Men Dey Reason - S01 E21

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“Man, we no go go mix rice and beans today?”

i asked Man the next morning. “today na

saturday na, no work on Saturday, Madam

Ifeoma say na Saturday she dey wash her

children cloth and do other house work, so she

say we no go dey come work on saturday” Man


Wash plate: Tega

Fetch water: Flow

Sweep house: Man

Cook: Snoop

and Baba jay is to sleep on the floor tonight,

Pkc read out people responsible for the

various domestic chores for that day.

As i was in the well fetching water, “good

morning” someone said from behind. I turned

and saw Kate. “good afternoon, sorry good

morning” i responded. I couldn’t concentrate

on the water i was fetching, pouring water

all over my legs, i was staring at Kate’s fresh

laps, she was wearing a bombshot. “so how

are u recovering from ur chicken pox?” Kate

asked. “fine, am getting better” i responded.

“see that P-square don ripe, make we pluck

am na, who go climb?” Man said as we sat

under the tree. “i go climb” i volunteered. I

climbed the paw paw tree and pluck two ripe

paw paw.

“Tin tomatoes and kerosene no dey oh” Snoop

said from the kitchen, “Brainbox leave Flow

make him dey arrange the paw paw, go buy

the kerosene and Tin tomatoes” Baba jay

said. “where money na?” Brainbox asked.

“take, make sure u bring my change oh” Pkc

said offering him 500naira note. I was very

sure Brainbox would be involved in L101 for

the tin tomatoes, but how he was to do L101

for the Kerosene was what i couldn’t tell. But

since his name was Brainbox, i was sure he

would definately use his brain.

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