it sees it. Man even told me

there was a day he wore the Waka about shoe to

do kponkpon work.

So with my Wet soul designers trousers, and

Man’s Waka about designers shoe, we walked

fast to meet the others at the bus stop.

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