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“oga Joe, i wan sew something oh” Brainbox


as we entered the shop of Oga Joe the Tailor.

“wetin u wan sew?” Oga Joe inquired. “u go


me comot the label of dis boxers put for dis


boxers, u go try make u put am the same way


e dey for dis one oh” Brainbox explained to Oga

Joe how he was to swap both labels.

“u think say Snoop no go know?” i said. “unless


carry dis ur sharp amebo mouth tell am, na that

time him go know” Brainbox said, “u dey mad,

na ur

family members get sharp mouth” i cursed.

As we waited for Oga Joe to finish sewing, all i

was thinking was Florence, “that girl fine oh,

but i

go fit chyke her so? me wey no get money, shey

na Kpokpon money i go use take care of her?


girl wey get money, na she get that boutique


abeg na high class girl jor” i thought.

Woe betide me if i made use of my kponkpon

earnings to fort any lady’s bill when i was


feeding from hand to mouth. And morealso such

“hard earned money” should be spent on


and not on a female, or so i tot.

I was still lost in my thoughts when the scary

ringtone of my phone brought me back to

reality. It

was Tega.

He wanted us to come home immediately, that


was having a mini birthday party at home.

As we left Oga Joe’s Shop walking home. i told

Brainbox that we should board a bike so that


wouldn’t miss the fun of the party. I was on a

euphoria mood. I tot it was a normal birthday


i never knew we were in for a dangerous



We got home in time to meet an opened bottle


Saint Remy. With music playing from our sound

system, the room was sure in a party mood.

“Flow bring cup make we pour Saint Remy drink

na” Brainbox said. I brought two cups and we

joined the others drinking.

“make una see King Edward wey una go mix


the Saint Remy oh” Tega the Celebrant

offered two

bottles of King Edward dry gin. “u wan kill


How we go mix King Edward and Saint Remy” i

almost said.

“ehen, Flow and Brainbox, dis na Opopo my


and dis na Lydia my babe” Tega introduced his

friend and his “skinny” girlfriend. I simply


hands with the both of them, Opopo’s hand was

bony while Lydia’s hand was pure bone and no

flesh, it was as if i was shaking the hand of a


“guy see ur Cardinal boxers oh” Brainbox said

offering Snoop the “customised” boxers. “how


take get the boxers?” Snoop asked after

comfirming it was truely Cardinal. “why u wan

know, as far as i don buy ur boxers, how i take


am no be ur concern” Brainbox said.

“what of Pkc na?” I asked nobody in


“him don go church, him say him no go sleep


dis nite, because him wan dey church and


for service tommorow, u know say tommorow na

Sunday” Man replied.

Tega and his friend Opopo were gisting with

infusion of slangs. Snoop soon Joined the gist.


Lydia also. “so dis girl na Black B’ra girl!!



Black B’ra was the female cult that was


to .

So it was only I and Man that weren’t a


of anything “Black”, and of course Baba Jay.

I wasn’t good at drinking dry gin, so i stuck to

drinking only Saint Remy. Though Saint Remy

wasn’t any better. Man was gulping the King

Edward very fast, Baba Jay was faster, and


was fastest.

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