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Talking of bar, while we were at Umunkoto, there

was a night MOG came to our house bleeding

seriously. He later told us he went to a bar to

preach the Gospel and an angry guy at the bar

smashed bottle on his head. He only told us the

“part 2″ of the story, without telling us the

“part 1″, because he never told us what

warranted the guy to smash the bottle on his

head. Maybe he was forcefully insisting the guy

gave his life to Christ, just maybe.

The indelible mark of the injury he sustained was

clearly visible in the right side of his head as a

proof of his Love for Christ. MOG was the kind of

pastor that could die for the Gospel’s Sake.

“why i wanted to see you was because i wanted

you to pls help me with 200naira” MOG said

showing me his two fingers to illustrate 200naira,

a sign he always used when begging for money.

MOG was the kind of Pastor that whatever he

wanted, he gets. Even if he wanted the World

Bank as a birthday gift, he would simply ask his

heavenly Father, and it would be granted.

At that moment, it was as if i saw Angel Gabriel

standing beside MOG saying, “u better give him

that money or………………”. “i go give am oooh” i

cried out.

“brother Ugo are u okay?” MOG queried. “am okay

pastor, is just that i have 500naira with me, let

me go make change from Nkiru’s shop” i said.

“don’t worry, just give me the 500naira, the Lord

knows why he provided u with 500naira note. He

want to bless u greatly, because the blessing of

500naira is not the same as the blessing of

200naira” MOG explained.

I brought out my wallet reluctantly and removed

500naira from the 1000naira Bigie gave me


“mehhnn!! nawa for dis MOG oh, see as him don

short me 500naira” i grumbled as i walked into the

room, not knowing that the “500naira blessing”

MOG talked about was waiting for me inside.

“Flow wetin MOG tell u for Outside sef?” Baba jay

asked as i entered. “normal thing na, him say

make i find am small money” i responded.

“ehen, as u and MOG dey outside dey yan, Bigie

come return ur jeans wey him borrow from u

yesterday, see am there” Baby Jay said pointing

at where the trouser was.

I took the trouser and wore it, “Bigie don make

dis trouser big for me oh, why i give am sef” i

complained and the whole house laughed. I felt

something was inside the pocket of the jean

trouser so i deeped my hands into the pocket. I

felt something like a roll of R’itzler in the right

pocket. “shey dis Bigie dey sell igboh? See as him

pack plenty R’itzler put for pocket” i tot. It

wasn’t a roll of Ritzler but a roll Money.

I couldn’t bring my right hand out of the pocket,

because it had instantly stuck to the Money like

bee to nectar. Even if my right hand came out of

the pocket, i promised myself it wouldn’t come out

with the money because my guys were ready to

“kill, steal and destroy” to get their share of the


I was sure the money wouldn’t be less than 3k. I

thought for a while of how i could spend the money

quickly before Bigie would realize his mistakes, so

i concluded and said,

“Brainbox make we go Nkiru side na, i wan buy

1500 recharge card”.

My mission was to buy the recharge card from

Nkiru’s shop, and leave. I never knew Brainbox

had a seperate plan. L102

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